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Review of The Globe –  A Belgian Gastropub that impresses with authentic flavors
The Globe - Straffe Hendrilk

Review of The Globe – A Belgian Gastropub that impresses with authentic flavors

The Globe –  A Belgian Gastropub that impresses with authentic flavors

Authentic food and Belgian beer in the heart of Orange County

The Globe is located in Main Street in Old Town Garden Grove

The Globe is located in Main Street in Old Town Garden Grove

You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to experience high quality Belgian food and beer. The Globe – Belgian Gastropub, in Garden Grove, brings the old world experience to Orange County. Over the past three years, The Globe has been quietly building up a loyal fan base of food and beer enthusiasts. What started as a local restaurant, has garnered a loyal fan base from South Orange County to Los Angeles. What has generated the restaurant loyalty? Belgian Only Beer policy and authentic food.  

The Globe - Interior

The Globe – Interior

 The Globe was started by Belgium Born Michael Pauwels and Marijke Adam, who gained extensive experience  working in the European restaurant industry. Three years ago they brought their concept to Main Street Garden Grove and have since gained a loyal following. Recently they hired Chef Christophe, a French native, who brings his own skills and influence to the restaurant and is a great fit for the Belgian cuisine.

The Globe Owners  -Michael Pauwels and Marijke Adam are originally from Belgium and have brought their recipes, beer knowledge and sense of European service to The Globe.

The Globe Owners  -Michael Pauwels and Marijke Adam are originally from Belgium and have brought their recipes, beer knowledge and sense of European service to The Globe. Photo from the original press release they sent me over three years ago. I have been keeping it until I reviewed the restaurant.

Belgian Beer Only

The Globe has two components that make it an awesome restaurant, authentic Belgian and international cuisine and their Belgian only beer policy.  Lets start with a discussion of their beer. The Globe has perhaps the best Belgian beer selection that I have personally experienced. The day I visited, the “beer bible” has over 40 Belgian beers available on tap and bottle. One of the more impressive things I liked about their beer program is that they serve the Belgian beers in the proper glass from the brewer. The owner Michael has been known to reject a keg of beer if they did not provide the matching brewery glasses to match.

The Globe - Beer Bible

The Globe – Beer Bible

Belgian Beers that I tried at The Globe

Brasserie D’Achouffee

We wanted to start with a lighter beer so we tried the Brasserie D’Achoufee, which is a golden ale with a balanced flavors of spice and hops. Easy to drink and a finished of lightly hoped grains.This beer is unfiltered, so it has a cloudy appearance and rustic flavor.  ABV% 6.7  $7

The Globe - Brasserie D’Achouffee

The Globe – Brasserie D’Achouffee

Timmmerman’s Strawberry Lambec

This is a strawberry beer that drinks like a sparkling wine. It has a constant strawberry flavor throughout the palate, without an overly stickiness. This is a great beer to cool down or transition between dishes; I drank it after the cheese dish. ABV 5% $9.5

The Globe - Timmmerman’s Strawberry Lambec

The Globe – Timmmerman’s Strawberry Lambec


The Affligem is an abbey ale that is darker in color, but it has a gentleness on the palate. The beer is smooth like a Sunday morning and goes down very easy. ABV 6.7 $7

The Globe - Affligem

The Globe – Affligem

La Trappe Trappist

La Trappe Trappist is a quadrupel, meaning it is made with four grains. It is dark in color with flavors of spicy grains, raisen toast and malty head. The beer is very full body and high in alcohol by volume. Even though it is a full body beer, it is a teddy bear of a beer with a sweet and drinkable finish.  ABV10% $9


The Globe - La Trappe

The Globe – La Trappe

St. Bernardus ABT12

This is a dark and moody beer with dark colors, high alcohol and soft aromas of fruit and grain. The beer has small bite, but I found myself finishing it easily. ABV 10.5% $8.5

The Globe - St. Bernardus ABT12

The Globe – St. Bernardus ABT12

Straffe Hendrik

This was perhaps my favorite of the beers, it is rich and bold like a cup of rich coffee. It is made with a blend of malts and gains giving it rich and complex moody flavors with a finish of fruit on the tail end of palate.  ABV 11% $10.5


The Globe - Straffe Hendrilk

The Globe – Straffe Hendrilk


Food at The Globe

Food at the globe is both Belgian and global influence, hence the name Globe. Many of the dishes on the standard menu are Belgian, meaning that they have an influence of French, Dutch and German cuisine. The combination is wonderful and yet unique in it’s own way. In addition to their standard menu, The Globe has a rotating international menu every month that focuses on a different country each time.

