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Review: Winder Farms Home Delivery Expands to Orange County

Review: Winder Farms Home Delivery Expands to Orange County

Service Review: Winder Farms- Farm to Door Delivery Service

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It was barely 7:00 a.m and I sleepily fumbled out my front door onto the porch, wearing only my boxer briefs. Reaching for the newspaper, I stumbled over a large box of produce on the porch. Then it struck me, the night before I placed an order with Winder Farms for home delivery. It was not awkward at all when my neighbor waved good morning while I stood there holding a box of produce in only my underwear. Before I tell you about the jalapeno bratwurst and oranges in the delivery box, a little about Winder Farms. Winder Farms 01

About Winder Farm

Winder Farm with truckWinder Farms started in 1880, providing fresh milk and dairy products from it’s own farm to customers, via a horse-drawn cart. Since then, their business has modernized, but they still deliver farm fresh organic, all-natural and hormone-free products provided by local farmers and businesses. Their current “farmer’s market on wheels” business model, services Utah, Las Vegas and now Orange County California. Customers place their orders online by 8pm the night before and a delivery will be made by 8 a.m. to their door step. They carry over 300 different products from ready-made dinners to raw vegetables.

Great for busy people

Shopping at chain grocery stores is an unfortunate necessity for me, due to lack of time. With a full time day job and my second job, my blog, I don’t have time to shop around at farmer’s markets and meat shops to buy the craft. Winder Farm’s delivery service  fills the gap that my schedule does not permit.. Winder Farms 22

What I ordered

Fruits and Vegetables

 Winder Farms tanaka farmsThe produce box contained a nice variety of fruits and vegetables that were just harvested at Tanaka farms, Irvine based farm that has been family operated for 50 years. The first thing I will say about the produce is that everything was farm fresh, literally I think the produce was harvest less than 24 hours prior. To test the freshness of the produce, I selected one of each vegetable and let them sit in my refrigerator sit for over three weeks. The squash, eggplant and squash are all still firm. Winder Farms 03  The first thing I used was the tomatoes, they were large hot house variety with a sweet flesh and meaty center. I used them in salads and several different recipes, including my hummus stuffed tomatoes. . The cantaloupe was perhaps one of the best cantaloupes that I ever tasted, it was sweet and perfectly ripened. 

Wnder Farms Collage Carrots and Tomatoes

Stuffed Mushrooms and BBQ carrots

The carrots I roasted with garlic and a house made bbq sauce. Pretty simple recipe that just requires you to lightly smother the carrots with your favorite BBQ sauce, Garlic and put under the broiler for 15 minutes or until tender.

Meat, Dairy and Drinks

Winder farms is really good at sourcing the high quality food, either producing it through their own private label or working with other very high quality vendors. . They provided me several types of meats including  NY strip steak and jalapeno bratwurst and bacon. 

Winder Farms Collage 3

These are amazing bratwursts, the jalapenos added the right amount of flavor and kick

Both of the meats were first and foremost very fresh, you can taste the difference. The Jalapeño bratwurst is now a must stock item in my freezer. It had the nice snap on each bite and was extremely juicy. The sausage was just the right blend of heat and flavor.

Winder Farms Collage 9

The New York Steak was legit

The hickory smoked bacon was perhaps some of the better bacon that I have recently experienced. The fat to meat ratio lean very heavily toward meat and they were cut very thick. The bacon had a very nice hickory flavor and they kept the sodium load down on the bacon, thus giving it a very balanced flavor profile. Again another item that will soon be a stock item in my freezer.

Winder Farms Collage 5

I loved the thick cut bacon, it had a nice hint of hickory

I also received their milk, chocolate milk and orange juice. The orange juice was very premium with the right amount of pulp. The orange juice tasted fresh squeezed.  The chocolate milk  was the best item in the entire shipment, it was very rich and velvety smooth. Served in the traditional glass bottle, this is the type of chocolate milk that my grandpa used to talk about. I gave him a sip and he said, “that’s it! That is the kinda of milk I used to deliver!” 

Winder Farms 06

The second best item was their homemade chocolate chip cookies. Winder farms, in my opinion found the best cookie maker in Southern California.  I am sorry to say that I enjoyed these cookies so much that I forgot to take pictures. :)

Winder Farms Chocolate Chip Cookies

Stock pictures of the Chocolate Chip cookies from Winder Farms website

I also received three cheese ravioli, which I tossed with kale and yellow peppers.  The ravioli, like everything else, was high quality. They tasted like fresh dough and were generously stuffed with cheese. I used the eggs in several dishes including a Spanish omelet, cakes and a delicious carbonara. 

