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Review of Chunk N Chip Lunch Truck

We were at the Swapmeet at the Orange County Fairgrounds today and bought a lot of a fresh produce and other junk that we didn’t need.  As we were walking back, we saw that the Kid’s Expo was in full swing at Centennial Farm (connected to the fairgrounds). After A couple trucks out at the Youth Expowatching the kids perform and looking at the vendors, I discovered that there were 6 lunch trucks out! Some of the trucks representing today were the Spud Runner, ChipNChunk, Kabob Medeteranian and Dos Chinos. I already ate lunch, so I  engaged the siren of the Chunk N Chip truck. This was my first time at this truck and learned that you choose your cookie, choose your ice cream and then they

Strawberry Shortcake and Velvet Buttercup Ice Cream Sandwich

bring them together for a little bit of heaven. We chose the “Strawberry Shortcake”, which is a snickerdoodle cookie and strawberry ice cream. We also got the “velvet buttercup”, which is the red velvet cookie and peanut butter ice cream. The Strawberry Shortcake Cookie sandwich was very yummmy. The strawberry ice cream was of high quality, with creamy base and chunks of strawberries in the ice cream. Altogether, it was a very good desert that required a lot of napkins. The Velvet Buttercup had a hot and chewy red velvet cookie, with high-end peanut butter ice cream inside. The peanut butter ice cream had large chunks of peanut butter cup candy. Daniele is a big fan of peanut butter, so she really enjoyed her ice cream sandwich. …she needed a couple extra napkins :) Normally I don’t get dessert at the lunch trucks, but today I am glad I did!

Chunk N Chip Dude

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  1. Thanks Cammie,
    I am definetly not an English Major…nor do I play one in a movie, but I appreciate the feedback. I am editing it a little right now, so that it is a little less rustic :)


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