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Review of Taco Maria Food Truck (Video Blog)

Review of Taco Maria Food Truck (Video Blog)

Review of Taco Maria Gourmet Food Truck

Video Blog Capture what makes Taco Maria Food Truck Special

This is a Video Blog of one of my favorite Gourmet Food Trucks, Taco Maria. What makes the Taco Maria Food Truck one of my favorites? Watch the video to find out.  I will tell you that it is a combination of high-end ingredients, cooking with the soul of a family owned restaurant and the technique of a high-end restaurant. Delicious food makes me come back over and over.

Taco Maria Update: 

Since this Video Blog was originally posted  in 2012, Taco Maria food truck has  since opened a brick and mortar at The OC Mix..  Read my full lunch review of Taco Maria’s brick and mortar restaurant.  

Taco Maria Food Truck

Taco Maria Food Truck

View video directly on You Tube http://youtu.be/nXKX5Txv9S4

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