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Food Truck Review (from the Food Truck Extravaganza- Fresh Fries Truck, Komodo Truck , and Barcelona on the Go

Review of Food Truck and their Dishes– A review from April 6th at the Food Truck Extravaganza @ the empty lot on Teller (between Dupont and Michelson) in Irvine (Accross from Allergan)

“Barcelona on the Go” Truck – A high-end truck serving Spanish Tapas style food.  Food here is generally pretty good, but they take forever to get your food once you order….go here if you have lots of time!

  1. Monte Cristo Sandwich (Review by Kevin Johns)-  “Cheese is pugent –  don’t know what it is – a curious cheese…. It’s a good sandwich, but not sure would order again”. Kevin would prefer jam with a Monte Cristo. “It appears to have ham- but not sure if it has turkey –  good presentation”  On Kevin’s Scale-  5 would be have every day for rest of life-  4 Would recommend to a friend 3 just enjoyed – Kevin gave it a 3.

Komodo Truck  L.A. Style Chineese and Mexican fusion – mostly Tacos and buritos. Very fast cycle times and no lines. Generally good food, but a little on pricey side.

  1. Soy Taco “SOI” -(Review by Eric Hanson)  “This taco needed extra hot sauce- enjoyed it, wasn’t the best but it was good”. Eric indicated that the salad on the taco was excellent and it had a peanut flavor. “The content was very good, although the soy was just fried tofu …nothing remarkable” Eric told me later that and he didnt  didn’t like the corn tortilla – Eric gave it a 3
  2. Grape and Fish Taco “Grape n’ Fish” -(Review by Eric Hanson)  “ I like it” The fish is pretty solid fish. “Sometimes get a fried fish with just fried , this one has a good balance”. The taco is kinda peppery. The first bite didn’t have a grape, but  2nd bite… I got a grape and it was good!  Nothing special to the salad,  but props for using a decent piece of fish. Eric gave it a 3.  (Review by Tom Holmberg):  I liked this idea of grapes in the salad of the fish taco, it was very refreshing in perspective. I agree with Eric that the fish made the taco. I would order this again and will recommended it to friends. I gave it a 4
  3. Shrimp Taco  “Blazin’ Shrimp” (Reviewed by Tom Holmberg)– An extremely spicy taco, but in a good way.  The Taco has a good salad,  but not quite enough shrimp to make me very happy.  I give it a 4,  despite the fact I wish there was not enough shrimp. I wouldnt recommend this to someone who doesnt like their food to bite back.
  4.  Skirt Ssteak Taco “KOMODO 2.0”  (Reviewed by Tom Holmberg) This is a solid taco. The contents of the taco conisted of chopped steak, roasted corn, red pepers,  red onions and topped with a pleasant pungeant sauce. I give it a 3, because the sauce could have been better by adding cilantro  and  adding more meat to the taco.
  5. Pork Taco “JAVA” – (reviewed by Tom Holmberg) I liked the stewed and shredded pork and I liked the crispies on top, but something just wasnt bringing it all together for me. I would give it a 3…not sure what I would change…perhaps a more forecful sauce?

Good tacos all the way around. Would I pay $10 for 4 tacos again? The jurry is out on this one, but if you see me in line again….you will know I am hooked.

From Fresh Fries Truck- A vegetarian French Fry Truck- Clean living meets Fried– I like the concept-  Friendly Service

  1. “ Stinky Pinky” (Reviewed by Kevin and Drolled over by Tom and Eric)  This dish is  french fries with thousand islands with dice grilled onions.   “When took a bite, I tasted  french fries and thousand island like normal… but with the grilled onions, you get a mellow smokey flavor that blends it all together. The fries were not greasy at all, thick and cooked well. The truck is vegetarian so they use a vege oil. We all agreed that the fries were the best of the dishes.  Kevin gave it a 3. The rest of us gave it a 4,  just from how it smelled and looked…Kevin didn’t share.

Wishing I can get some topping from the Lime Truck and put on fries from Fresh Fries.

If you want something very quick and want something kinda healthy,  go for the Komodo truck. The food was good but not great and for 10$ for 4 tacos- the price was just acceptable. Barcelona truck was slow as always to turn around food and the fresh fry truck was something I would explore more…especially if they bring poutine!

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