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P.F. Chang’s New Summer Menu and $50 Gift Card Giveaway

P.F. Chang’s New Summer Menu and $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Cool flavors of Asia await you with P.F. Chang’s new Summer menu and enter for a chance to win a $50 P.F. Chang’s gift card  (sponsored)

P.F. Changs Sign

If you were one of my earliest fans, you might remember when P.F. Chang’s re-opened the Irvine Store and introduced some experimental menu items. The Irvine restaurant continues to be their test restaurant and features new items. P.F. Chang’s continues to evolve and are introducing their new summer menu, which contains the old favorites, plus a couple new items.  I was recently asked by P.F. Chang’s to try out their new summer menu and provide my opinion. The following is my personal reaction to the hosted dishes. 

 P.F. Chang’s provided me a $50 gift card to try these items, although I am giving it away to you my readers as a thank you for your loyalty. See rules and enter on bottom of post.  This post reflects my personal opinion of the new dishes. If they were not good…I wouldn’t blog about them.

P.F. Changs  mneu

P.F. Chang’s new Summer menu

The following is a more in-depth description of my favorite new Summer Menu items:

Peking Duck Summer Rolls –Think of these as an upgrade to their spring rolls, made with duck salad, green papaya, snow peas, carrots and wrapped in rice paper. It is service with a mango jalapeno Vinaigrette and an fruit emulsions that I couldn’t figure out , except that it was sweet and delicious. This was a really nice dish for a hot day, light and cool. I could eat these all day with a dry Riesling on their outdoor patio. My only complaint is that I wish P.F. Chang’s would add more duck chunks into the rolls. I could taste the subtle duck flavor, but I did not get a chunk of meat as I expected.

P.F. Changs Peking Duck Summer Rolls

P.F. Chang’s Peking Duck Summer Rolls are light, flavorful and have a little crunch from fresh vegetables

PF Changs red curry2Grilled Prawns with Red Curry Peanut Noodles –  A wonderful dish, with elements of hot off the grill prawns contrasted with cool noodles and vegetables. This dish reminds me of my Mother making cold noodle salads with fresh vegetables during the heat of Summer.

Chilled noodles are tossed with a spicy, but not hot, red curry –peanut sauce, providing a light spice on the tongue and back of throat. Don’t be afraid, the noodles do not have the heat that makes you reach for water, rather just a gentle sizzle of curry flavor.  The noodles are topped with shaved snow peas, bean sprouts, cilantro, shaved carrots and lime juice. Lastly, it is topped with a sweet peppery prawns, hot off the grill, providing a contrast with the cool noodles.

PF Changs red curry noodles

My favorite summer menu item is their Grilled Prawns with Red Curry Noodles. Hot off the grill prawns are served atop cool red curry noodles and fresh veges. Perfect for a hot evening.

Spicy Tuna Roll –  Although many people consider the spicy tuna roll cliche, I will always order it at least once at my favorite sushi bars. P.F. Chang’s did an exceptional job wit their spicy tuna roll. The tuna was extremely fresh and it balanced the sweet flavors of the rice perfectly with the sting of the spicy tuna.  This would be great on a hot summer day with a frosty beer.

P.F. Changs spicy tuna

Although spicy tuna rolls is pretty standard. P.F. Chang’s delivered!

Other Items on the summer menu that I did not try

  • PF Changs QuinoaSummer Vegetable Quinoa “Fried Rice”—Wok-toasted quinoa with summer sunburst squash, mango, tomatoes and snow peas, topped with a sunny side egg.


  • Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple Chutney—Asian-spiced line-caught sushi-grade swordfish served over a chilled rice and summer vegetable salad with black garlic aioli and a pineapple-pear chutney.


  • Korean BBQ Chicken Stir-Fry—Korean-style chicken stir-fry with red peppers, onions and green beans in a sweet, spicy red chili sauce topped with a refreshing summer kimchi slaw.


  • Heirloom Tomato & Thai Basil Salad—A starter salad with a refreshing summer selection of heirloom tomatoes and avocado, finished with Thai Basil and a zesty Asian ponzu dressing.
PF Changs other items

Upper Right: Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple Chutney
Bottom: Korean BBQ Chicken Stir-Fry
Left: Heirloom Tomato and Thai Basil Salad  (Images courtesy of www.PFChangs.com)

$50 P.F. Chang’s Gift Card Giveaway 


You are entering to win a $50 P.F. Chang’s Gift Card redeemable at any P.F. Chang’s. Enter the contest using raffle-copter (below). You will earn submission points by completing simple tasks like “Liking” Tom’s Foodie Blog’s Facebook Page or leaving a comment on this post. The more things you do, the better the odds of winning. Ultimately the winner will be selected by random draw. Although the more entries you have, the better odds of winning. Enter the contests allows Tom’s Foodie Blog to announce your name as a winner on this website, Facebook or Twitter.  See Tom’s Foodie Blog’s Disclosure Policy for questions about sponsored contests.

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  1. What a great article and use of photos, Tom! Thank you. I’d love the chance at the giftcard and to try some of the items mentioned.

    P.S. Good luck to all participants!

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