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Product Review – Seven Sundays Muesli
One of my favorite foods that I discovered at the Natural Products Expo was Seven Sundays Muesli!

Product Review – Seven Sundays Muesli

One of my favorite products that I encountered at theNatural Products Expo was Seven Sundays muesli. As a breakfast item, it is a way better  than oatmeal or granola.  For those not familiar with muesli it is a popular form of breakfast cereal in Europe, made with rolled oats, nuts and fruit. I like muesli because it is both healthy and the proteins really fill me up.  I regularly forget to eat breakfast; although,  I found myself eating Seven Sundays muesli for breakfast  all week.

Seven Sundays Muesli from Natural Products Expo

One of my favorite foods that I discovered at the Natural Products Expo was Seven Sundays Muesli!

Seven Sundays muesli is made with natural and minimally processed ingredients. It has no preservatives, no refined sugar,  no additional oil, high in fiber, low sodium and is cholesterol free. I picked up a sample at the show and began munching on a one pound box at my desk; I can say that it filled me up and kept me satiated through the entire day. One day I ate a bowl with milk and fruit for breakfast and I totally forgot to eat lunch that day. If you know me, this is a little shocking to believe that I would miss lunch;  I eat like a pig.

 Here is my analysis on their flavors:


pear_frontGinger Pear Macadamia :

Organic whole wheat oats, whole grain barley, organic whole wheat rye, honey, raisins, coconut, macadamia nuts, pears, pumpkin seeds, golden flax seeds, ginger.

I liked the balance of flavors provided by multiple types of nuts, grains and dried fruits, much better than eating plain oatmeal (no protein) or granola which has too much sugar. I liked the interplay of flavors between the ginger, coconut and fresh fruit. This muesli was very complex with rustic with multiple grains, seeds and spices of the ginger. I loved it.

Seven Sundays Ginger Pear Macadamia Muesli

Seven Sundays Ginger Pear Macadamia Muesli


Seven Sundays Vanilla Cherry Pecan Muesli

Seven Sundays Vanilla Cherry Pecan Muesli

Vanilla Cherry Pecan:

Organic whole grain oats, bing cherries, pecans, coconut, honey, pure vanilla powder.

Although this muesli has just as many calories and nutritional value as the other flavors, it had a sweeter flavors than the others and might be a great way of introducing muesli to children. I personally loved it because I knew I was eating natural foods, but getting the same sugar flavor as refined and processed products. I can see myself using this product as a topper for ice cream, or even for recipes. This flavor is easy to like and is perfect cooked into porridge. 

Seven Sundays Bing Cherry

Seven Sundays Bing Cherry Muesli

Seven Sundays Muesli Bircher

Seven Sundays Muesli – Bircher


Organic whole grain oats, organic whole grain barley, organic whole grain rye, almonds, apples, coconut, dates, golden flax seeds, pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, and spices.

This muesli flavors is packed with ingredients, flavors and nutrients! Made with 12 different natural ingredients, you pretty much have your alphabets of nutrients covered from A to K vitamins.  Bircher muesli is unsweetened and untoasted, very close to the original muesli developed by Dr. Bircher in 1900 to treat his patients with natural nutrients.


Seven Sundays Bircher Muesli

Seven Sundays Bircher Muesli


Seven Sundays Muesli Original

Seven Sundays Muesli – Original

Original Toasted Muesli:

It is made with organic whole grain oats, organic whole grain barley, organic whole grain rye, almonds, banana chips, Brazil nuts, coconuts, currants, golden flax seeds, honey, pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds), raisins, and spices.

This was another muesli chocked full of ingredients, although balanced in flavor so that no one ingredient dominates. I was pretty impressed with the flavor and found myself knocking off the entire one pound pack over the course of two days.  Food research has it’s perils folks!

Seven Sundays Original Muesli

Seven Sundays Original Muesli



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I contacted the folks at Seven Sundays after eating my free samples from the Natural Products Expo. Iasked them if they could provide my fans with full size (1 pound)  boxes of Seven Sundays Muesli. They said yes! The contest is simple to enter, just enter using the link below.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this postare my personal reactions to the product. I did not receive compensation to write this post. I literally just liked Seven Sunday’s Muesli :) I received samples of Seven Sundays Muesli at the Natural Products Expo and Seven Sundays agreed to provide products directly to my readers

About Tom Holmberg

Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


  1. Nice review of the product! I had heard of muesli but never would have considered eating it if I hadn’t heard it here. :-) thank you!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the awesome review of all of our flavors!! If you still have some muesli left, I recommend the baked muesli or the muesli cookies from our website blog (http://www.sevensundays.com/the-breakfast-nook/). Muesli is good on its own but also fun to play around with. Keep in touch!

  3. Love the cherry vanilla

  4. Ginger pear macadamia sounds heavenly!! I’m not a big cereal eater because I don’t really like milk. However, I am a threat to eat it dry as a snack. This is a product I will definitely try. Great review!

  5. Like Martha, I’m not a traditional cereal eater … we didn’t grow up eating it in Latin America. But I discovered muesli as a snack when I lived in Europe. Most is pretty yummy, but this sounds “dangerous,” like what you’d have to measure out to eat as a snack … or half the box would be gone before you knew it!

  6. Alexandra McAllister

    Thanks for the pics…they made me hungry! I’ve been eating this for the last year but haven’t seen this particular brand here in Montreal. I’d love “the Original Toasted Muesli.” :)

  7. I haven’t tried muesli before…have to look into it! I hate box stuff with tons of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Thanks!

  8. Robin Strohmaier

    This sounds and looks great! I haven’t had the opportunity of trying this brand and will definitely look into it. Thank you!

  9. Meryl Hershey Beck

    Great review of this product. I could really imagine how each cereal tastes.

  10. Elizabeth Maness

    you got me.. I love food like nuts and berries as a snack. I think I need to try this out my friend! Thanks for sharing .. it looks so healthy!

  11. I love muesli and these all look delicious! :)

  12. Thanks for the excellent review Tom… I like muesli with almond milk – these flavors look wonderful and I look forward to trying them out myself.

  13. Daniele Holmberg

    I am so proud of you that you have gotten into eating all of these healthy foods. Even though I grumble when I am told we are eating them, I know they are good for us;) I look forward to your gluten free party honey:) <3

  14. I am going to try this stuff out!

  15. Angela Sauvage Giles

    Can I just say YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lisa Frederiksen - BreakingTheCycles.com

    My gosh – these all sound delicious and so healthy! As a big cereal eater, I will definitely be giving one a try.

  17. Amanda Rodriguez

    I would love to win! Sounds delicious!

  18. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Great reviews! I love cereal in the morning, it’s the best breakfast. The ones with vanilla and cherry sounds so yummy!

  19. Those pictures are making me hungry! :) I’m not a cereal eater for the most part, but this would be great to have on a car trip as a munchie. Great share!

  20. I really miss eating cereal since turning gluten-free this year, but haven’t found anything that really takes its place yet. The Vanilla Cherry Pecan variety sounds like it might work though.

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