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Analysis of food trends, provides food related information and where to find the hottest new food items like cronuts

The Food Truck Movement is Dead, Rise of The Food Halls

The Food Truck took it's lasp gasp in 2014 after a prolonged suffering starting in 2013

The Food Truck scene is dead, after a long a slow decline in f Southern California Food Truck scene lost its cool. The replacement is the Food Halls Read More »

Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Day

Chili Peppers

Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Day Make your Valentine’s Day meal bootylicious Cooking your lover the right meal on Valentine’s Day can help quickly turn the mood from slow cooker to pressure cooker.  Certain foods are loaded with nutrients that are natural aphrodisiacs.    At the end of the day, your best sheet clutching moments are a hormonal and ... Read More »

Tom’s Foodie Blog’s 2014 Food Trends – Restaurant Edition

Refugee flavors will be entering U.S. kitchens as war and civil unrest continues in the middle eat. Right, shakshuka a Yemenie Breakfast Staple and left Mouhammara a Dip for Allepo, Syria

2014 Food Trends by Tom’s Foodie Blog Cupcakes and Ramen Burgers are out, Mediterranean Cuisine evolves and local food persists. Tom’s Foodie Blog’s “2014 Food Trends  – Restaurant Edition”  is based on industry analysts, thought leaders,  trend setting organizations and most importantly my own personal observations.  2014 should be a good year for food lovers. Here are my top 10 ... Read More »

Where to Find Cronuts in Orange County

Cronut 07

Where you can find Cronuts in Orange County and my first experience with a cronut. Read More »

Meltdown on Kitchen Nightmares: Lessons from Amy’s Baking Company


The Meltdown on National Television and Social Media : A Case Study from Amy’s Baking Company  Original Amy’s Baking Company Post (see bottom of post for details of updates) If you have seen the season finale of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, you witnessed the complete and utter breakdown of customer service and basic respect for their employees on National television. ... Read More »