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Eureka Huntington Beach offers Good Food and Craft Beer
The Fresno Fig Burger

Eureka Huntington Beach offers Good Food and Craft Beer

Review of Eureka Huntington Beach Modern Comfort Food

Eureka! expands to Orange County at the Bella Terra mall

Eureka Huntington Beach is one of the newest restaurant opening in Orange County.  It is located  at 7631 Edinger, within the Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach and attached to “ The Residences” Apartments . It is also neighbors with Solita.

Euereka 22

Eureka! Is the first expansion of the restaurant concept to Orange County.

Huntington Beach is Eureka’s 12th location and this is their first push into Orange County.  I would describe Eureka as most similar to the Yard House. Bella Terra is an ideal location for Eureka, as it can appeal to families and the younger affluent clientle living in the nearby residences. 

Euereka 23

Eureka is located at the Residences apartments in the Huntington Beach Bella Terra mall

The food at Eureka is best described as Americana with focus on Hamburgers, comfort food, salad and playful spins on classic dishes. The bar offers a very nice selection of craft beers, including many local breweries.

There is also a strong focus Whiskey, with over 30 types to choose from. . 

Eureeka Interior

Interior of Eureka!

Food at Eureka!

Below are the dishes were ordered

Eureka! Truffle Fries

The fries are hand cut relatively thin, lightly dusted in seasoning and generously tossed in a creamy Havarti truffle sauce.  The fries were crispy and tastefully smothered in truffle Havarti sauce that reminded me of the texture and consistency of an Alfredo sauce. The fries were good, although if you eat too much of them, you will not be in the mood for dinner. ($7.75)  

Euereka 11

The Truffle Fries at Eureka!

Osso Buco Riblets

I consider Eureka’s Osoo Buco riblets as a substitute to buffalo wing. The chunks of meat are cut from the upper pork belly, such that each piece has a small rib tip bone attached. The riblets are braised in a sherry stock, allowing the meat to become tender and slightly sweet.

Euereka 10

Osso Buco Riblets

The riblets are then finished with Eureeka’s firecracker Aioli.  The result is a creamy and just slightly spicy exterior.  I like this appetizer and it is great for sharing. Don’t be afraid of my description “spicy”, my wife Daniele was able to eat them without extra water ($8.95)

Fresno Fig Burger

I had several folks at the restaurant recommend the Fresno Fig Burger, so I ordered it. As I see it, they have to eat the food every day, so ordered what they order.

Euereka 15

The Fresno Fig Burger

This was perhaps my favorite item that I ordered that night. The meat patty itself is flavorful and weighing just shy of ½ pounds at precooked weight. The beef is 100% vegetarian fed, hormone, antibiotic free, and all natural.

Eureeka Fresno Fig Burger Split

Eureka Fresno Fig Burger (Left) Fig Spread on the burger, delicious (right) the inside of the burger, split open

The burger is topped with house made fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, and arugula tossed in spicy porter mustard. What made this burger good is the flavor layering between salty, sweet and savory.  ($11.25)

Strawberry Salad

The strawberry salad is an overall good dish that is made with mixed salad greens, fresh strawberries, diced onion, tomato, cilantro, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, basil, and strawberry vinaigrette. The salad is topped with grilled chicken. I liked the fresh summer feeling the salad.  The combination of blue cheese and strawberries was the best element of this salad.

Euereka 12

The Strawberry Salad

Naked Chicken Saltimbocca

Overall, this is was my least favorite dish that we ordered.  Chicken breast is sautéed and topped with oven roasted tomatoes, prosciutto, sage, and smoked mozzarella cheese. The meat is served over arugula with lemon vinaigrette and hand cut fries. For me, this dish was too salty and the flavors ran flat as a result. ($13.95)

Euereka 13

Naked Chicken Saltimbocca

Goldengate Butterscotch Rum Pudding

This pudding reminded me of an Italian Budino with with it’s creamy texture and butterscotch flavor. I really liked the caramel and sea salt topping. ($6.00)

Euereka Butterscotch Pudding

Euereka Butterscotch Pudding

Craft Beer

When of the best elements of Eureka is there massive selection of draft beer on tap, many which are local and craft. They even have two wines on tap.We tried the beer sampler which had Crus, Rosas, Logsdon, and Axiom.  Of these sampler beers, I really enjoyed the Rosas by Monkish and the Axiom by Valeant. 

Euereka 081


I ordered a full glass of Stone’s Sproketbeir is a black rye Kölsch-style ale that is remarkably smooth and balanced for this style.

Euereka 09

I told our server  that I wanted a deep brown beer that is balanced and just a little nutty. If he would have offered my Brooklyn Brown or New Castle, I would have walked out. Instead he said, “I have something a little different that you may like.” The Sproketbeir was perfect for my mood.

Euereka 21 e1406320991415

Tom with our server. Great beer selections buddy.

My Final Thoughts about Eureka!

Eureka to me is an upscale alternative to many of the chain family restaurants that litter Orange county. The food is good and the pricing is affordable for families.  Foodies will find that they do best with their hamburgers , beer and whiskey. I highly recommend the Fresno Fig Burger. Even though Eureka’s pricing is in alignment with family friendly restaurants, it is also great for a group of friends looking to enjoy great craft beer and comfort food. There is something for everyone at Eureka!

Euereka 20


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