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BevMo Five Cent Sale Picks

BevMo Five Cent Sale Picks

BevMo Five Cent Sale Picks 2014 Sale Cycle


BevMo’s Five Cent Wine Sale is now a year round event. This program allows you to buy a bottle at full price and get a second for five cents. They have now updated the program to allow mix and matching wines of the same or lesser price. There is no longer a fear of getting two bad bottles. With the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided to publish my picks for wines currently in the five cent sale program.  


A note to the haters

02/10/2014 – I received clarification from BevMo in regards to my “A note to the haters” section

1) Prices are not elevated. The 5c sale price is based off the Regular price, not ClubBev! discount price.

2) We negotiate deals with wineries to get a nice variety of product at this price point.

3) Wilfred is our Cellar Master, he is not a buyer. He helps develop product, rates wines, writes reviews on wine, beer and spirits, but has no buying responsibility whatsoever. Here is a story about Wilfred we just posted today: http://bevmothirstytimes.com/meet-wilfred-wong-bevmo-cellar-master/

I appreciate their extra information and clarification. To my readers, does this extra information make you feel better?

With all that said, I have tasted some really amazing wines at a good price from the BevMo Five Cent Sale. I treat Mr. Wong’s scoring as an advisement. I will often look up the wines on cellartracker.com and consumer ratings as a triangulation of accuracy. 

 As I see it, you will most likely visit BevMo to purchase wine, despite them hems and haws of the corkdorks. You might as well go in with good information. There is no need to wonder the aisles like a lost puppy. 

 My BevMo Five Cent Sale Picks


Crooked Path Cabernet 11

Coppola Merlot Director’s Cut ’11

Crooked Path Cabernet ’11

San Luis Obispo County

Price: $39.95

90 PTS WILFRED WONG: One of the best wines from a difficult vintage, the ’11 Crooked Path Cabernet excels with ripe fruit flavors that glide along the palate; smooth finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: I really liked this wine, despite the higher price point. This wine is silky smooth like many wines made with coastal fruit.








Carneros Creek Reserve Chardonnay 12

Carneros Creek Reserve Chardonnay ’12

Carneros Creek Reserve Chardonnay ’12

Napa County

Price: $29.95

92 PTS WILFRED WONG: A pretty amazing performance, the vibrant ’12 Carneros Creek Reserve Chardonnay shows dried peach, bright mineral and zippy citrus peel; long and crisp in the finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: A pretty dry Chardonnay that has nice mineral and stone fruit appeal










Coppola Merlot Directors Cut 11

Coppola Merlot Director’s Cut ’11

Coppola Merlot Director’s Cut ’11

Price: $26.95

90 PTS WILFRED WONG: Impressive in so many ways, the ’11 Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut Merlot displays red currants, dust and berries; layered and persistent in the finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: This wine is worth the higher price tag. It is fruity and can be a little chalky,although it has a great flavor profile.












Michael Pozzan Cabernet Alexander Vly10

Michael Pozzan Cabernet Alexander Vly’10

Michael Pozzan Pinot Noir ’11

Sonoma County

Price: $24.95

PTS WILFRED WONG:  The Michael Pozzan Pinot Noir is ripe, fine and well balanced; a consistently solid effort in the marketplace. (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: This is a good everyday table wine, I would serve this with a nice meal at home.











Powder Keg Demolition Red 11 750 ML

Powder Keg Demolition Red ’11 (750 ML)

Powder Keg Demolition Red ’11

California Varietal

Price: $24.95

91 PTS WILFRED WONG: Rockin’ rich in the aromas, the dashing ’11 Powder Keg Demolition Red combines unusual elegance with its power and richness; shows black fruit and tar. (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: A bold wine with a touch of class. This is a steak and potato wine, perhaps you can serve it with a lamb burger as well.










Valley Of The Moon Orbiter Red 11

Valley Of The Moon Orbiter Red ’11

Valley Of The Moon Orbiter Red ’11

Somoma County

Price: $24.95

91 PTS WILFRED WONG: A juicy, rich effort, the ’12 Valley of the Moon Orbiter is a fine red, with bright berries on the palate; lively in the finish.  (Notes from BevMo Website)



Tom’s Notes: Valley of the moon is one of my favorite wine labels.  I really liked the cherry and berry juiciness of this wine, yet it has some tannin umph to beef it up.  This is one of my favorite wines from Sonoma Valley










Michael Pozzan Cabernet Alexander Vly10

Michael Pozzan Cabernet Alexander Vly’10

Michael Pozzan Cabernet Alexander Vly’10

Sonoma County

Price: $24.95

91 PTS WILFRED WONG: One of the top efforts in Alexander Valley Cabernets, the simply fine ’10 Michael Pozzan just sails through the palate, with red fruit and dried herbs; long, enticing finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



 Tom’s Notes: This is delicious wine that I would feel comfortable bringing to a dinner party. Even though it is a robust Cab, it drinks smoothly. Let this one decant for at least 30 minutes. 










