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SlapFish Opens Second Location in Laguna Beach
Slapfish - The Patio is steps away from the beach

SlapFish Opens Second Location in Laguna Beach

SlapFish Opens Second Location in Laguna Beach, Slapfish, is on a major expansion

Slapfish - Tom from Tom's Foodie Blog with Chef Andrew Gruel from Slapfish

Slapfish – Tom from Tom’s Foodie Blog with Chef Andrew Gruel from Slapfish

My longtime Tom’s Foodie Blog fans will remember that one of my very first blog posts was about a little known gourmet food truck called Slapfish,  that specialized in fresh sustainable seafood.  Since then, Owner Andrew Gruel has taken this aspiring food truck to multiple locations. The first brick and mortar was his shop in Huntington Beach, which opened in 2012. The newest location recently opened in Laguna Beach at 211 Broadway Street. The near future will bring Slapfish across Orange County by the end of 2014.

Laguna Beach Slapfish is a true beach seafood shack

Slapfish is still one of my all-time favorite orange county restaurants,  Chef Andrew Gruel truly understands how to treat a piece of fish and transform it to a flavor bomb that still paying homage to the fish’s natural flavors.

Slapfish -  Interior of Laguna location

Slapfish – Interior of Laguna location

Their third location in Laguna Beach location is a true seafood shack.  Located  just steps away from the beach, the third Slapfish location has a small footprint and focuses on the “Grab n’ Go” concept. The Laguna Beach Slapfish appeals to the beach crowd who wants to quickly grab some food and head out to the beach or relax on the patio after spending a day in the sun.

Slapfish -  The Patio is steps away from the beach

Slapfish – The Patio is steps away from the beach

The menu at the Laguna location is distilled down to the basics, in true seafood shack style. You choose your fish and cooking style (crispy or grilled) and how you want it served,  “slapwich”, taco, roll.  The sustainable fish rotates as with the season and what is currently available. The day I visited the options were Hake, Mahi and Shrimp.  Some of Slapfish’s best selling items are also available,  including delicious lobster roll, chowder fries and fish and chips.

Slapfish - Menu

Slapfish – Menu

What We Ordered at the Laguna Slapfish

Lobster Roll

The original lobster roll is what helped make Slapfish famous. The lobster roll uses a buttery roll and is piled up with fresh lobster that is pops out of the roll. What I like is that every single bite of the lobster roll is bursting with lobster meat. The Slapfish lobster roll is in your face lobster from the first to last bite.


Slapfish - Lobster Roll

Slapfish – Lobster Roll

Although it is dressed with mayo and butter, the lobster takes center stage in this dish. Keep in mind that this is not a giant Subway 6 inch long roll,  rather it is 4-5 inches. Don’t fret, the Lobster roll makes it up in girth. Don’t forget it is not the size of the ship, but rather the motion of the ocean and the Slapfish lobster roll give my mouth a small ship advisory. You sunk my battleship! I want more! This dish is Market Price, so check before you order. Note: you can also get your lobster roll (or any dish) protein style, served on lettuce.


Shrimp Taco

Perhaps one of the better dishes to come off the food truck is their tacos. This is their shrimp taco modification with the shrimp, just as with the lobster it is overloaded with shrimp and fixins.

Slapfish - Grilled Shrimp Taco

Slapfish – Grilled Shrimp Taco

The shrimp is well seasoned and grilled and accompanied by cabbage and awesome sauce.  The flavor of shrimp is the top flavor on this dish and is is supported by tortilla and accompaniments. One taco and the accompanying shrimp is enough to fill me up for lunch.

Crispy Mahi Slapwich

The slapwich option for the fish is equally as delicious, although if I get the sandwich format, crispy is MUST for me as the crispy deep fried exterior is a perfect match against the soft texture of the mahi.

