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Top 50 Nutrient Dense Fruits & Vegetables: New Cookbook Makes It Delicious

Top 50 Nutrient Dense Fruits & Vegetables: New Cookbook Makes It Delicious

Feeling Frumpy?

Feeling Frumpy?

Feeling frumpy from Holiday indulgence?! Perhaps you had a one night stand with a box of See’s chocolates? No need to answer, I won’t judge 😉 Every January I pay penance for my gastromic indiscretions by doing extra exercise and amping up my intake of plant based foods. As you plan your ritual post-holiday detox period, you should consider which fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense and which are less than helpful (think carb loaded potatoes).  Do you know which fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense to make the largest impact on your health? Scroll to the bottom to check your knowledge.

nutrient dense produceBefore the Holidays I was invited to the book launch party of Melissa’s Produce new cookbook, 50 Best Plants on the Planet. At the time I viewed it as a great cookbook and threw it on the shelf. Although after one too many Christmas feasts and general over indulgence of wine, I rediscovered this book as a nutrition resource guide to repair my body. Already after eating a nutrient  dense plant based diet and lot’s of exercise, I can now close the top button of my pants :) yay!

Author Cathy Thomas and Tom from Tom's Foodie Blog chat about nutrient dense produce

Author/Chef Cathy Thomas and Tom Holmberg from Tom’s Foodie Blog

The cookbook is written by Chef Cathy Thomas, from the Orange County Register and www.CathyThomasCooks.com.  Each section contains nutritional information about the plants and then provides several easy to follow recipes. I have already tried several of these recipes and found them to be delicious and simple to create.

Nutrient dense recipes found in the 50 best plants on the planet book

Some of the dishes created from Melissa’s 50 Best Plants Cook Book

Do you think you know the top 5 nutrient dense fruits and vegetables? Test yourself. The score provided are based one the Nutritional Density Scale: a completeness score between 0 and 100 is a relative indication of how complete the food is with respect to these nutrients.  




  Top 5 Veggies:


Top 5 Fruits:


Overall I have been very pleased with this cookbook, as I have completed by third dish using their recipe and learned some interesting facts about nutrient density. I also learned that some fruits and vegetables that I thought were very healthy, like Cauliflower, didn’t even make the Top 50 list. If you are interested in this book go to Melissa’s Produce Website. Otherwise the book will be available at every bookseller (including Amazon) starting in April. I asked Melissa’s Produce to provide an early copy to one of my fans. If you are interested in being entered to win the book, please leave a comment on this post or share it on your favorite social media channel. I will be picking a winner on January 26st. If you are concerned that I didn’t see your social media share, you can always email me at [email protected] with confirmation. Disclosure: This post is not a paid endorsement, but rather reflects my personal reaction to the the book.




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