Powder Keg Cabernet Sauvignon

Powder Keg Cabernet Sauvignon

Powder Keg Cabernet Sauvignon ’11

California Varietal

Price: $19.95

90 PTS WILFRED WONG: Packed with New and Old World flavors, the full-flavored ’11 Powder Keg Cabernet shows up nicely on the palate; flavors are true to the varietal. (Notes from BevMo Website)



 Tom’s Notes: – I have been drinking PowerKeg for the past couple years and they have consistently delivered on quality. This year’s Cab is no exception. 







Sebastiani Zinfandel 09

Sebastiani Zinfandel ’09

Sebastiani Zinfandel ’09

Sonoma County

Price: $17.99

90 PTS WILFRED WONG: A successful wine from a one of state’s most reliable zin producers, the carefree ’09 Sebastiani demonstrates, fine, fruit-forward berry flavors; fresh and pretty in the finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



 Tom’s Notes: This is my top recommendation of all my picks. If you get no other bottle, I encourage you to try this one. 









Zynthesis Zinfandel 11

Zynthesis Zinfandel ’11

Zynthesis Zinfandel ’11

San Joaquin County

Price: $16.95

92 PTS WILFRED WONG. A substantial zin, the incredibly gifted ’11 Zynthesis Old Vine Zinfandel is packed and rich with bold, berry flavors; almost rounded on the plate; firms up nicely in the finish.  (Notes from BevMo Website)



 Tom’s Notes: This is a wine that is dense with flavor in the true zin form. This wine is strong yet smooth, just like me. It would pair well with lamb, burgers and a hearty ragu. 








Cantina Casteggio Barbera 10

Cantina Casteggio Barbera ’10

Cantina Casteggio Barbera ’10


Price: $14.95

90 PTS WILFRED WONG. Just as it should be, the racy and delicious ’11 Cantina Casteggio Barbera is bright and beautiful from start to finish. (Notes from BevMo Website)



 Tom’s Notes: This is the only international wine I recommend on this list and it is also a very delicious wine that should be considered.  The wine is full body and very drinkable, although it has some acidity. I suggest pairing this with a hard cheese like Parmesan.  









As always think for yourself and make your own best decisions on wine purchasing. You are the best critic for your palate. Life is too short for bad food and cheap wine!

For more details and to see if a wine is stocked in your local BevMo, be sure to visit their website to confirm.

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  1. This is amazing! To be able to buy one bottle and get a second for a few cents is fabulous. I see a few of them with my name on them. :-)

  2. I don’t really know very much about wine so it’s great to get a bit of an education from you Tom. It sounds like a good deal to me – a bit like a buy one get one (almost) free. Especially good if, as you say, they’re decent wines.

  3. We’ve never shopped BevMo, but, think that’s about to change. Thanks for sharing this info!

  4. Wow…I didn’t know you did wine reviews too! Great job here.

  5. You sure gave me a good education on these wines. I’m not very knowledgable in this area.

  6. I love wine and now that you’ve given me some ideas of what these are like, I will give some a try. Thanks!

  7. Great reviews. You’ll have to give our winery a try sometime.

  8. Love how you addressed the haters! lol I didn’t know they existed! I still need to learn how to pair wines with food. It is an art.

  9. I had no idea Francis Ford Coppola is in the wine business.
    No wonder I see now new movies by him.

  10. I’ve often said, learn to cook and dine at home, then you can splurge on really good wines!

  11. thorough post and great to use as a reference guide!

  12. We have some BevMo’s in Tucson. Sounds like a great idea to me.

  13. A Great Review! i might need to contact my friend. he has a bar all about wine. he will love this blog

  14. Sadly my wine knowledge falls short. So of the wine you have listed sounds delicious and the prices are not bad at all!

  15. I am all about that Sebastiani! I think we should go pick up a case of it this weekend…so smooth and yummy!! :)

  16. And where do they have that on the east coast?? That is some amazing deal!

  17. I actually don’t know anything about wines. But this has some good information on these wines. I like your writing style too. Thank you for sharing about some wines.

  18. I have never even heard of Bev Mo before. Where can you find his wines?

  19. The prices seem reasonable to begin with. This looks like a terrific deal. I’d try the Chardonnay. And, you have to love a wine called “Powder Keg.”

  20. Wow such extensive info about wine. A real education for me as I am not a wine drinker.

  21. Love looking at the different bottles, yes I am weird:)

  22. Good article. BUT clearly some wines must be made for this sale, because otherwise one would be able to find information/reviews/pricing for the wine. But if you can find a winner for your palate, then the 5 cent sale is a good deal. Also, when we spent an hour pricing comparing, we found that many of the “sale” wines are about 25 to 33% higher than the competition — this was for a BOGO deal. So still a deal, but not maybe as good as marketed. We are fans of BevMo; but are realistic about the offers.

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  23. this is certainly worth a share

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