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Naugles is hiring in Fountain Valley? Comeback Imminent
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Naugles is hiring in Fountain Valley? Comeback Imminent

Naugles is Hiring… say what? Yes it is happening.

Like a wildfire spreading, the internet was abuzz this morning, with news that Naugles is hiring. Earlier today, Christian Ziebarth shared a link to Naugles job posting on Craigslist. The internet in Southern California and Missouri broke. 

Fountain Valley the first location?

Fountain Valley the first Naugles store? Reading the Tea Leafs

The headline of the job posting reads “Naugles Servers and Cooks (Fountain Valley, Ca). I could be reading into the tea leafs here, but it sounds like Fountain Valley will be the location of the first Naugles restaurant??? This could be a sign that Christian has met his funding goals from investors and it moving quickly. 

Excerpt from Craig's list Post

Excerpt from Craig’s list Post

Here are the qualifications from Naugles Craig’s List Ad. 

– Previous barista/bartending/restaurant experience is preferred – Must be a professional individual with thoughts and actions to reflect our brand – Must be a self-motivated fast learner, punctual, organized, focused and have a positive attitude – Must be able to work a flexible schedule – days, nights, weekends, and holidays – Must have a reliable form of transportation – Must have or be willing to obtain their food handlers certificatio
Do you think you have what it takes to be part of this experience? follow this link and “Reply” to the posting and attach your resume. 
They are looking for folks who are positive and energetic. Essentially think of your best Starbucks experience, that is what they are looking for in the hiring process. Note: It sounds like they are looking for college students with flexible schedules. 
Naugles Craigslist

Tom’s Final Thoughts

It looks like Christian is pulling the Naugles revival off. I will be checking with my contacts in city government for information. Unless this is a publicity stunt….this could be happening.  Stay  Engaged on Tom’s Foodie Blog for continuing coverage. 

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