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The G Burger – Can you eat one biggest burgers in Orange County?
The G Burger

The G Burger – Can you eat one biggest burgers in Orange County?

The Infamous G Burger

The G Burger will love you, knock you up, make you feel pregnant, then take your money…

True Story

The G Burger, perhaps one of the biggest and better burgers in Orange County. It looks freakish and almost novelty at first blush. Although after attempting to eat this burger, I learned the G Burger is no joke. This burger has evolving flavor layers that can only be experienced, one bite at a time. 

The G Burger

This burger is a beast!

CHALLENGE TO MY READERS: Do you think you can eat this burger in one sitting, with no assists? Send me your before and after picture and I will add it to this blog post for bragging rights

G Burger, the Restaurant

I promise to get back to the burger and more double entendres about size and girth of this burger, but first a little about G Burger restaurant.

The “G” in G Burger stands for Gourmet and reflects their attempt to a hamburger made with the philosophy of “creating for you delicious food, made from the freshest ingredients for a reasonable price.”

G Burger Locations

GBurger Locations

 This is a burger purist burger joint that started off in La Habra and quickly drew a ravenous fan base. The restaurant has since expanded to Fountain Valley and Irvine.  See bottom of post for addresses. 

Although G Burger makes delicious standard sized burgers of all different flavors, this post is exclusively about The G Burger.


Anatomy of a G Burger

This burger is a monstrosity! When the burger arrived at my table, my jaw literally dropped open and I realized why I just spent almost $23 dollars on the combo. 

Below I have dissected the G Burger for your education into meaningful layers of flavor,  this was no small feat. But for you my readers I sacrafice. You are welcome.

The G Burger is Bigger than Tom's Head

The GBurger is Bigger than Tom’s Head

The top section contains the fluffy high-rise bun top, house signature 1001 dressing, teriyaki grill onions, avocado, mix greens, and the grilled pineapple. We haven’t even come to the first burger patty yet. 


GBurger Anatomy - Layer 1

GBurger Anatomy – Layer 1


The second section I pulled apart contains two strips of thick-cut bacon and a jumbo fried egg.  I felt the bacon was a little overcooked, but whatever. 

G Burger Anatomy - Layer 2

G Burger Anatomy – Layer 2

The third section contained your standard vegetables (pickles, red onions, tomato slices) and your choice of cheese. I selected the very standard American cheese. Most burgers stop here. 

GBurger Anatomy - Layer 3

GBurger Anatomy – Layer 3

The forth layer is the first 1/2 pound Angus beef patty, which was by itself very juicy and flavorful.  

Below the patty is a mixture of grilled mushrooms, grilled bell peppers, cherry peppers, and deli pastrami. By itself, this layer of toppings could have made a Philly roll. 

GBurger Anatomy - Layer 4

GBurger Anatomy – Layer 4

Underneath the Philly roll style toppings is one of their signature onion rings.  I could have ordered a whole order of these alone. Below that is the second 1/2 pound burger patty! Below that is another slice of American cheese.  Please pass the antacid. 

G Burger Anatomy - Layer 4

G Burger Anatomy – Layer 4

How do you eat a G Burger?

Unless you can detach your jaw, like a python who is swallowing a whole rabbit, Tom’s Foodie Blog advises that you cut your G Burger in half.  I also advise that you slightly smash it, prior to cutting. If you don’t head my advise, you may sprain a thumb or dislocate your jaw! Trust me, you don’t want either to happen to you 

G Burger Cut Open

G Burger Cut Open

Ordering The G Burger

When you order The G Burger, you decide which items you want to leave off. A word of unsolicited advice to my fellow foodies, it is best to leave The G Burger “As Is.” There are so many ingredients in this burger your delicate palate will not notice one or two the ingredients that you do not like. 

How much does The G Burger Cost?

Ordering The G Burger can be pricy. It costs $16 just for the G Burger. After I added parmesan fries ($5) and a fountain drink ($2), my bill was $24.84 after tax.   This was enough money to  feed a small village in Africa through UNICEF. 

Was it worth it? Hell Yes! #FirstWorldProblems

G Burger Price

GBurger Price

My Final Thoughts about The G Burger

Is this the best burger in Orange County? Perhaps not. Is it on my top 5 burgers in Orange County, then yes. The standard hamburgers at G Burger are also very impressive, with juicy meat and a perfectly baked bun that can hold up to the abuse of too many ingredients and rough handling.

 Tom’s Foodie Blog recommends that you try G Burger. Better  yet, I dare your to take my “The G Burger Challenge.” If you can finish it, I will post your picture on the bottom of this post. 

G Burger, can you handle it?

G Burger, can you handle it?

G Burger Locations

Gburger – La Habra

421 E. La Habra Blvd.
Phone: 562-245-7208
We are located at the corner of La Habra Blvd & Lemon St,
1/4 mile West of Harbor Blvd in La Habra, CA
Need directions? Click here

Gburger – Fountain Valley

18120 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: 714-965-6707
Fax: 714-965-6708
We are located just off the 405 at the corner of Brookhurst St.
and Talbert Ave in the Fountain Valley Plaza Shopping Center.
Need directions? Click here

Gburger – Irvine

13256 Jamboree Rd.
Irvine, CA 92602
Phone: 714-731-7758
Fax: 714-731-7751
We are located just off the 5 at the corner of Jamboree Rd.
and Irvine Blvd in the Tustin Market Place next to Target.
Need directions?  Click here

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