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Dinner Ideas – Stacked Grilled Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Chicken Enchilada Stack with Pineapple Hatch Salsa

Dinner Ideas Grilled chicken Enchiladas recipe with Pineapple Hatch Chile Sauce. The Pineapple Hatch Chile sauce is the secret ingredient in this easy recipe Read More »

Fig Recipe – Bourbon Fig Jam Recipe

Bourbon Fig Jam

Fig and Bourbon go well together, even in a Jam This is an easy fig jam recipe using an extra fresh figs that you may have left over and can’t possibly eat anymore. Perhaps you want to enjoy the flavor of figs for months to come. In either scenario, making and canning fig jam is a great solution.  This recipe ... Read More »

Goat Cheese Stuffed Fig Recipe

Fig Recipe - Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs

Goat Cheese Stuffed Fig Recipe   This Goat Cheese Stuffed Fig Recipe really easy for the summer summer. You do all the cooking outside, so it will not warm up your house. This recipe can be made while you are our grilling your hamburgers and steaks. I recommend that you use every type of fig I mentioned in my previous post. The ... Read More »

Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe

Fig Recipe - Fig Tartine

Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe Makes 20 tartines This Ricotta and Fig Tartine recipe is a quick and easy appetizer that you can make for your family for friends for your next gathering. A tartine is a fancy French open face sandwich wiht sweet or savory spread.   To me, this is the perfect seasonal cocktail party food. It is quick ... Read More »

Fig Recipe – Easy Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins Recipe

Fig Recipe - Fig and Goat Cheese Muffins

Easy Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins Recipe This is a simple  goat cheese and fig muffins recipe, using boxed cake mix. As I mentioned in my previous post about Fig being in season, this is an easy way to use your extra figs before they go bad. This recipe  can use any of the types of figs I mentioned in the ... Read More »