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"Superfriends from the Lime Truck" – Crispy Gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco

“Superfriends from the Lime Truck” – Fried gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco

This will be just a short posting from last week’s trip to the food extravaganza at the Irvine Meetup spot.  As a note to my small following of readers, I will now be calling the Food Truck Meetups “ClusterTrucks”,  thanks to a movement sponsored by “OCWEEKLYFOOD” on Twitter. My Co-worker, Louis and I tried 2 dishes last Wednesday, from the Lime Truck.  The Crispy Gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco. Individually, these tasty treats were excellent; although together, they form the Super Friends, capable of defeating your taste buds and your empty stomach.

The Crispy Gnocchi was really little fried pillows from heaven. The gnocchi (most likely frozen…but thats o.k. I am not judging, just saying) appear to be deep-fried and then hand

Fried gnocchi - Little Fried Pillows from heaven

tossed in a spicy cream sauce. Now when I say spicy, it’s not the burn your tounge spicy and see your ancestors. It is a slow and gentle burn your mouth like going for a suntan with SPF 10 sunscreen. It wont burn you at first but if you are exposed long enough it will get more intense. The base of the sauce tasted liked an alfredo , with possibly a slow sizzle chili like chipotle (not too much) and a pureed vege like asparagus. It was topped with Cotija Cheese and fresh shredded mint. This is a definite must try! It is really good and slightly heavy in the belly. I gave this dish a 4 out of 5 on my scale. A “4” means that I would tell my family and friends out the dish and actively seek out the dish whenever I can.

The Ultimate Taco is a street style taco in Corn Tortilla with 8 hour stewed pork (fabulous),

The Super Taco - Sweet pulled pork and a Spicy Chipotle Slaw

Guacamole and topped with a wet slaw of cabbage, unidentified cream base and chipotle sauce. The flavors of the slaw  are rich, pungent and spicy flavors and will takeover the palate initially. Although, the sweet necture of the stewed pork kicks in and mellows out the experience.

 Overall this was a very good taco that came together well on the palate, although I can not give it a 4 because the idea of pulled pork tacos is starting to get so passe’ on the food truck scene. Excellent on its own right, but just a 3 in a sea of similars.

The Lime Truck is a pillar in the Food Truck community and an anchor store in the teller street clustertruck, always there, always consistent and always innovating…what’s next? 

It was a good day at the food trucks, next time I am going to try the Bacon truck!

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