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No Cook Gazpacho Recipe – Like Revenge, Gazpacho is Best Cooked Cold

No Cook Gazpacho Recipe - Platted

No-Cook Gazpacho Recipe - Easy and Healthy Chilled Soup for your Summer Dinner Party Read More »

Easy and Healhy Recipe Blistered Fava Beans

Blistered Fava Beans - Steps9 - Serve

Easy and Healthy Recipe for Blistered Fava Beans Read More »

Pizza Sprouts – Easy, Kinda Healthy Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Pizza Sprouts Recipe plate

Pizza Sprouts Recipe Part Pizza, Part Brussels Sprouts, All Awesomeness This is super fast and easy Brussels sprouts recipe that will make this coniferous vegetable go from boring to exciting for the entire family. I developed this recipe after being challenged by Shakey’s Pizza on Twitter for a pizza inspired recipe. This was my response to them. This recipe is really ... Read More »

Recipe – Healthy and Easy Grilled Chicken Fajitas with Mexican Beer Marinade

Healthy and easy Bbq Chicken Fajitas in Mexican beer Marinade

Healthy Chicken Recipe – Easy Grilled Chicken Fajitas with Mexican Beer Marinade Fun weekday chicken recipe with the help of beer This is a easy grilled chicken fajitas that you can prepare  quickly! The secret is the Mexican dark beer, like Modelo Negro marinade that adds flavor depth to the chicken. I tried the original recipe from myrecipes.com, which originally published in cooking light. ... Read More »

Seared Ahi and Vege Experiment (450 calories + Sauce 80 calories)

Seared Ahi Experiment with Stir Fry Just a quick post on my experimentation cooking Ahi, as I was inspired by the Ahi Salad at the Daily Grill Ingredients Ahi Tuna Steak from Costco Paprika Cayenne Pepper Garlic Powder Sesame Seeds Black Pepper (coarse ground) Soy Sauce Lemon Juice Olive Oil Toasted Sesame Oil Not shown in pictures, but I first ... Read More »