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Michelle Haut Chocolat opens in The OC Mix

Michelle Haut Chocolat opens in The OC Mix

Michelle Haut Chocolat Opens in The OC Mix 

Craft chocolates that will make you feel like a celebrity


Michelle Haut Chocolat

Michelle Haut Chocolat opens at the OC Mix in SOCO

A little bit of Hollywood glitz has made it to Orange County, with the opening of Michelle Haut Chocolate in The OC Mix at SOCO. Fancy chocolates are one of the things that you might receive in a  red carpet party swag bag, while you are lapping up the paparazzi’s flash. You don’t have to be a guest of Oprah’s garden party to enjoy the craft chocolates produced by Michelle Haut Chocolates. The new OC Mix retail shop will  provide easy access, making it easy for you to treat yourself like a celebrity. Their chocolates are made and packaged by hand, using premium ingredients. Chocolate varieties include truffles, handmade caramels,  and M Bars.

Michelle Haut Chocolat

Michelle Haut Chocolat offers craft chocolates that you might find in Oprah Winfrey’s garden party

About Michelle Haut Chocolates

Michelle Haut Chocolat uses their own custom chocolate blend that uses 73% bittersweet chocolate from Belgium. According to Michelle Pontius,  owner and Master Chocolatier , “We only use the freshest and purest ingredients from around the world. There are no artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives. To me, high-end ingredients is the key to making successful craft chocolates.”

Michelle Haut Chocolat

Michelle Haut Chocolates use super premium ingredients and 73% bitter sweet chocolate

Michelle Pontius is a Master Chocolatier who attended the the International Culinary School Art Institute. Her commercial kitchen and tasting room started in Laguna Beach. She made the next big jump by opening their newest shop in the OC Mix at the SOCO Collection. This is a great location for this chocolatier, as the variety of food shops offers itself to pairing opportunities such a Tea (7th Tea Bar), Coffee (Portola), Wine (We Olive and Wine Bar), Cheese (The Cheese Shop).

Michelle Haut Chocolat

Michelle Haut Chocolat pair well with many beverages from Wine to Tea. At the OC Mix Mart you can pair them with 7th Tea Bar’s selection of fine teas

Some of my favorite flavors include:

The Rose Petal M Bar has a complex flavor profile. The rose petal topping is made by rolling rose petals into sea salt, crystallizing it. The rose petals add an aromatic  nose to the chocolate.  

Michelle Haut Chocolate 13

Tiles from the Michelle Haut Chocolat Rose Petal M Bar


The salt from the rose curing process absorbs the oils from the rose petals, infusing it into the salt.  The Rose Salt M Bar is a nice play on the salted chocolate trend.

Michelle Haut Chocolate 15

This chocolate bar is the cousin to the rose petal bar.


The Espresso Bean Chocolate is made with Ethiopian heirloom beans from the folks at Portola coffee lab. This chocolate are perhaps my favorite because they blend chocolate and  premium coffee.  I enjoyed these with a cup of Americano from Portola. Perfect compliment.

Michelle Haut Chocolate 04

Michelle Haut Chocolat with Heirloom Ethiopian coffee Beans


The Glace’ Fruit is made with candied oranges and dipped in chocolate. They are divine and I could have eaten these all day long. I normally don’t like the combination of chocolate and fruit, but these were a nice exception.

Michelle Haut Chocolate 01

The Michelle Haut Chocolat Glace Oranges were amazing.

The truffles have complex flavor layers as you chew; they each have their own unique characteristics. The Tahitian Vanilla Bean truffle is made with steeped vanilla pods and infused into the white chocolate. The Balsalmic Truffle is made with balsamic from We Olive adds a slight acidic finish and flavor to the bittersweet  chocolate.

Michelle Haut Chocolate 11

Michelle Haut Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Blood Orange Balsamic Truffles

Michelle Haut Chocolate 05

The Blood Orange Balsamic Uses We Olive Oil’s Balsamic to make these truffles Pop

 My other favorite Michelle Haut Chocolat  flavors include; 

  • Toasted Coconut & Black Lava Sea Salt – Coconut is toasted and combined with lava sea salt from Hawaii.
  • Exotic Chile Cardamom – Flavors of hot chile with aromatic cardamon
  • French Lavender – French lavender buds creates a smooth finish and lasting aromatics on the palate.

Location: The OC Mix 3313 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 ( at the SOCO Collection)

Store Hours
Mon:  Closed
Tues-Fri 11-7
Sat            10-6
Sun           11-5


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  1. oh man, would i be in a chocolate coma after being in a place like that..

  2. I know women who would swarm to that place like bees

  3. The chocolate over the orange candy is my favorite :)

  4. I enjoyed this place as well, but when I brought my friend there the other day it was unfortunate that they were sold out and closed down for the day. We will be back to check out some of the chocolate that we missed though:)

  5. I have never seen so much chocolate in one place. I can’t imagine actually being inside that store.

  6. Chocolate Land!!! They all look delish

  7. these look mindblowing! your pictures highlight the beautiful chocolates

  8. When people asked me years ago if I liked dark chocolate I would always say “no!” Then I tasted “good” dark chocolate and was hooked. I am definitely going to have to try the balsamic truffle!!

  9. oh my oh my, this looks like chocolate heaven! I want to try the french lavender one!

  10. I am such a chocolate fan! I love love love the simplicity of their logo design and the fun subtle designs they have the candies wrapped in! It is making my mouth water looking at all of your pictures!


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