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Best Restaurants in Paso Robles
Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Small Town Feel with a Quickly Developing Culinary Scene

Paso has some of the best wines in California, but did you know that their culinary scene is rapidly evolving to be a culinary destination? This is Tom’s Foodie Blog’s Best Restaurants in Paso Robles.

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Downtown Paso Robles. 2jpg

Downtown Paso Robles. 2jpg

Many top food and wine publications have started recognizing Paso Robles restaurants for their innovative cuisine and use of local, organic and seasonal ingredients. 

Paso Robles Restaurant scene is evolving

Paso Robles Restaurant scene is evolving

Downtown Paso is like Mayberry, but with awesome wine and delicious food. The area is going through a major evolution with talented chefs opening restaurants. It is a golden age for restaurants in Paso Robles. The scene is hip and dynamic, but not snobby…yet.

Downtown Paso Robles

Downtown Paso Robles

Top Tips for Paso Restaurants

  • Paso Robles is unpretentious, unlike Napa, so leave your Prada at home. 
  • Make restaurant  reservations a week in advance during holiday weekends or a couple days ahead during the summer
  • Paso Robles is a friendly town, engage with the locals and make friends
  • Order local wine 
Paso Robles Culinary Scene

Paso Robles Culinary Scene

Best Restaurants in Paso Robles


Artisan - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Artisan – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

The #1 restaurant in Paso Robles is Artisan. This restaurant embodies the culture of Paso Robles best, with ever-changing seasonal menu utilizing supplies from local farmers and purveyors. The food is creative, innovative and deep with flavor layers. Artisan could compete with the best Napa restaurants.

Sample Menu:  

  • Rabbit stroganoff, king trumpets, spätzle, pecans $15
  • Mushroom toast: bacon, brioche, crème fraîche, poached egg $15
  • Abalone tostada, avocado, grilled corn, cherry tomato pico $17
  • Wild boar tenderloin, fennel risotto, feta, apples, mostarda $33
  • Kobe tip steak, grilled asparagus, new crop potatoes, green peppercorn $31

Address: 843 12th St., Paso Robles

Phone: (805) 237-8084

Website:  www.artisanpasorobles.com

Il Cortile

Il Cortile - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Il Cortile – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Il Cortile is a good spot for Italian dishes and handmade pasta. This is a fine dining Italian restaurant that focuses on seasonal dishes using local ingredients. Consider trying their meat dishes and seafood, they are equally as good as the house made pasta.

  • Grilled o Pan roasted quail with prosciutto filled tortellini in a sweet wine reduction $15
  • Octopus with fresh vegetables marinati in a spicy vinaigrette $15
  • Ricotta gnocchi Ricotta and spinach gnocchi with a creamy gorgonzola sauce $19
  • Oxtail agnolotti Homemade agnolotti filled with braised oxtail in it’s own sugo $19
  • Vitello ai funghi porcini Veal chop with porcini mushroom sauce, finished with truffle oil $36


Fish Gaucho

Fish Gaucho - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Fish Gaucho – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Fish Gaucho is a Baja Mexico inspired seafood restaurant.

Fish Gaucho is committed to sourcing the fresh seafood, local produce, organic meats, and finest tequilas. The food is upscale and fresh, but prepared in coastal Mexico preparations. The restaurant is clean and modern with deep blue colors and sharp lines. The food is delicious.  

  • Short Rib Chiliaquiles – creamed black beans + chorizo crumble, roasted peppers, slivered red onion + sunny side up egg , corn chips, warm salsa rojo 19
  • Lobster Enchiladas – tomatillo verde, cotija crumble,  crema drizzle $27
  • Shrimp  Scallop Kale Salad-  hearty greens,  pineapple pico de gallo,  jicama, roasted red bell pepper + cumin-lime vinaigrette 18
  • OYSTERS OAXACA (wah-ha-ca) 1/2 dozen baked fresh seasonal oysters + crispy chorizo, melted cotija cheese $16

Address: 1244 Park St., Paso Robles

Phone: (805) 239-3333 

Website: www.fishgaucho.com


La Cosecha

La Cosecha - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

La Cosecha – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

La Cosecha is also owned by Chef Santos MacDonal, this restaurant is modern dishes influenced by from Spain and Latin America. Chef MacDonal Hondurian heritage plays into the flavors, while using  locally-sourced ingredients. La Cosecha has a craft cocktail program that uses garden ingredients.

  • Pastelitos catracho/honduras style empenadas. beef. potato. native honduran spices $10
  • Pork cheeks/braised. pickled vegetables. celery root puree $13
  • Charcuterie plate/chef’s choice of house pate. terrine. cheese. crostini $15
  • Seco de pato/duck confit. arroz verde. cumin. cilantro $21
  • Grilled pork chop/pear honey glaze. roasted potatoes. |seasonal vegetables $27

Adress: 35 12th St., Suite A, Paso Robles

Phone: (805) 237-0019

Website: www.lacosechabr.com


Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro and Wine Bar

Thomas Hill Organics - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Thomas Hill Organics – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro and Wine Bar  as the name indicates, serves only organically grown produce and naturally raised proteins from their own farm and local partner farms. The chef is Parisian native Julie Simondoes , who works with local and seasonal ingredients into a rotating menu of seasonal dishes. This restaurant is extremely popular on the weekends, I highly recommend reservations. The food is quite good although slightly overhyped based on my two visits.

