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Queen Mary Dark Harbor Review- Warning: scary, gory and not food

Queen Mary Dark Harbor Review- Warning: scary, gory and not food

Dear Readers,

Occasionally I will publish things that are cool, but not food related.  This video post is one of those occasions.  This video provides a video journal of my night at the  Queen Mary Dark Harbor attraction. Why? First of all I like scary stuff and I have a emotional connection to the ship since I used to be a tour guide on the ship once upon a time. The ship is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America, so it added a little extra spooky appeal.    I loved what the new Management team did with Dark Harbor and it is obvious that they put a lot of money and creative energy to the event. It went from boring haunted house to a carnival atmosphere, definitely on par with the local amusement parks.  Food will be back in the next post. This is a scary 3 minute recap of my night at the Dark Harbor exhibit set to music.  If this is not your thing, that’s cool, I appreciate you stopping by. :)

WARNING Label: This video is scary! There are a couple scenes of simulated corpses, so the visuals are extremely graphic. Not suitable for very young children or adults who hide under their sheets after watching a scary movie.  You have been warned!

Queen Mary Dark Harbor is perfect if you want some Halloween plans or just like to get scared.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor Website 

Goldstar still has some discount dates open for Queen Mary Dark Harbor

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  1. This is a really great video from Dark Harbor Halloween at The Queen Mary. It gave me the chills!!!

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