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Review of Dos Chinos Food Truck – The Stoner Burrito
Dos Chinos Food Truck

Review of Dos Chinos Food Truck – The Stoner Burrito

 Review of Dos Chinos Food Truck

 Dos Chinos -The Stoner Burrito and the Garden Grove Taco

I have been hitting the food truck stops in Orange County for the past year and have tried most of the trucks which stop at the Teller Food Truck Summit on Teller Avenue in Irvine (“AKA the Teller Cluster Truck”) on Teller Avenue in Irvine Although, despite my unhealthy food truck habit, there is one truck that I have yet to try,The Dos Chinos Truck.

Dos Chinos Food Truck

Dos Chinos Food Truck

I stood in line waiting for the Dos Chinos truck to arrive and hung out with some of the dedicated regulars of this Mexican – Chinese – Vietnamese Fusion Food Truck. For those of you who don’t know Spanish or even Spanglish, Dos means Chinese Duo. Their Truck is known for it’s brightly color Dia de los Muertos styled mural and even more colorful food.

When I arrived that the Cluster Truck spot, there was already a small line formed for the Dos Chinos Truck (they were running late). Since we had a wait, I had a chance to converse with the peeps in line. The common string among the people in line is that they each had their own favorite dish and described it  lovingly too me, as if they were describing their first-born.  They explained that most of the dishes are either a Taco or Burritos and you essentially decide on the contents. The list below is a sample of the official menu online

  1. Dos Chinos MenuGarden Grove Short Rib– which is short rib meat marinated and simmered in a Mexican/Korean BBQ sauce and drizzled with sour cream.
  2. Dos Chinos Carne Asada – Ribeye steak with a “sour guacamole” and red salsa
  3. Dos Chinos Breakfast – Carne asada, chorizo fried rice, and egg cooked to order
  4. HollyWood Chicken – Coconut curry chicken with tamarind sour cream
  5. Oahu Shrimp– Hawaiian style shrimp marinated and cooked in garlic butter and a spicy pineapple Salsa.


I asked the guy behind me for ordering recommendations:

Tom:  “Hey Buddy whats your favorite dish here?”

Dos Chinos Super Fan:  “Dude, I like the  the Surf and Turf burrito and the StonerDos Chinos Truck Burrito”

Tom:  “I didn’t remember seeing those items in the online menu, what are they?”

Dos Chinos Super Fan:  “Dude I am here every week……… I know all the off-the-menu items. Just order and you will see”

When it was my turn to order, I followed one of his recommendations ,the stoner burrito, and then got a standard Garden Grove Taco. I looked back and the “Dos Chinos Super Fan” gave me his approving head nod and a thumbs up. The guy taking the order seemed a little surprised that I knew the secret menu item. If you are reading this blog and decide to order off menu, tell them Tom’s Foodie Blog sent you.

A few minutes later, I was handed the burrito and the first thing I noticed was it’s weight and girth…he was a big boy. I knew that eating this would force me into a 60-minute compulsory workout at my neighborhood 24-hour fitness. Then the taco came out and I started imaging 90 minutes of elliptical and treadmill time……but I didn’t care! I was going to live my destiny and eat this burrito, even if it probably contains 1000 calories and 40 grams of fat dammit!

The Stoner Burrito

Stoner BurritoThe Stoner Burrito is the Breakfast Burrito but substitutes the Carne Asada for Vietnamese style Pork Belly. The burrito consisted of a flour tortilla stuffed with  mixture of rice and

chunk of the Pork Belly

A chunk of the Pork Belly

chorizo, cheddar, onions, green onions, cilantro, Egg to order (over easy). The secret ingredient of the “Stoner” burrito is the Grilled Pork Belly seasoned like a combination of Vietnamese Pork and Peking duck.

I first pulled back the burrito  to see what I was up against …it was well hung!. I could see from the open tortilla that the The fried eggeggs were runny :) , the Pork belly was lean and the chorizo integrated with the rice (almost like chorizo fried rice).  I reassembled the Burrito and took my first bite. As I chewed and swallowed, a pleasant slow sizzle went down my throat. After  eating entire burrito, the  gentle tingle had spread to the tongue and gums as well. The flavor was not overly hot, but rather just enough spicy flavor to make it interesting. With the Egg and other ingredients the flavor was extremely pleasant.

It was a very large burrito with a true fStoner Burrito usion flavor, not just Chinese food forced into a tortilla. This was food porn, with flavors almost too obscene to talk about in polite conversation.  While nearing the last 1/3 of my yummy “stoner burrito”,  I hit the sweet spot of the burrito. Here at the last 1/3 of the burrito, the runny egg yolks had pooled up and congealed with chunk of Chorizo, Rice , Pork , cilantro , cheese and mixed meat juices. When I took a bite into the burrito’s G-Spot, I made the foodie “O face” and was left speechless. After food flush left my face, I  started showing my co-worker the half-eaten burrito and said  “…Dude!!! You have to try this!”.  He looked at me with a “I don’t want your half-eaten burrito”  look  in his face”…

The Garden Grove

The Garden Grove is a street style taco had grilled short rib meat chopped up in small chunks with a somewhat spicy/pungent  flavors that remind you of a going for Korean BBQ. The aromas also contained a second element of cumin and cilantro that are more familiar to smelling hot fajitas roll by at a Garden Grove TacoMexican Restaurant. The Taco also contained, Red Cabbage, white onion and sour cream. The taco was moderately spicy on the first bite (not over powering), but enough to cut through my spring allergies.  If I where to add Shrimp to this taco, I would have gotten another off-menu item the “Surf N Turf”.

Overall both dishes were good, although I would give the Garden Grove taco a 3.5, because I felt that there was something missing from the taco. Perhaps a hardier salad base to the taco would have been better than just the red cabbage? But this is purely my opinion….I still gave it a good score.  The Stoner  Burrito was a 4.5, an extremely solid score. The Porkbelly with the runny egg and Chorizo was killer and an overall great combination of the Asian and Latin flavors.

Overall the Dos Chinos Food Truck gets a 4 out of 5 stars, meaning I would recommend it and order here many more times.  I think this food truck has some really amazing concept foods that translate well to their customer base. I look forward to trying more of their dishes.

If you liked the review of Dos Chinos I recommend visiting their Website  http://www.doschinos.com and following them on Twitter @DosChinos.

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