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Event: South Bay Food Truck Festival

Event: South Bay Food Truck Festival

south bay food fest

Event: South Bay Food Truck Festival

08/10/2013 2-8pm

Stub Hub Center (formerly the Home Depot Center at CSDH)

Admission $10

south bay food fest trucks

south bay food fest kidsAlthough the hay day of Gourmet Food truck reached it’s peek sometime last year, there are still some amazing trucks out there making legit food. This weekend the South Bay Food Truck Festival is back with over 20 trucks providing gourmet street food.

The promoter told me that there will be a kid’s zone, beer garden and live entertainment. The video game truck will be there as well in case you have some young teenagers who are too cool to hang out with you. I have never attended this event, so I can’t personally vouch for it’s quality, but it is an opportunity to try out quite a few food trucks in one spot.

TO MY READERS: If you go, let me know how it went. I have never attended this promoter’s events, so I am curious about your experience, positive or negative. I will report out your great or miserable experiences. Hopefully it will be awesome

Food is not included in the price of admission! Dishes on Food trucks typically range from $3-8 per dish and most people will have 2-4 dishes to get really full. With these types of food truck festivals, you can expect to leave spending $40 per person after all is said and done.   Most food trucks accept credit cards, although you may want to bring some cash.

south bay food fest map

For tickets go to www.stubhubcenter.com or at the door.

Event website: http://supergourmetfoodtruckjam.weebly.com/

List of committed trucks, although there might be more. 

  • Mustache Mikes
  • Cousins Main Lobster
  • Luck Dish
  • Grilled Cheese Truck
  • Beignet Truck
  • BR Old Fashion Burgers
  • Crepe De Ville
  • King Kone Ice Cream
  • Ragin Cajun
  • Red Beanz and Rice
  • Ta Bom Brazilian
  • The Garbage Truck
  • Waffles De Liege
  • Wicked Kitchen
  • Juice Box
  • CJ Wings and Hoagies
  • Slider Rider
  • Canvas LA
  • The Melt Bus
  • Tropical Islands Papas and Dogs
  • Me So Hungry
  • Chanchos Tacos
  • Sals Gumbo Shack

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