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Review of Munchee5 Truck and Food Truck Lot Politics

  Due to the ugly politics of the Teller Food Lot, the O.G. trucks have been displaced and there was a batch of newbie trucks in the Teller Lot. It was a little sad , as most of the regular customers have even moved on to other lots.  Some of the trucks  didn’t even take credit cards! Major faux pax! After wallowing in my memories of my favorite food trucks, I decided to give one of these new trucks a chance. When shopping around the trucks, I noticed that the crew were wearing t-shirts with “Winning” on the back , I decided to eat here and see if they had the mojo to match their shirts.

The menu of Munchee5 was relatively small and very similar to other food trucks.. Below is a basic run down of their offerings:

Mac N Cheese Wontons

Appetizers: Blue Cheese Guacamole, Mac and Cheese Wontons, Loaded Fries

Main Courses: Twisted Grilled Cheese;  Sliders (tri-tip, Koobideh burger with jack and Chicken with Pepper jack); Loaded Salad in a parmesan cheese bowl

Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Funnel Cake 

Koobideh Burger with Jack Sliders

I chatted with the other folks in line and asked them what they ordered. They recommended the sliders or the Mac and Cheese Wontons. When I asked the lady at the window, she said their most famous item is the Twisted Grilled Cheese, so I ordered it.

Twisted Grilled Cheese, as Served

Twisted Grilled Cheese

 Slices of fluffy white bread appears to have been slathered with butter and sprinkled liberally with parmesan cheese and then grilled so that the parmesan fused to the bread.

 Inside the sandwich was a combination of cheddar cheese, slow stewed tri-tip and carmalized onions. When I took ahold of the Twisted Grill Cheese, there was a copious amount of hot oozing cheddar cheese. When I bit into the sandwich, the bread was crunchy from the toasting and layer of parmesan cheese. As I bit further, the texture

Deconstructed Twisted Grilled Cheese

turned gooey from the cheese and was counter balanced by the firm texture of the slow cooked trip tip.  The flavors were sweet from the meat and onions and savory from the cheeses. Overall, this was a good stuffed grilled cheese sandwich and I appreciated the use of tri-tip meat. After I finished the sandwich, I noticed that my hands were extremely greasy and the container looked like an oil slick. Too much butter used during the preparation perhaps? At least I knew what my arteries looked like after eating  this dish.

This dish tasted like it was missing a key ingredient. It needed something  to  counterbalance the extreme richness and greasiness from the butter and cheeses. Although the sweetness of the trip-tip and sweet onions helped reduce the overall rich and savory flavor, it was not enough. I think a sauce is needed inside or poured on top to make this dish a little lighter. For example, I would recommend using blue cheese guacamole, an infused sour cream, sauerkraut, aioli or wasabi mayo….perhaps a warm tomato soup for dipping? It needed something acidic, cream or plant-based sauce to lighten up this dish.For what I received, I think that the price of $8 was too high for a single stuffed grilled cheese. If the dish came with a dipping sauce, a or a drink , then it could be worth it.

 My Final Thoughts

Although this sandwich was delicious to eat, it was not unique enough to make me order it again. I would give this truck a 3 out of 5 stars. On my scale, this rating means that the food was good and would probably eat there again. Although this score also means I would not go out of my way to recommend it, nor would I actively pursue it over other trucks in the lot. Based on conversations with other folks in line, they indicated that their sliders were actually very good and the mac and cheese wontons were above average. It is possible that  I tried the wrong dish and the truck was having an off day. I will be trying this truck again in 3 months and place an update on this same blog. I think they are going through some growing pains and have yet to truly stand out from their competitors. If you are the owner of Munchee5, I am just providing some constructive feedback to improve your game and expand your customer base. I think you have a some good ideas and should expand your menu to differentiate yourselves.

MunChee5 Website: http://www.mun-chee5.com/ or find them on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/MUNCHEE5

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