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Turkey Burger and other Fall Fixes at JT Schmid’s
JT Schmid's Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger and other Fall Fixes at JT Schmid’s

Fall menu Items at J.T. Schmid’s

Turkey dishes are not just for Thanksgiving

Sometimes the cooler weather makes you want to try some “fall-ish” comfort food. Last week I visited JT Schmid’s to get a pre-thanksgiving turkey fix on.  Specifically I wanted to try out their Turkey Burger and their Turkey Club. Although in true Tom fashion I overindulged and tried more than those two items. 

JT Schmid's Exterior

JT Schmid’s Exterior


I regularly eat at their Tustin location during my lunch breaks and it is a regular stop for after work happy hours. Their other location is near Angel’s stadium. Their cuisine is American comfort food and they do a good job of it. This is the same restaurant I featured with the “Badder Asser Buger.”  Here is what I recommend you order if you find yourself with a fall flavor fix as well.20141111_124500

Tom from Tom's Foodie Blog going big on the Turkey Burger

Tom from Tom’s Foodie Blog going big on the Turkey Burger


JT Schmid’s Turkey Burger

JT Schmids actually makes one of the better Turkey Burgers in Orange County. If you are a Turkey Burger fan, you will really appreciate the depth of the meat’s flavor and juiciness. Occasional turkey burger eaters will enjoy the burger as well.  

JT Schmid's Turkey Burger

JT Schmid’s Turkey Burger


The burger is made simply, yet it had deep flavor layers. The turkey burger rests on brioche bun and dressed with lettuce, mayonnaise, sprouts, avocado, Monterrey jack cheese, and bacon. The burger is stacked high with ingredients, so it will require two hands. This may require you to put your phone down for a few minutes, swipe right another time. 

JT Schmid's Turkey Burger Cut Open

JT Schmid’s Turkey Burger Cut Open


Sweet Potato Fries

I ordered my turkey burger with their house made sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries are lightly tossed with sugar and salt. The fries come off a little sweet for your palate,  just add an extra pinch of table salt and it changes the flavor profile to more savory.

I chatted with the Manager about the fries and he indicated that they make their own hand cut fries. Although they wouldn’t tell me the secret method,  their fries come out with a crispy exterior and a creamy inside. 


Turkey Club Sandwich

This sandwich most reminded me of the type of sandwich I would make after a Thanksgiving meal.  The club sandwich is made with fresh roasted turkey, apple wood bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and served on a toasted sourdough bread.  The turkey itself was amazing and the bacon just amped up the flavor.  The sandwich is piled sky high, no corner cutting.

JT Schmid's Turkey Club Sandwich

JT Schmid’s Turkey Club Sandwich



Ahi Melt Sandwich

What you talkin about Willis? A tuna sandwich made with real ahi tuna? Yes that is correct. Higher quality tuna makes a better sandwich. The tuna was mixed with with mayo and served on a marble rye bread and dressed with jack cheese, avocado, tomato, sprouts, and an herb aioli sauce. Yumm!!! It is served hot with the cheese all melty.

JT Schmid's Ahi Tuna Melt

JT Schmid’s Ahi Tuna Melt

The Turkey Club was served with garlic mashed potatoes, which could beat my mamma’s mashed potatoes. Sorry Mom, but I love garlic and skins in my mashed potatoes.


Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

My favorite dish at JT’s is their Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. The creamy cheese sauce is made with ale, jack, cheddar and pepper jack cheese. The secret sauce is mixed with Raditori pasta, grilled chicken, diced tomato, jalapenos and of course bacon!  This dish is not extremely spicey, but it does have a little heat. If you are afraid of the jalapenos, don’t be, the seeds have been cleaned out so you get more flavor than heat. This dish is filling, watch out!


JT Schmids mac and cheese

JT Schmid’s mac and cheese


I recommend the beer tasting flight as well, great way to add variety to your meal. That is what I did :)

JT Schmid's Beer Flight

JT Schmid’s Beer Flight

JT Schmid's Restaurant & Brewery on Urbanspoon

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  1. Gosh, I haven’t had a turkey burger in such a long time! The one you were eating looks yummy!

  2. Well now I am hungry! This looks so delicious, definitely makes my mouth water.

  3. I never had a turkey burger but these are looking great
    I may try it

  4. Well that looks yummo! I am sure it tasted amazing

  5. Mmmm! That turkey burger looks seriously YUM!
    And the fries? What the….
    Thanks for a great review!


  6. That looks like a good burger. I hope everywhere starts to offers sweet potato fries, as they are so much nicer than regular fries. Was the burger dry? I find that with turkey burgers.

  7. Wow…this looks amazing. I love turkey burgers.

  8. The tuna sandwich is a must! I want one! Lovely restaurant.

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