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Event: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee maker trade in – Sunday, September 29th

Event: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee maker trade in – Sunday, September 29th

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “Trade up your Cup Event”

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee maker trade in event

Exchange or coffee machine for a brand new  CBTL® Americano model capsule coffee machine. This Sunday, September 29th at Angels Stadium

coffee bean and tea leaf coffee maker trade in

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coffee maker trade in –  This is the CBTL Americano Coffee Maker that you will trade be trading for.

I have many carnal pleasures, food and wine being my two most obvious. Although not everyone knows that coffee is another of my favorite vices. There are many ways of brewing from the inefficient Mr. Coffee paper filter to the hipster cool conical filter. Although my favorite method of making coffee on a busy workday is the capsules unit machines. They are easy to use, you drop a pre-measured coffee capsule into the machine and in a few minutes hot cup of coffee is waiting for you.

I recently received an email from the good folks at Coffee Bean & Team Leaf that they are celebrating National Coffee Day, by hosting a “Trade up your Cup Event.” At the Coffee Bean and Team Leaf  coffee maker trade in , they will exchange your old coffee maker for a a brand new “CBTL” capsule coffee machine.

coffee bean and tea leaf coffee maker trade in

This is the Walmart blue light special that I will be trading up for a CBTL Americano Machine on Sunday.

Yes folks you read that, at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee maker trade in, you can get a brand new CBTL Americano Machine that makes expresso, coffee, tea and specialty beverages “at home at the touch of a button.” I do not have any affiliation with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, nor am I being compensated in any way for this post. I am sharing this post, because I think it is a really good deal for coffee lovers. I am going to show up just like you, and trade my lame coffee machine for a new one. I used one of these machines at a friend’s house and I liked it, definitely worth a trade if you are interested in a capsule coffee maker.

Here are the details on how to trade your lame coffee machine for a cool new one

CBTL Trade up your Cup Coffee Machine Exchange

When: September 29th, 2013

Time: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. (or until supplies last) Gates open at 6 a.m

  • NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend that you get there before 10:00am – I will tell you why later in the post.

Where: Angels Stadium of Anaheim.

  • 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806
  • Guest Entrances: Gene Autry and Orangewood Entrances only
coffee bean and tea leaf coffee maker trade in

There will only be two entrances open to enter Angels Stadium

What: You MUST bring in any coffeemaker for a new complimentary CBTL® Americano Machine.

  • NOTE: This is NOT a giveway, but rather a trade.
  • Guests  must be 13 years of age or older to can exchange any electric coffeemaker with a cord, for a brand new CBTL® Americano Machine* (*valued at $149.95, while supplies last).
  • The first 250 people in attendance will also receive a free CBTL® Milk Frother** (**valued at $49.99, while supplies last).
  • Guests can also load-up on CBTL® espresso and coffee capsules with the one-day promotion of three 16-count capsule boxes available for $20.
  • YOU WANT TO GET THERE EARLY! I personally recommend that you get there before 10:30 for good odds of exchanging your coffee machine. Last year the event took place on Sunset Strip and new machines ran out quickly. Literally, they are bring a truck load of machines, although I guarantee that they will run out quick, especially with people like me advertising.
  • To further celebrate National Coffee Day, the Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf will be giving away bottomless coffee will be served for guests in line from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., before the event begins.
  • Coffee-related games and other fun surprises will also be available for guests to enjoy throughout the event.
  • Coffee machines collected during the event will be donated to Goodwill Enterprises to be redistributed across Southern California.

COST: Trade Up Your Cup is free and open to The public.


RULES from the Press Release: “Guests (13 years of age or older) can exchange any new or used electric coffeemaker with a cord, for theCBTL® Americano Machine. Exchange is limited to the CBTL® Americano model available in black and valued at $149.95; limit one CBTL® System per person, per visit, while supplies last. The first 250 people will also receive a free CBTL® Milk Frother** (**valued at $49.99, while supplies last). Vouchers for the exchange are only valid on Sunday, September 29, 2013.”

About Tom Holmberg

Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


  1. I wonder how many folks will be stick around for that bottomless coffee!

    • FYI- I got there at 0633 & the guy at the gate told each of us attempting to enter Angels Stadium parking lot that CBTL already ran out of the machines. The stadium looked quiet and fairly empty. But the guy said they started giving wrist bands out at 3am and they completely ran out. For one- I thought the gates open at 6am, and for two- I didn’t see what could have equivalented to 2500 people there at all (and Im including all the employees I saw). I think this was a scam, never going to CBTL again what a disappointment..

      • @TS,
        Thank you for writing me about this, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf really pissed me off right now. I am sorry to all my fans who wasted their time to get to Angels stadium early to get a machine to learn that they gave out wristbands before that Announced “Gates Opening” time. I am personally writing the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf right now to express how this pisses me off. I hate when my readers are misled. If you got burnt by this and got there super early, send me an email.

  2. To bad we are all the way across the country.. our machine is going down fast.. probably from over use.

  3. I’m thinking that I don’t want bottomless coffee if I’m waiting in line for a long time. This sounds like a great event to help a worthy organization while getting a new coffee maker.

  4. wow, this is a bit differnt.
    Thank you Tom for sharing.

  5. Something different! Never seen a “trade” done! Best wishes!

  6. now thats what i call a machine, would be great to have for use at my office.. Wish i could be in the event.

  7. I love coffee! And this event sounds great for people like me! What a great idea:)

  8. Great post:) I am excited to go get my free CBTL coffeemaker to make individual cups on Sunday:)

  9. sounds like a great event, too bad they don’t have that here..

  10. I love coffee! I wish I lived in California so I could go to this event :-(

  11. Just pretend you are me and trade in my Gevalia coffee maker will you Tom? Ha ha, wishing I were there to take part in this cool coffee event. Have fun without me…take Dani 😉

  12. It’s too bad I’m near Philadelphia. Maybe they have programs out this way as well?

  13. I like coffee, it is very good and useful to me.

  14. Thank for sharing but infomation too late for me

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