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The Ranch Restaurant – Farm to Table Supper

The Ranch Restaurant – Farm to Table Supper

As I have explained in my previous blog post,  The Ranch is currently my favorite restaurant in Orange County. One of the key reasons for their great tasting food is the fact that they grow their own produce  for use in their seasonal dishes. Recently, I attended the farm to table supper at Edward Ranch Estate and had the first hand ability to see how they get their literally from Farm to the table.


The owner of The Ranch, Andrew Edwards,  turned a large parcel of his ranch estate in Orange Hills into a working farm to provide fresh seasonal produce for his restaurant.  The farm is the passion project of restaurant Manager and Master Sommelier, Michael Jordan who oversaw the planting and cultivation of a living museum of horticulture.

The Ranch 04

Michael took us through a tasting tour of the farm to see what seasonable ingredients make into the farm. The Farm produces hundreds of herb, fruit, vegetable varieties, from Greek basil to heirloom tomatoes.  My Favorite part was tasting their very extensive collection of Heirloom tomatoes.Their flavors ranged from sweet to spicy. 

I was warned ahead of time by Anita from Diary of a Mad Hungry woman not to fill up on the first couple courses, although I did not listen to her advice and faced an existential dilemma by the 3rd course. I pushed on. 

The following are dishes prepared by executive Chef Michael Rossi, based on the seasonal farm produce:

Grilled Peaches – Fresh farm peaches were grilled on the wood burning grill and topped with  La Quercia Speck,  Di Stefano burrata ,  wild arugula, and lemon verbena honey. When I saw the peaches being grilled during the farm tour, I thought they would be dessert. The sweetness of the grilled peaches and the  salty/savory burrata and speck served as a balanced palate cleanser. The nose of the arugula and lemon honey was the bow tie on this lovely dish.

The Ranch 22


Home Made Charcuterie –  This dish was culinary art and I wanted to just look at it as much as I wanted to eat it! The artistic skill was evident both in the presentation as it was in the flavor. My favorite items were the rabbit rillette (in the jar), and the garden vegetable terrine (rainbow looking slices). The duck pastrami was a very close third. I would purchase any of these items if they sold them commercially.

The Ranch 23


Chilled Cucumber Soup –with skuna bay salmon. Cucumbers straight from the garden was transformed into a chilled cumber soup that was ripe in flavor, creamy on the palate and cool on the tongue. What made this dish pop was the Hot smoked skuna bay salmon wich offered smokey, rich and naturally oily proteins to the dish. The flavor interplay between bright fresh cumber veruss the richly smooth protein was priceless.

The Ranch 26


Heirloom Tomatoes –This dish as a study on the different variety of tomatoes grown on the farm and was lightly mixed with olive oil and sea salt.   Each tomato in the dish had a very unique flavors, skin thickness and texture. As a result this simple preparation of tomatoes created a medley of flavors and texture. I found myself serving spoonful after spoonful, so that I can taste each tomato separately and in combination. This was a great problem to have. 

The Ranch tomatoes 28


Farm Beets  Salad– This was another wonderful example of letting the natural flavor of the ingredients shine through in the dish with minimal preparation. Red and Golden beets with mixed with Lola Rosa lettuce, watercress, red flame grapes, Marcona almonds, Manchego cheese and the juiciest Farm Valencia Oranges you will ever taste. This dish popped with flavor and texture. I have never tasted something quite as fresh and vibrant.

The Ranch 29


Tempura Squash Blossom Filled with Muscovy Duck Confit – This was perhaps one of my favorite dishes of the supper. Squash blossoms from the farm were stuffed with shredded Muscovy duck confit, dipped in a tempura batter and deepfried. The result was a packet that was crispy on the toungue, crunchy on the bite and savory creamy on the tongue. They were served with a sautee of fresh garbanzo beans, zucchini, eggplant and spring onions. I loved dipping the fried blossom into the sauce.

The Ranch 33


Country Fried Petaluma Quail – Boneless sections of Petaluma Quail (best quail in the world in my opinion) is battered in a country style batter and crispy fried. The result is a crunchy exterior and juicy tender meat. I liked how the pheasant meat was mild, yet retained a nice gamy flavor that was balanced with the BBQ bacon dressing and home made agave mustard.  The quail didn’t need the sauces, but they provided deep flavor layers to the dish.

The Ranch 32


Asparagus Cavatelli –  This was one of those dishes that you can eat a giant bowl, if it wasn’t sandwiched in between eleven other courses. The ingredients of this dish include calabrian chili sausage, cavatelli pasta, farm fresh asparagus, and squash. The components rested in a puddle of the savory sausage sauce and topped with ricotta salata (pressed, salted and dried ricotta). The result was a wonderfully umami dish that played the flavors of ingredients together with the slight tickle of the chili.

The Ranch 34


The Ranch 35Compressed Farm Mellons – light and refreshing interlude between dishes. Farm grown melons of different varieties are compressed in to little cubes and floated in a bowl of juice form  fresh squeezed Valencia oranges and mellons? I am still not sure the exact combination, but the effect was wonderful. The dish had a balanced sweet flavor combined with the soft crunchy texture of the mellon cubes. After this dish, I was refreshed and ready to tackle the meat.

