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The Badder Asser Burger from J.T.Schmid’s – Can You Finish 6 Pounds of Meat?
Bigger than my head!

The Badder Asser Burger from J.T.Schmid’s – Can You Finish 6 Pounds of Meat?

The Badder Asser Burger from J.T.Schmid’s

Can You Finish 6 Pounds of Meat?

JT Schmids Badder Asser Burger 3

The J.T. Schmid’s Badder Asser Burger is bigger than my head!


Watch out Joey Chestnut, the Black Widow and Adam Richman. You may have just met your match. J.T. Schmid’s restaurant just released a burger than can make any competition eater break into a cold sweat; it is called the “Bader Asser Burger.”  This burger was literally bigger than my head!


6 Pounds of Beef!


The entire burger weighs in at perhaps 8 pounds, but the patty alone weighs a verified six pounds. The burger is housed on a 12-inch custom baked burger bun (impressive feat alone) and dressed with lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese. The burger even uses a novel corn mayo that kept the palate fresh while noshing on this protein heavy monstrosity.



I literally ate three “slices” of this mammoth burger and I was ready to tap out. With such a large patty, I really expected this thing to taste like a meatloaf sandwich, although I was very pleasantly proven wrong. The Badder Asser Burger really does taste like a juicy burger! The Bader Asser Burger costs $50 and can feed six people, according the restaurant. Although based on my experience, I think this burger can easily feed a party of 8 adults, or 12 children or two Sumo Wrestlers.


If you dare order this burger, it does come with your choice of 2 sides. I actually plan on ordering this for my next house party, the sheer shock and awe of this dish is enough to impress my friends and start up conversations amongst strangers.
The Badder Asser Burger is also available in two variations; let’s call these the “Heaven and Hell Variations.”


If you are going for something a tad lighter, they offer a Turkey patty version that has less cholesterol and features more fiber via extra vegetables. Let’s say want to get more gluttonous, you should consider the “Cowboy Style” Badder Asser Burger. This variation adds six jumbo onion Rings. 12 slices of bacon (yes that is equivalent to an entire package from the grocery store), and blue cheese. The result is an extremely filling and rich burger that will guarantee bust the gut of the most experienced competition eater.



The J.T. Schmid’s  Badder Asser Burger “Cowboy Style”



Tom from Tom's Foodie Blog Attempting to eat J.T. Schmid's Badder Asser Burger

Tom from Tom’s Foodie Blog Attempting to eat J.T. Schmid’s Badder Asser Burger

I dare Joey Chestnut or Adam Richman to try this burger. I actually thought I would be able to tackle this in an eating competition, but I was completely wrong after my third slice. Do you think you have what it takes to eat this burger? 

While I was there….Other Awesome Stuff I liked at J.T.Schmid’s

Imperial Stout beer

Brewed at their original store in Anaheim, their new Imperial Stout Beer is black, strong and ready to please. Crafted by Brew master Gil Chacon, this stout is actually aged in French Oak which enhances the malt flavors and imparts a buttery chocolate cake note to the nose of the beer. The French Oak also acted to temper some of the bitters that I often find into Imperial stouts.

The J.T. Schmid's Imperial Stout

The J.T. Schmid’s Imperial Stout

Pizzas (Flat bread Style)

My favorites:

  • Wild Mushroom – This pizza is made with with three types of mushrooms including shitake, white button and Portobello. Of course a healthy dosage of cheese!
  • Prosciutto Pizza – This pizza was the rock star of the group with pesto sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, green onions and basil.
  • Roasted Pear and Blue Cheese pizza – . This pizza has roasted pears, balsamic, mozzarella, blue cheese, grilled onions and pecans. Woahhhh lots of ingredients!
J.T. Schmid's Flat Bread Pizzas

J.T. Schmid’s Flat Bread Pizzas

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