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Sneak Peek of Provisions Market in Old Town Orange

Sneak Peek of Provisions Market in Old Town Orange

20130521_183925As I previously reported, Provisions Market will being opening soon in Old Town Orange, replacing Bruery Provisions. I recently attended a preview for Provisions Market and I was extremely impressed by what I experienced. The niche that Provisions Market fills is what I am calling “Gastro Hangout.” So what is a gastro hangout? I think it is a place were people can come and gather for conversation over craft beer, great wine and food that enhances the experience. This is a niche that will do very well in Old Town Orange.    

20130521_202309Executive Chef Greg Daniels,  of Haven Gastropub fame, will be overseeing the culinary offerings at Provisions Market, which will feature great cheeses, charcuterie, fresh breads, deli sandwiches, and cold snacks.I asked Chef Daniels about the culinary offerings, “we only have a cold kitchen, no ovens or stoves, so our food offerings will be centered around this.”  You will see things like  house made deli, and even a pig face sandwich” I think this is genius!

 I tasted their Deviled Eggs and they were to die for!   They were slightly pickled in a habanero beet juice and topped with an egg mash. Slightly spicy and packed full of flavor…these are not your Grandma’s deviled eggs! They paired pefectly with my Nut Brown Ale that I was drinking. 





The space has plenty of seats on the community tables and another more intimate area for food and coffee service. The decor has been amped up as well from the v-design wall made with reclaimed wood, chairs seats made with coffee sacks, wine barrel tables and wine bottle hanging lights. The look is hip and a cross between Portland hip and Southern California cool. 


Provisions Market in Old Town Orange




I sampled some of the wines to be featured at Provisions Market  and I was very excited about the potential. They will feature a rotating selection of craft beers that will compliment those at Haven Gastropub down the street. You can expect high standards for the quality of beers to hit their taps, these folks take their beer seriously. The wine selection at Provisions will also be expanded from you may gave experienced at The Bruery. I already saw 20 different wine selections as the unpacked the boxes, I think their total offerings will be well above this. 





The retail section of the Provisions Market will have a wide selection of local and imported beer, wine and to go food. I am personally a big fan of Dutch Wit Beer and Saisons so I was extremely excited to see that there were unpacking some of my favorites onto the shelves. If I am in Old Town Orange, I will be here to pick up a sandwich and a bottle of wine. 





You will also be able to find my favorite sugary guilty pleasure, B.Toffee at Provisions Market. Made locally in Newport Beach by Betsy Thagard and her team. I first covered this product over two years ago and have been addicted ever since. In addition Provisions will be carrying grab and go food like freshly made sandwiches, snacks and I think I remember them saying they will be selling their deli items as well. 



One of the most exciting developments of Provision Market is the partnership with Portola Cofee lab. I tasted some of their coffee that night as was impressed by the freshness and quality. The coffee I tried was sourced from a single farm, ground with a fancy grinder and brewed with a pour over method. I chatted with Manager Jeff Clinard who told me that Portola has exploded in traffic and as a result they have not been able to connect with their customers like they used to. Their new location within Provisions market will allow them to interact and educate in an intimate environment.




The exact opening day has not yet been announced, but I was told it would be “by the end of the month.” Just a couple days away! I am very excited for Provisions to open, as the  Orange Circle area needs a Gastro Hangout to compliment the growing number of restaurants  If you see me handing out here, be sure to say hello.

For the latest updated visit Provisions Market Facebook Page









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  1. Great post Tom – I am anxiously awaiting the opening of this place! I think Portola’s owner is Jeff Duggan and the manager is Jeff Clinard :)

  2. Great post Tom, very unique stores and very unique concept…. cheers

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