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The OC Donut Bar – OC’s Hottest Donuts, Thanks to the Big Poppa Tart

The OC Donut Bar – OC’s Hottest Donuts, Thanks to the Big Poppa Tart

The OC Donut Bar – The hottest donuts in Orange County

Line up early, or get none. National notatriety from the Big Poppa Tart Donut

It was 7 am and my alarm goes off. It is Saturday and I am cursing my soft addiction to food and bad habit of watching my Instagram feed before bed. The night prior, I watched The OC Donut Bar video of a Bacon Cinnamon Roll being made on a continuous loop. “Fuck, I need this in my life.” Sleep be dammed, I set my alarm.

OC Donut Bar - Cinnamon Roll on Instagram

Making the  Bacon Cinnamon Roll on Instagram

I showed up at the OC Donut bar at 8am and there was a line around the building. There was a solid buzz and nervous energy in the air.

OC Donut Bar line at 8am on Saturday

OC Donut Bar line at 8am on Saturday

It felt like I was waiting in line at the Ticketmaster for Nirvana’s final In Utero concert. According to reports in the OC Register, the most popular Pop Tart donut, “the Big Poppa”,  was selling out by 9:00 am.

We were not waiting for Dominique Ansel’s Cronut in New York, nor Portland’s Voodoo Donut. The latest buzz was coming from the OC Donut Bar in Fountain Valley.

They are producing some of the best and most creative donuts in the country. Even Ellen Degeneress, Steve Harvey,  USA Today and various regional news outlets across the country are covering OC Donut Bar’s creations. 

OC Donut Bar - Homer Pop Tart Sign

#BigPoppaTartDonut has reached cult status online

About OC Donut  Bar

The Donut Bar originated in San Diego and opened up their second location in Fountain Valley about one year ago. Chef Santiago Campa has street cred, having worked at the Ritz-Carlton and then decided to become an Owner/Baker of the OC Donut Bar. Their major differentiator is the use of very high quality ingredients including Madagascar vanilla beans for the Boston Cream pie to real Vermont syrup for the bacon cinnamon roll .  

OC Donut Bar - Exterior Window Sign

OC Donut Bar  Exterior Window Sign


The day I visited, Chef Hector Garcia came out to to folks in line to thank us all for visiting and our patience. He even gave the kids Olaf frosted donuts. Nice move, reminds me of a move from the business book on customer service, “Go Fish.”

OC Donut Bar - Chef Hector giving away Olaf Donuts to kids

Chef Hector giving away Olaf Donuts to kids

The OC Donut Bar has a rotating daily selection of 25+ donuts choices, this is clutch. There is also an abundance of donuts available at any giving time, this is essential! During the course of the morning service, they were producing fresh donuts to meet the demands of the crowd. Vegan options available, sorry no gluten-free options. 

OC Donut Bar - menu

The rotating donut menu positioned both outside for folks waiting in line and inside.

Donuts I Tried

My Picks from the OC Donut Bar and I barely ordered a 1/4 of them

My Picks from the OC Donut Bar and I barely ordered a 1/4 of them

Big Poppa Chocolate Tart

OC Donut Bar - Big Poppa with Chocolate Pop Tart and Nutella

OC Donut Bar – Big Poppa with Chocolate Pop Tart and Nutella

The Big Poppa Chocolate Tart is a donut monstrosity. A chocolate Pop Tart is wrapped in yeast doughnut dough, fried and then stuffed with Nutella. Boooyah! It is topped with vanilla frosting base, chocolate sprinkles, crushed pop tart crust, and a drizzle of chocolate.

OC Donut Bar - Big Poppa with chocolate Pop Tart Cut open

OC Donut Bar – Big Poppa with chocolate Pop Tart Cut open

Big Poppa Strawberry Tart

OC Donut Bar - Big Poppa Strawberry Pop Tart

OC Donut Bar – Big Poppa Strawberry Pop Tart

Same story as the chocolate Big Poppa Tart, but instead it is stuffed with a strawberry pop tart and house made strawberry jam. The donut is topped with vanilla frosting and drizzled with strawberry jam, rainbow sprinkles and crushed Pop Tart crust. The Strawberry Big Poppa Tart is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of jelly donuts, it is all pumped up and juiced up.

