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Sol Cocina Introduces a New Baja Seafood Menu

Sol Cocina Introduces a New Baja Seafood Menu

Sol Cocina Introduces their New Baja Seafood Menu

Baja Seafood at Sol Cocina almost as good as a road trip to Rosarito

With my limited gringo Spanish, a pocked pull of dollars, and the blind recklessness of college aged male, I ventured from San Diego State to Baja Mexico. Although I went there for the college women and booze, I found myself becoming obsessed with the fresh seafood. Sol Cocina in Newport Beach recaptures this experience with their new Baja Seafood menu. 

Sol Baja Seafood menu New Items

Sol Cocina new Baja Seafood menu Items

Kicking up their fresh seafood game

Executive Chef Deborah Schneider brings her interpretation of fresh and traditional Coastal Mexican cuisine to Sol. Her focus on fresh and  sustainable fish come forefront , with a large cold bar showing the fresh seafood used in the new dishes. Yes you will still find the classic vampiro tacos and enchiladas, but Sol Cocina is also providing the new seafood menu. I like this addition, as fresh seafood is my favorite.

Sol Baja Seafood menu Cold Bar Fish

Some of my Favorite New Items from Sol Baja Seafood Menu

Although I tried over 20 items at their recent hosted preview event, I liked these items the best.

Seafood Tower

Sol’s new seafood tower is full of fresh shellfish including lobster tail, crab legs and claws, fresh shucked oysters, and colossal shrimp that are as big as a baby’s arm, mussels, and fresh seafood crudo. This is a great dish to share among several tablemates as a meal or to share before a group dinner. The shrimp were by far my favorite.

Sol Baja Seafood menu New Items Seafood Tower

New Items Seafood Tower

Sol Baja Seafood menu Seafood Tower Close Up

Seafood Tower Close Up

Oysters On The Half Shell

The fresh-shucked oysters, served on the half shell and on a bed of ice, were extremely fresh. The variety changes daily depending what is fresh and in season. The oysters are served with lemon and SOL’s chipotle cocktel sauce.

Sol Baja Seafood menu  Oysters on the Half Shell

Oysters on the Half Shell

Oyster Shot

Although similar to oysters on a half shell, I consider this the party version of oysters, great fun for a table of folks who have already been drinking. First first shoot the oyster into your mouth and then shoot back the  chipotle cocktail sauce. 

Sol Baja Seafood menu  Oyster Shots

Oyster Shots

Playa Broiled Oysters

These fresh-shucked oysters are covered in Mexican cheeses and chorizo, green onions and pickled jalapeño, then broiled crisp. This is a flavor bomb on your palate, I suggest chew slowly and savor the complex flavors of chorizo and pickled jalapenos. 

Sol Baja Seafood menu Playa Broiled Oysters

Playa Broiled Oysters

Grilled Baby Octopus

Octopus is perhaps one of my favorite dishes and Spanish style baby octopus is one of my favorite preparations. Sol nailed it, with the perfect blend of olive oil, garlic, smoked chile, and lemon juice making the chewy flesh of the octopus pop.

Sol Baja Seafood menu  Grilled Baby Octopus

Grilled Baby Octopus

Mussels & Chorizo

The Baja black mussels are served in a garlic, butter, white wine, and tomatoes sauce with a healthy dose of garlic. The chorizo provides a nice smokey spiciness to the muscles. 

Sol Baja Seafood menu  Chorizo and Mussels

Chorizo and Mussels

Baja Blue Crab Stack

The crab is layered with mango salsa, cucumber, avocado, salted lemon cream and cilantro oil. A delicate dish that emphasizes the sweet baja blue crab. 

Sol Baja Seafood menu Baja Blue Crab Stack

Baja Blue Crab Stack

TJ Whole Fried Fish

A whole farmed seabass is slashed and deep-fried. It is simply served with fresh salsa, onions, cilantro and avocado. The fish is definitely fresh and juicy. The crispy skin was amazing and it could feed who people or one of me. It is served with two sides and tortillas.

Sol Baja Seafood menu CTJ Whole Fried Fish

CTJ Whole Fried Fish

Sol Baja Seafood menu Whole Fried Fish Head On

Whole Fried Fish Head On

My Final Thoughts

If you live fresh seafood, particulary shellfish, then Sol is your place! I really liked the oyster dishes best. While you are there, be sure to get the bucket drinks!

Sol Cocina Address : 251 E. Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92660-6131

Visit Sol Cocina Website

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Chef Deb Snyder Debuting the Seafood Tower

Chef Deb Snyder Debuting the Seafood Tower

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