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Review of Gourmet Food Trucks in Orange County and Los Angeles

The Food Truck Movement is Dead, Rise of The Food Halls

The Food Truck took it's lasp gasp in 2014 after a prolonged suffering starting in 2013

The Food Truck scene is dead, after a long a slow decline in f Southern California Food Truck scene lost its cool. The replacement is the Food Halls Read More »

Event: South Bay Food Truck Festival

south bay food fest

Event: South Bay Food Truck Festival 08/10/2013 2-8pm Stub Hub Center (formerly the Home Depot Center at CSDH) Admission $10 Although the hay day of Gourmet Food truck reached it’s peek sometime last year, there are still some amazing trucks out there making legit food. This weekend the South Bay Food Truck Festival is back with over 20 trucks providing gourmet ... Read More »

Rancho a Go-Go: Making Texan Transplants Shed Tears of Joy One Brisket at a Time

Rancho a go go brisket sandwich

California is made up of transplants from other states. They will often suffer homesickness and crave a regional dish that is sold on every street corner in their hometown. Unfortunately for them, it is often hard to find a legit version in Southern California. If I moved out of Southern California, I would probably have a hard time finding a ... Read More »

Tom’s Appearance on Eat St Television Show (Cooking Channel)

d tom1

Way back in December of last year, I was selected to be part of the filming of two Eat St  television show episodes, which airs on the Cooking Channel. For those of you not in the know,  the Cooking Channel is the Canadian Food Network. The filming revolved around two of my favorite food trucks in Orange County , SeaBirds ... Read More »

Review of Spudrunners Food Truck – More than Baked Potatoes

Spudrunners truck

review of Spudrunners Food Truck - More than just baked potatoes, stuffed grilled cheese and loaded french fries as well Read More »