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Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe
Fig Recipe - Fig Tartine

Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe

Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe

Makes 20 tartines

This Ricotta and Fig Tartine recipe is a quick and easy appetizer that you can make for your family for friends for your next gathering. A tartine is a fancy French open face sandwich wiht sweet or savory spread.  

To me, this is the perfect seasonal cocktail party food. It is quick and easy to make and easy to eat with one hand. I used every type of fig with this recipe and they all work out nicely. In fact I recommend that you use different types of figs to create a contrast in color on the serving platter. 


  • 12-16 Melissa’s Produce figs (depending on size). Use different types on the platter to get a good color contrast. 
  • 10 Slices of tartine bread or country loaf (cut in half)
  • 1 Cup Ricotta
  • Baby arugula or any other nutty herb
  • Radish (thin sliced)
  • Crushed candied nuts (optional)
Fig and Ricotta Tartine Mise en Place

Fig and Ricotta Tartine Mise en Place


1)      Preheat Gas Grill on high and thoroughly oil the grates

2)      Slice figs in half, place on grill face down. Cook for 5 minutes (or until grill lines form) 

3)      Flip figs and let cook an additional 5 minutes

4)      While the figs cook, toast the bread slices on the grill ( until one side is toasted)

5)      Remove 4 figs from grill and mash them until a jam like consistency is reached. Add  brown sugar and mash the figs further. If the figs did not easily form a jam, you may have to cook them longer in a pan with the sugar.

6)      Mix The 1 cup of ricotta with the mashed fig. This should form a fluffy fig spread. Apply evenly to toasted bread

7)      Slice grilled figs and place on top of ricotta slathered bread

8)      Garnish with baby arugula, radish, and candied nuts. 


Steps to prepare the Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe

Steps to prepare the Ricotta and Fig Tartine Recipe


These appetizers can be served cold or hot off the grill. The baby arugula adds a nice contrasting flavor to the dish to create flavor layering, so I recommend you place 1-3 baby arugula leaves on top of the tartine. Use the candied nuts if you want a little more crunch and a higher sugar content. 


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