The Ranch 36


The Ranch 40

Certified Sustainable Sea Bass – Main Lobster risotto My table mate whispered to me, “don’t eat the whole thing Tom, there is a lot more food coming your way.” Although when Chef Rossi announced that they were serving sustainable Chilean sea bass over a pile of lobster risotto, I knew that I had to eat the entire dish.  The perimeter of the dish was garnished with a puddle of Valencia orange sauce and speckled with English peas. The sea bass had a pan seared crust on the exterior and a soft juicy interior.  This dish was perfect in every way.

The Ranch 39


The Farm Panzanella – Panazanella is a classic Italian salad made popular in 16th century Florence, Italy. Chef Rossi’s interpretation is made with jalapeno cornbread, Picholine olives, heirloom tomatoes, yellow corn,  and purple basil.  Just like the classic version, the compressed bread is the star of this dish. I loved how the mildly spicy corn bread interplayed with the cool vegetables.

The Ranch 43


Peas N Carrots – This dish was another study in heirloom vegetables, this time with farm fresh peas and carrots. Snow peas, sugar snap peas, Lincoln peas, purple dragon carrots, sweet treat carrots are sautéed together to make a wonderful blend of flavors from sharp to sweet.

The Ranch 46


Cowboy Ribeye  – The Ranch takes its name seriously and delivered a full rack of beef ribeye. Look at the picture below, literally they took a whole carnal cut of rib and baked it. Then they cut it up into long bones and finished it on the grill, providing a light char and a nice dosage of smoke into the meat.  It was carved for convenience. This rib eye was a serious pleasure and better than most of the steakhouses that I have experiences. The meat was served with horseradish cream, bordelaise, oregano chimichuri.


The Ranch 51

Hand Crafted macaroon Ice Cream SandwichsI could not eat anymore food at this point and I was warned not to stand up otherwise I would not be able to eat dessert. I didn’t listen and walked around to stimulate an appetite. I came back from my walk and found macaroon Ice cream sandwiches!  Three types of  flavor Caramel Popcorn/ Mint N Chip / Strawberry Swirl. These were  made from scratch, including the ice cream

 The Ranch 50

Black Mission Fig This was a wonderful way to end the meal. Drake Family Farms goat cheese was layered with a California almond cake, topped with a macerated date and puddled with fig syrup. I loved the interplay between rich savory of the cheese against the sweet figs. Each flavor mellowed out the other to create a smoothly sweet dessert. The almond cake added a pleasant texturing to the dish and added hints of nutty flavor for character.

The Ranch 49

 Most of the items that were shown in this post can actually be ordered from the tasting menu or standard menu at The Ranch restaurant in Anaheim. If you have not yet eaten at the The Ranch, I highly encourage you to do so at least once. They have a very talented team that brings a high level of passion for food, wine, and customer service. http://www.theranch.com/

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Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


  1. Oh my – this looks positively divine!! The vibrant colors and combinations are amazing! I particularly liked the heirloom tomato salad and the beet salad – they looked wonderful!

    …OK it’s lunch time now :)

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas!

  3. Wow Tom! How long were you there? It looks marvelous! I wish there was a place like that around here!! (Maybe there is…I should google it!). thanks!

  4. That looks absolutely fabulous. Local farm fruits and vegetables – think of the nutrition that is still in those things as opposed to what we wind up with at the supermarket. And the flavor – well that probably speaks for itself. You are one lucky guy for having the privilege of going there!! I know you enjoyed it. :)

  5. Wow, Tom, another great post with awesome mouth watering photos. Thank you!

  6. That food looks spectacular! And I imagine it tastes as good as it looks!

  7. Oh my! What a feast! It all looks so amazing, I think I might need to have a midnight snack after reading and drooling over the pictures! :)

  8. Fantastic food presentation! Indeed nothing is more organic and healthier than veggies and fruits straight from the farm. If you were to treat a special someone on a dinner date, what interesting meal would you have in mind?

  9. Wow! A person certainly would not leave that restaurant hungry. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This looks sooooo gooood! The tastes of home grown food are so superior to what we get in supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops. We’re growing more and more of our own food now. I’d want to try a bit of everything I’ve seen here!

  11. Tom, I can’t believe how long it took me to read your article! I read each “course,” looking at the picture and imagining how it tasted in my mouth. And feeling terribly jealous … 😉 After decades in Europe, I find that rabbit and duck are far underused in American cuisine. And rabbit rillette? The first thing I do when I get to France, wherever I land, is to find the best “boucherie” and buy a tasting of all its rillettes. Tom, you didn’t have me at “hello.” You had me at grilled peaches ‘n’ Speck! Keep the yummy articles coming!

  12. Priscilla | ShesCookin

    Being The Ranch, I knew it was going to be a work of culinary art! I had almost forgotten about how sorry I was to miss this amazing dinner….I must say I didn’t have a meal that equaled this in Shanghai :/ Great write-up, Tom.

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