Slapfish - Fried Mahi Slapwich

Slapfish – Fried Mahi Slapwich

The fried fish filet is served between a fluffy and buttery brioche, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions and their “awesome sauce.” You can customize your sandwich with any type of sauce from their menu including:

Awesome Sauce – creamy smoked pepper
“Jersey” – creamy lemon herb
Rooster Cocktail – siracha spiked cocktail sauce
Tangy Grill Sauce – bbq
Tartar Sauce – classic housemade
Signature Salsa – tomato style

Slapfish - Grilled mahi Slapwich

Slapfish –  You can also get the slapwich grilled. Much healthier, but not as fun.


Chowder Fries

This dish is awesome for two reasons, first  they hand cut their own French fries and second it is made with their uber delicious house made , from fresh shucked clams , chowder.  By itself, their clam chowder is perhaps one of the best in Orange County. The chowder fries are topped with a healthy dose of bacon bits :) .

Slapfish - Chowder Fries

Slapfish – Chowder Fries

I personally like to customize this dish. First, ask for your bacon on the side, so that you can control your bacon to chowder ratio. Second, Add a fried egg on top J J. Lastly, ask them to drizzle some awesome sauce on top! The result is a little bit of bliss.  The pictured version above is the standard version.

Laguna Beach Location (know before you go)

If you are a little confused where 211 Broadway Street is located, it can be a little trick if you do not know what you are looking for. First of all, it is not facing the street. It slightly tucked off broadway into a micro food court of two restaurants. Look for the Slapfish umbrellas.

Slapfish - How to find awesomeness

Slapfish – How to find awesomeness


Slapfish only uses sustainable seafood in their dishes and bends over backwards to ensure they are using sustainable seafood. Slapfish works closely with multiple organizations to ensure they are utilizing the most current data on over-fishing, harmful fishing practices and responsible fishfarming. 

My Final Thoughts

Expect some really big things from Slapfish in 2014 and into 2015. The Laguna Beach is just the starting point for an aggressive expansion plan that already has a location in the Middle Eat. The Laguna Beach Slapfish is a welcome addition to South Orange County Residents who had a hard time making it to Huntington Beach, although if expansion plans go as planned, folks further hands might have their hands on a late night lobster roll  in Mission Viejo or Irvine soon. Fingers Crossed.

Slapfish Address211 Broadway Street, Laguna Beach, Ca 
Slapfish Website
Slapfish Laguna telephone: (949) 716-0464
Slapfish A Modern Seafood Shack on Urbanspoon

Slapfish Laguna at Sunset

Slapfish Laguna at Sunset

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  1. Tom, thanks for the write up…I’m hungry! As a longtime Laguna guy, I’m hoping that Slapfish can revitalize that center a bit. It’s always been half-empty. If Slapfish does well, you figure more concepts will work their way in.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment about the Slapfish Laguna article Josh! I hope they can work some magic in that center as well, it has been an eye sore for quite some time. The folks from Slapfish did some good for the location in Huntington, really hope they do well in Laguna. Thanks for being a fan Josh, I appreciate your readership.

  2. I remember just recently reading a review about Slapfish. I do not know if it was you or Daniele who posted it. It sounds like a really wonderful place to eat and so convenient. I love that they are expanding and successful!

  3. It looks like ‘fast fish food’
    But hey, it can be awesome with fresh fish and a good cook

  4. this looks like a place I would love to try. I love that you can really customize your meal

  5. This looks very cool… I like the name and branding and i haven’t even tasted the food!

  6. You sure have some amazing restaurants in your area this being one of them.

  7. Such great pics and you had me with the lobster too!

  8. I would love a place like this! Love the name too!

  9. Marjory Johnson

    Customizing a meal is such a unique concept!

  10. Daniele Holmberg

    That picture of the mahi sandwich made me salivate….note to self…not a good idea to read Tom’s Foodie Blog when I am fasting for blood tests. :) Loves the Slapfish!

  11. That picture of the mahi sandwich made me salivate…note to self…not a good idea to read Tom’s Foodie Blog when I am fasting for blood tests. :) Loves the slapfish!

  12. I love the ambiance as well as the food. Hope to visit a SlapFish on my place.

  13. Wow! The first image of the Lobster treat looks amazing like everything else! I am a sucker for a nice beach food shack. You can always find some great food in them! Looks like you are also having a blast. It doesn’t look like work, it looks like you are having FUN!

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