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Exotic Fruit Spotlight  – The Lemon Plum from Chile
Lemon Plums

Exotic Fruit Spotlight – The Lemon Plum from Chile

Lemon Plum from Chile

The Lemon Plum is a treasure to be Discovered

Lemon Plums

Lemon Plums

The fruit has only recently hit the supermarket aisles in North America. The lemon plumb is native to Chile and has been spreading in popularity in the United States.  The fruit started appearing in the U.S. markets in 2010. I personally LOVE the lemon plum!

The shape is round, but nippled at one end and a crease down the center from top to bottom. ohh my!

Lemon Plum, mostly unrippened

Lemon Plum, mostly unripened – Day 1

Flavors and Textures of the Lemon Plum

When the lemon plum is unripened, the skin is green to pale yellow. The flesh is crisp and slightly crunchy with a tart like a floral green apple flavor.

When ripe, the flavor is similar to a standard plumb, but with with a lemony /almost tangerine finish. The color of the skin turns from yellow, to orange and then crimson. The fruit rippens from the tip first and then spreads.  The ripened plum is extremely juicy and will get all over your face if you bite into it. I personally powered through three lemon plums and my hands where covered in juices. 

Lemon Plum three quarter rippened

Lemon Plum three quarter ripened – day 3

This fruit is rare and unique, so I recommend that you eat it out-of-hand to enjoy the flavor. If you insist on using the plum in a recipe, I recommend stuffing it with some burrata cheese, sprinkled with Kosher salt, and then drizzled with balsamic and honey.

Lemon Plum Rippened

Lemon Plum Ripened – Day 5

When and Where can you find the Lemon Plum

This fruit has a very short season and you will only find it on the market aisles during February. If you see this fruit at your grocery store, I highly recommend you buy it. For the best chances of finding the lemon plumb I would try some of the bigger name stores like Whole Foods, Gelson’s, or specialty food purveyors like Melissa’s Produce.

Lemon Plum fully rippened and cut open

Lemon Plum fully ripened and cut open – Day 6

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