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Easy Fig Recipes Using Fresh Figs

Fig Varieties Cut open

Figs are in Season, Easy Fig Recipes to Try Tonight Right now we are in the height of Fig season and some of you have a bumper crop of backyard figs or perhaps you over-purchased at the store. This post will explain three types of figs that I have come across and provide four different Fig Recipes. These are easy and delicious ... Read More »

Champagne Grape Stuffed Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Salad Recipe 6

Champagne Grape Stuffed Chicken Salad Recipe Makes the best chicken salad sandwiches you ever tasted This is the best chicken salad recipe for summer, especially when you want to keep the kitchen cool. The recipe uses small grapes called champagne grapes into the chicken salad, which provide little cluster bombs or juicy sweetness in each bite. About Champagne Grapes The grapes ... Read More »

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe – Best Ribs Ever!

Cherry Bourbon Ribs

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe - Best Ribs Ever! This recipe uses fresh cherries and high quality bourbon to create a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce. Read More »

” Almost as good as Da Poke Shack ” Creamy Avocado Ahi Poke Recipe

Creamy Avocado Poke based on my favorite dish at Da Poke Shack in Kona

Easy Poke recipe based on Da Poke shack in Kona This is an amazing Poke Recipe  based on my favorite Dynamite Poke served by the food folks at Da Pole Shack in Kona, Hawaii. I did a review of Da Poke Shack during my visit to Hawaii two years ago and have been obsessed with this style of Pole ever since. This ... Read More »

Turn a Classic Banana Bread to a Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Turn a Fatty Banana Bread to a Healthy Banana Bread Recipe Reducing calories and fat is easy with a simple change This is a post all about how to make a healthy Banana Bread recipe. The process of turning a classic banana bread recipe into a healthy banana bread recipe is simple. It is mostly a matter of changing up a ... Read More »