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Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – Greek Style Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb


This blog post is about making a  Greek style rotisserie boneless leg of lamb on your gas grill. I know the rotisserie may be a sore point for many wives out there, because your husband insisted on the most expensive gas grill for the sake of the rotisserie function. Most likely your Husband sold you on fantasies of homemade rotisserie chickens and ribs. Although like most of us, you ... Read More »

July 4th Potato Salad Recipe and History

Fourth of July Potato Salad Recipe - Final Dish

Fourth of July potato salad recipe - Based on German Immigrant recipe and Good Housekeeping Recipe Read More »

Drunken Chicken Recipe (650 Calories)

Drunken Chicken Recipe

Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – “Southern Chicken Gets Drunk in Key West” (650 Calories) Tonight’s cooking experiment is a twist on two dishes I tasted in restaurants over the past year, Coconut Crusted Chicken and Pecan Crusted Catfish. My goal was to keep this meal under 550 calories,but I blew it when I introduced butter. Sorry there is no substitute for ... Read More »

Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – Rock Fish Balboa and Asparagus Spears- 450 Calories

Tonight’s Cooking Experiment – Rock Fish Balboa and Asparagus Spears- 450 Calories Tonight’s cooking experiment gets its name from the famous fictional Boxer Rocky Balboa,  who famously gets the pulp beat out of him in every movie, but still manages to win each of his matches.  You may be asking your food blogger right now, why would I name a fish ... Read More »

Tonight's Cooking Experiment: Tri-Tip and Phyllo Faux Wellington and his Seafood Step-Brother

Tonight’s cooking experiment dealt with trip tip left overs, a couple random pieces of frozen shrimp / scallops and some late coded phyllo that I had to use before it expired. Last night’s slow cooked tri trip cooked in a Pepsi base was fantastic, so it will taste great in a faux neauvue phyllo Wellington. Since I am working with phyllo I decided to use ... Read More »