Winder Farms 4

Japanese Eggplant and Yellow Peppers with Florentyna’s three chese ravioli tossed with kale

My Final Thoughts

Winder Farms 09I was so impressed with the service, that I am now a customer. Aside from the convenience, what I liked most about this service is that it reminded me of my Grandfather’s fresh milk delivery business. Back in the 1950’s  fresh food could easily be delivered to your door, straight from the dairy or farm. Winder farms is making this old fashion front door delivery service happen once again. When my next shipment of food arrives from Winder Farms, I will remember to at least wear a bathrobe when I go outside to pick it up my box.

Disclosure #sponsored post and contest. See my disclosure statement in my about section. All opinions in this post are my own.

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About Tom Holmberg

Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


  1. Wow, what a great selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and more. I have had home delivery of organic foods before but rarely do they have such a nice selection of foods. If only I lived in the O.C.

  2. I just love vegetables… especially their colors!

  3. This is great! Very convenient for busy families. There is a similar service here in Toronto and they deliver ingredients (of your choosing) to make a dish that your pre-ordered with them before. Once the ingredients arrive, all you need to do is put it together and bake or cook in the stove top. I thought of it as pretty neat.

  4. The produce looks so fresh! We only have big super markets that delivery over here, and there is none of the personal touch. Great contest also!! too bad i am on the other side of the country.

  5. What a beautiful place and the food looks awesome too

  6. Super impressed here. Never heard of this and does remind me of the milk delivery days.

  7. I love going to our local farmers market to get fresh local produce. I wish we had a delivery service like this. It looks like the amount and quality received was well worth the price.

  8. OMG everything looks delicious. Sounds like a great service!

  9. I wish I lived closer. What a great service they offer.

  10. Savannah-Lin Dofa

    I wish I had a farm where I can grow my own fruits and vegetables.. that must be a great feeling to grow and care for your own food to prepare for meals..

  11. I love farm produce and tanka!

  12. I love the idea of having just-picked veggies at my door and my kids would love the chocolate milk, that’s for sure! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Tom!

  13. That is funny that you opened the door in your underwear!! My son can’t stop laughing. Anyway, Winder Farms sounds great. I get a farm box each week too. I love it – always fresh and organic veggies and fruits. I wish they delivered to my door like Winder Farms.

  14. I have a serious jalapeno addiction, I have never seen sausage like that and I want it! I love how you did the carrots too, never thought of that! I live close enough to many farms around here, there must be a service like this here as well.

  15. What a great service! I love the way you relate that it reminds you of your grandfather’s business:) I am entering this contest! :)

  16. Winder Farms has the right idea! Love all the fresh produce- and that you can get milk and cookies!

  17. Love the idea, you really can’t get much fresher than a farm that delivers. I wish farmers around here would have that idea.

  18. I love this blog… I wish I live in OC! I love fresh foods and that “glass bottle milk” is heaven.

  19. WINDER FARMS IS THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF EVER!! This is my PSA RANT for the day. I am still just utterly aggravated with their service beyond words. I sent them an email out of frustration after trying to place my very first order. They called me and left me a message saying that it sounded like I wanted to cancel membership, however I wasn’t allowed to do that via email. (Which I wasn’t) Then they cancelled my membership and charged me an early cancellation fee. Mind you, I had not even made 1 order yet. Then they delivered me products I did not order… I called and complained… They apologized and said that I wouldn’t have any deliveries until 3/31. **Then, they charged me for not returning the bottles and ice packets…which were in my garage…because I was told my “next delivery” wasn’t until 3/31… So why, oh why, would I leave these items sitting on my doorstep for 3 weeks???
    I just spoke to a “Sammy” who told me ‘her hands were tied’ and she really couldn’t help me… (So, I’ve received 2 deliveries I didn’t actually order… And somehow that’s all my fault, apparently.) Then, I spoke to a “Jamie” after, and you could actually hear the disdain in his voice. Customer Service is terrible. OMG… Seriously… This was a 3 week fiasco. And I’m out $50 to cancel a service that I thought was a “trial-period”. What a crock!!!!
    RIP OFFFFFGG!!!!!!!! $100+ aggravation for 3 weeks of a run around!!

    • RP Rocky,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I really like when my readers leave comments with their experiences on the products I recommend….especially if they had a bad experience. Service and quality can devolve or perhaps they made some mistakes. I hope Winder Farms remedies your problem.

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