  • Stuffed Peppadews -Goat Cheese, Provencal Olives, Micro Greens,Mint Oil – $11
  • Pan Seared Foie Gras -Spring Onions,  Pinot Noir Syrup, Brioche Toast Cocoa Nibs , Plum & Rhubarb Marmalade – $27
  • Chicken Wing Confit – Sriracha Glaze, Green Onion Relish Sesame Seeds,  “New Zealand” Spinach – $14
  • Fines Herbs Roasted Half Mary’s Chicken – Creamy Polenta, Caper Gastrique, Carrot Ribbons, Shishito Peppers – $30
  • Pan Seared Day Boat Scallops – Farro, Linguica Sausage,Asparagus Oyster Mushrooms, Truffled English Pea Purée – $32

Address: 1305 Park Street, Paso Robles

Phone: 805.226.5888

Website: http://www.thomashillorganics.com/ 


Villa Creek

Villa Creek - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Villa Creek – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Villa Creek is one of the most popular locals restaurants in Paso Robles, who are drawn to the Mexican Food and strong margaritas. Like most restaurants in Paso Robles, their Mexican Inspired cuisine is organic , using fresh local ingredients. Chef Tom Fundaro does a great job bringing a sophisticated flavors  

  • Not Nachos Duck confit, black mole, chips, cotija, raw corn relish $16.00
  • Shrimp in Garlic Wine Broth Flour tortillas $16.00
  • Spinach and Leek Pizzetes Roasted spinach pesto, caramelized leeks, kale chips $12.00
  • Rinconada Dairy Organic Chicken Pan roasted chicken breast, buttery whipped potatoes, broccolini, carrots, preserved lemon and herb pan sauce $26
  • Butter Nut Squash Enchiladas Tomatillo salsa, jack cheese, corn, refried black beans, vegetable succotash $20

Address: 1144 Pine Street Paso Robles, CA 93446   

Phone: 805.238.3000

Website:  http://www.villacreek.com/  

Buona Tavola

Buono Tavola - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Buono Tavola – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

This is perhaps one of my favorite Italian Restaurants, anywhere.  The restaurant has a humble family restaurant look, but the flavor is straight outta Northern Italy. The past is handmade and extremely fresh. The service is also extremely friendly.

Sample Menu

  • Bruschetta ai funghi trifolati Grilled garlic bread with a mix of sautéed local and imported mushrooms– $12.7
  • Carpaccio del Tiziano Thin slices of seared black pepper beef fillet topped with arugula and shaved parmesan cheese in a horseradish dressing– $16.75
  • Pappardelle alla San Pietro Wide pasta ribbons with sautéed river shrimp, white wine, braised sweet onions and imported prosciutto finished with a light creamy tomato sauce– $21.95
  • Linguine ai muscoli di mare e porri Linguine pasta with farm-raised Manila clams, sea scallops, small black mussels, and shrimp in a white wine garlic and leek sauce– $26.75
  • Teneroni Portobello – Veal scaloppine with braised Portobello mushroom and roasted garlic in a veal reduction and marsala wine sauce– $27.75

Address: 943 Spring Street Paso Robles, CA 93446

Phone: (805) 237-0600

Website: http://btslo.com/paso-robles/ 


Roberts - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Roberts – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Roberts provides classic American cuisine with a fresh presentation. This is a white table cloth restaurant in presentation, although they have reasonable prices. The food is delicious and wait staff is friendly and formal.

  • Cider Brined Grille,d Double-Cut Pork Chop with roasted polenta with aged Wisconsin cheffar, giner braised carrots, Bristols Cioder BBQ Sauice, Cristpy Sheostring Ononsk $27
  • Exrepss and Rosemary Rubbed Grilled New TYork Sirloin with Local Summer Squacsh Roartouiille, Potato Pave, cremini mushroom demi glace 28
  • “Beef Stroganoff” braised Short Ribs – Cream Mushroom Sauce, and Parpadelle Pasta $28
  • Wild Mushroom Lasagna – With Local wild mushrooms, rustic heirloom tomato sauce and basil pesto $22

Address: 1218 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446    

Phone: (805) 226-5556

Website: www.roberts-restaurant.com/ 


Estrella - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Estrella – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Although the Spanish , Agentine, South American influence may sound repetitive at this point, Estrella has good food and great ambiance.

  • Mojo Roasted Chicken roasted chicken breast, marinated in a spicy mojo marinade (citrus, garlic, jalapeños), topped with a orange honey-glaze and an avocado mango relish, served with coriander rice, sautéed seasonal vegetables, and house-made black beans $22
  • Coconut White Fish sautéed fresh white fish in a coconut crust with green chili, coconut rum sauce, and mango habanero salsa, served with coriander rice and sautéed seasonal vegetables$27
  • Argentinean Style Grilled Ribeye grilled 12oz ribeye steak served with pan-roasted chorizo potatoes, sautéed vegetable succotash and chimichurri sauce $32
  • Duck Confit Tamales – house made tamales filled with duck confit (slow cooked duck), roasted anaheim chilis, and cilantro, topped with our five chili hot sauce, onions and queso fresco. served with coriander rice, sautéed seasonal vegetables, and house made black beans succotash $24
Address: 815 12th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Basil Thai

Basil Thai - Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Basil Thai – Best Restaurants in Paso Robles

Would you be surprised if I told you that Paso Robles has good Thai food? In fact they do and it is done very well. Basil Thai is also great for take out if you need a quite night in the room.  This is Paso, so you can expect a great selection of local wines. 

  • Beef Param
  • Pineapple Rice
  • Pad Thai Noodles
  • Chicken Say with Peanut Sauce
  • Sweet Crispy Chicken Basil

Address: 828 11th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone:(805) 238-9945 

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