OC Donut Bar - Big Poppa Strawberry pop tart Cut Open

The Big Poppa Strawberry Tart cut open

Chocolate Smores

OC Donut Bar - Smores

Smores DOnut, No camp fire required

A chocolate cake doughnut  is topped with marshmallow vanilla icing, sprinkled with graham cracker crust, drizzled with chocolate, and topped with a fire toasted marshmallow.  This is a very special donut as it touches on many childhood memories. I loved the chocolate base of the donut and the toasted marshmallow, no camp fire required. 

OC Donut Bar - Smores bottom

OC Donut Bar – Smores bottom


OC Donut Bar - Samoa

Samoa Donut

Just like the Girl Scout Cookie, the Samoa donut got me giddy. The vanilla cake style doughnut is topped with coconut, toasted coconut, graham cracker, and lined with chocolate frosting. Just like the cookie. The bottom of the chocolate donut is covered in more chocolate.

I found that this doughnut was slightly more dry than the other doughnuts, which was a little distracting. With that said, this donut paired best with the chocolate milk.

OC Donut Bar - Samoa back side

Samoa back side

Homer’s Donut

OC Donut Bar - Homer's Donut

Homer’s Donut

This classic fluffy yeast doughnut is an homage to Homer Simpson from The Simpson, “Mmmmmm Donuts.” It is topped with the classic pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. If you get there late, this one will be out. Doah!

OC Donut Bar -  Homer's Donut Cut Open

Homer’s Donut Cut Open

Boston Creme

OC Donut Bar - Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

This is a new spin on the classic Boston Creme Pie, which is my go to donut. The OC Donut Bar’s Boston Cream pie is constructed in a bar shape, unconventional yes.  It is stuffed lengthwise with Madagascar vanilla bean custard cream. It is topped with a thick layers of chocolate frosting and a feathering of vanilla frosting. I would have preferred more cream stuffing. 

OC Donut Bar - Boston Cream Pie Cut Open

The Boston Cream Piec cut open, I would prefer more cream

Creme Brulee

OC Donut Bar - Creme Brulee Donut

Creme Brulee Donut

This is literally a creme brulee in doughnut form. A small yeast doughnut is heavily stuffed  with vanilla bean custard cream  and topped with a a creme brulee style sugar glass topping. When attempted to cut this doughnut open, the glossy topping shattered just like glass.  This was an awesome donut; I highly recommend you try this one. 

OC Donut Bar - Creme Brulee Cut Open

Creme Brulee Cut Open

Bacon Cinnamon Roll

OC Donut Bar - Cinanmon Bacon Roll

Cinnamon Bacon Roll

This is an amped up version of a cinnamon roll, as it is rolled with a strip of hickory smoked bacon. Although I loved the flavor of the cinnamon roll, it was too burnt to be perfect. I would try it again.

OC Donut Bar - Cinnamon Bacon

Cinnamon Bacon Roll Cut Open

Don’t Forget the Chocolate Milk on Tap

One of the coolest features of the OC Donut Bar is their chocolate milk and coffee on draft. They offer both chocolate and strawberry and chocolate milk on tap. I tried the chocolate milk and it was rich and creamy. They also off cold brewed Stump Town Coffee, pushed through the lines by nitrogen. 

OC Donut Bar - Chocolate Milk on Tap

Chocolate and Strawberry milk on Tap

My Final Thoughts about The OC Donut Bar

OC Donut Bar’s creations made Devilicious donuts look like a Jr.High basketball team playing Duke at the NCAA championships. Sidecar Donuts is no longer the only hot girl in class. Tom’s Foodie Blog highly recommends that you try OC Donut Bar; the Creme Brulee, Strawberry Big Poppa, and the Homer’s Donut are my top picks

OC Donut Bar

Ordering your donut

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