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Bravo Top Chef  Tour Makes Orange County Drool and Swoon

Bravo Top Chef Tour Makes Orange County Drool and Swoon

Bravo Top Chef  Tour

Bravo Top Chef  Blais and Viviani Makes Orange County Drool

Bravo Top Chef  - Chef Fabio Viviani

Bravo Top Chef – Chef Fabio Viviani

Any fans of Bravo’s Top Chef Television Show might be interested that the show is on tour, featuring their winners and notorious personalities. I just attended the event in Orange County and watched Chef Richard Blais vs Chef Fabio Viviani. The Chefs competed in a quick fire challenge that gave them 15 minutes to create a dish using a secret ingredient. Chef Fabio Viviani

Bravo Top Chef - Chef Blaise

Bravo Top Chef – Chef Blaise

The secret ingredient of the event was cod fish. Chef Fabio Viviani stuck with his simple Italian cooking techniques and made a simple pan seared cod that was dusted with his choice of personal ingredient, Parmesan. Chef Fabio garnished his dish with a corn salad. Chef Richard Blais made the winning dish with a flash seared cod that served atop a miso potato puree and garnished with shiitake mushrooms, apples and pea pods. Excellent execution from both chefs!

Just as in the All-Stars season Chef Fabio was up to his usual flirty and baby-kissing antics. He proclaimed that he could be the mayor and then proceeded to sit on one of the judges lap, while he listened to her questions. Chef Richard Blais was cool and focused and was rewarded in the challenge with a win. Chef Fabio was rewarded with a line of female fans wanting to take pictures and pass out their phone numbers. Chef Viviani also announced that he is opening a restaurant on Newport Coast later this year.

The Top Chef Tour will be in a city near you will different Chef’s from the Top Chef Show. Follow the link on the bottom of the page on upcomming tour dates and locations. http://www.bravotv.com/thetour

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