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Recipe: Baked Green Dragon Apples with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique

Recipe: Baked Green Dragon Apples with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique

Recipe: Baked Green Dragon Apples

with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique, a Sweet and Savory Appetizer.

Baked Green Dragon Apples 01 Fall or Autumn, whatever you want to call it brings wonderful seasonal ingredients such a fresh apples.  I recently discovered a new strain of apples called Green Dragon apples, which is a cross between a Golden Delicious and the Japanese Endo apple. The result is a low acidity apple with ample sweetness and a slight tart at the back end. This apple has been described as a flavor combination of an apple, pear and pineapple. I thought that comparison was a little hyped, but I tasted a creamy flavor and aroma. On my second bite, I felt like I had just taken a bite out of a classic caramel apple, with sweet and slight tart on the back-end. The flavor was very impressive and perhaps my new favorite apple. By itself this apple is a great healthy substitute for sugary treats. See the description from Melissa’s Produce websiteBaked Green Dragon Apples 02 All types of recipes came to my head after eating this apple, from of course caramel apples to apple pies. Although a modern play on backed apples came to my head as fitting for this royal apple. The following is my recipe for The result is my Baked Green Apples with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique. My recipe is perfect for the classiest of dinner parties or for an informal night on the sofa.  The recipe brings both sweet and savory flavors to the palate,  and perfect for folks who who don’t like Goat’s Cheese. Baked Green Dragon Apples 08


  • 3 Melissa’s Produce Green Dragon Apples
  • 4 Ounces of Goat’s cheese –  (feel free to use a flavored goat’s cheese)
  • Homemade Bread Crumbs (see bottom of post for instructions)
  • 5 Tablespoons Honey (preferably orange blossom honey if available)
  • 5 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Fennel Seeds (toasted)


1) Slice Green Dragon Apples in 1/2 inch slices

2) Spoon on Goat Cheese atop theGreen Dragon Apple slices


3) Drizzle olive oil on both apple and cheese sides.

4) Two Options

a)For a heartier dish, dredge the entire apple/cheese combo in the bread crumbs to get a thick coat

b) For a lighter dish, sprinkle the bread crumbs over the goat cheese

4) In a toaster oven, bake apples at 350 degrees for 8 minutes and then turn to roast at 450 degrees until bread crumbs are a dark golden brown. Green Dragon Baken Apple with Goat Cheese Collage Bread assemble


A gastrique is a sweet and sour flavored sauce made with a sweet ingredient, like honey, and an acidic ingredient like vinegar. It is used to create moisture, balance/brighten flavors and add color. In this recipe, it is used to add flavor layers to the dish.

1) Toast fennel seeds in the toaster oven at 450 degrees for 5 minutes or until dark brown.

2) In stainless steel pan, mix the honey and balsamic vinegar on high heat.

3)Within  five minutes the mixture will start to bubble; turn the heat to low and mix in the fennel seeds. Let it continue to cook for another 3 minutes to allow the fennel seeds to soften.

4) Depending on the acidity level you prefer, you can increase the amount of balsamic.  This mixture will thicken as it cools, so I recommend leaving it in the pan on the lowest possible temperature until you are ready to serve.

Green Dragon Baken Apple with Goat Cheese Collage Bread Gastrique.jpg

Plating Technique

1) Using a chop stick or honey dipper, draw a line of Gastrique across the plate 

2) Place Baked apple slices over the gastrique and apply another line of gastrique over the apples. 

3) Serve with Fresh Green Dragon Apples

Baked Green Dragon Apples 08

Heartier Version with extra bread crumbs

Baked Green Dragon Apples 10

Lighter version with sprinkling of bread crumbs

 Making Bread Crumbs

1) Toast stale bread (like sourdough) and dice it up

2) Blend the bread in a food processor

3) Toast the bread crumbs in the toaster oven Green Dragon Baken Apple with Goat Cheese Collage Bread Crumbs  

About Tom Holmberg

Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


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    • Deanna,
      Yes a Granny Smith will be a good substitute. You might also try a Mcintosh. Each apple has their own acidity, sugar level and esters so experiment with what is on hand. But if you see a Green Dragon Apple, they are definitely worth a try.

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