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Review of Crispa Crepes – High End Crepes at Fast Casual Prices

Review of Crispa Crepes – High End Crepes at Fast Casual Prices

Crispa Crepes delivers some of the best crepes in Orange County

Crispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County 01 presenting

For me crepes conjure up images of eating the paper thin pancakes, stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients during my visit to Paris. Unfortunately I have not found the same quality crepes in Orange County, expect at white tablecloth restaurants. .  My French co-worker regularly scoffs at the creperies in Orange County, “Tom, this is not a Crepe!” Good thing for my co-worker and myself, there is a new creperie at the North Park Plaza called Crispa Crepes and it is legit.



rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County hadrianOwned by a French immigrant, Hadrian  Curs, serves ups crepes using his  personal recipe. After one bite, I could tell that these were the same crepes I tasted in Paris a couple years ago. Even my French colleague said that crepe shell tasted similar to his Aunt’s recipe.

The name “crispa” is actually the Latin root of crepes, meaning “curled.”

Having been open just over a month, Crispa Crepes has been wowing local customers with their made fresh to order crepes. Crispa crepes is a fast casual concept so you order at the counter and they call your name when it is ready. This format is casual, although the quality is high-end. The crepes are made with high-quality ingredients and made to order. The flavor and quality is equivalent to a sit-down restaurant. The crepes are made in the traditional fashion with batter poured over the hot griddles and spread using a t-shape spreader.

Crispa Crepes collage

20131008_183437The Crepes are stuffed with either sweet or savory flavors. The savory crepes come in a variety of flavors and are all served with a side salad. The classic French crepe is made with ham, aged Swiss cheese,  thyme and love.  This is the heart of Paris in this crepe and the owner’s love of the food comes through in this dish like a lover separated from the other half of his soul. This was my favorite crepe.



The other items on the menu are  flavor swath of international flavors. For example, the Indian crepe was complex and delicious. It is made with grilled chicken breast, lentils, shredded carrots, red onions, cilantro and a aromatic mild sour cream curry sauce.

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County Indian


The Greek crepe was my second favorite crepe. It is made with grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, tomato, olive tapenade, thyme, spinach leaves, and red onion.

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County greek


The Moroccan crepe has nice aromatics like the spice market and a pleasure to eat. It contains grilled chicken breast, fresh basil leaves, olive tapenade shredded carrots hummus with cumin, tomato, and red onions .

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County Morocan


My third favorite was the Italian Crepe, made with Grilled chicken strips, pesto, tomato sauce, Swiss Cheese, red onion and basil. I loved the impact of the pesto and red onion and basil together on the flavor.

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County italian 1

For all the vegetarians out there, the chicken can be substituted with tofu. If you are strictly vegetarian, advise the staff so that can ensure you have an awesome experience.


Sweet Crepes

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County Crispa Crepe WholeI am not always a sweet crepes fan, but I loved these crepes. The Crispella is made with a house made chocolate hazelnut spread (similar to Nutella). It is dusted with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Hadrian says that he makes his own hazelnut spread because the palm oil in Nutella is bad for your health.

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County crispa crepe open


The Vienna was my favorite sweet crepe. Made with sweet stewed apples, and warm caramel, cinnamon and honey. This crepe was a rockstar. The topping of honey roasted almonds gave this crepes extra whammy bar.  –

rispa Crepes Best Crepes of Orange County vienna

Where: Northpark Plaza – 3945 Irvine Boulevard, Irvine

Hours: 11am-9pm

Cost: $5-8.25

Crispa Crepes Website: http://www.crispacrepes.com/
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