Here is what we ordered

Cheese Plate

The cheese plate was nice, with give  five types of cheese, candied nuts and sliced baguette. I will be perfectly honest, that I forgot what types of cheeses were served, although they were all softer cheeses and delicious. The Michael indicated that they were all European cheese from Belgium, France, Holland, and Ireland. Beer and cheese go together quite nicely and the softer cheeses act to tamer the heavier beers. My only issue is that I would have enjoyed at least one stinky cheese on the plate $14.95

The Globe - Cheese Plate

The Globe – Cheese Plate


The pretzel is made in the German style, large and slightly chewy. The pretzel is brushed in butter as it baked, resulting in an almost seared texture on the skin. The pretzel has a sprinkling of salt and served with Dijon mustard. I loved the butter on pretzel bread flavor of the pretzel and it is also awesome with beer. The pretzel is house made using the original European recipe. $4.95

The Globe - Pretzel

The Globe – Pretzel

Steak Frites

An outside skirt steak was grilled to medium-rare and served atop frites (fries). Normally this dish is served with your choice of either the Red Wine Demi Glaze and Gorgonzola cream cheese. We ordered both on the side to control application of flavors. The steak was flavorful and was nicely complimented by the double fried frites. I loved the red wine demi glaze, although I felt that the Gorgonzola cream was too overpowering on the steak.  The fries tasted remarkably similar to the ones I tasted in Bruge and Amsterdam.  $19.95

The Globe  Steak Frites

The Globe Steak Frites

Coq au Vin

The coq au vin is a classic dish, made with Marijke Grandmother’s recipe. For those unfamiliar with Coq au Vin, it is essentially chicken braised in a red wine reduction with caramelized onions, bacon, and mushrooms. The dish is very rich with complex flavors that permeate deep into the meat. The dish was executed nicely and I would not change a thing.

The Globe - Coq au Vin

The Globe – Coq au Vin

I loved the flavor of the sauce in the bowl and ate it all with a spoon. The dish is served with potato dauphinoise, the Belgian version of potatoes gratin which has lovely layers of white creamy cheese between the potato slices. The dauphinoise tasted really nice against the red wine braise in the bowl.

The Globe - Coq au Vin cut open

The Globe – Coq au Vin cut open


My Final Thoughts

The food and beer at The Globe are superb and I really enjoyed my evening at the Grove. If you want to experience authentic Belgian cuisine and beer, then I recommend The Globe. If you are a Belgian expatriates living in Southern California, visiting The Globe is a must if you are looking for comfort food and feeling nostalgia for home. 

The Globe Address and Hours

12926 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 537-7471

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 4 pm. 
Sunday & Monday closed

The Globe Website
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  1. Both the Belgian beer and food sound awesome at The Globe!

  2. I’ve never heard of a Belgium Gastropub before – I wasn’t sure what to expect but the food looks amazing.

  3. I don’t drink beer at all, but Belgian beer does sound good. The food looks amazing also. Can’t beat authentic. That’s how I like to eat when I try something new or exotic

  4. I’ve never had Belgian beer, but it looks amazing. The cheese plate also looks phenomenal. I love trying new foods. Thank you for this review!

  5. The food looks too good to be true.
    I’d go for the Coq au vin

  6. This restaurant was awesome:) My favorite beer was the Brasserie D’Achouffe.

  7. This has made me SO hungry!! I have been to Belgium and loved the food, so would like to visit the gastropub! :)

  8. Was a fabulous find. I love me some good beer!

  9. The food looks great! I like that you describe your favorite beer as having a “moody” flavor. That is an awesome description!

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