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Today’s Cooking Experiment- Greek Burrito with Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce (500 Calories)


Today’s Cooking Experiment – Greek Burrito with Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce  (500 Calories)



Tonight’s food experiment started with a rock solid piece of chicken breast in the freezer, fresh brick of greek feta, avocado humus, romaine, cilantro, red onions. yogurt butter, blood oranges, whole grain and high fiber tortillas and a stray can of bud light. The goal is to make a dish using these ingredients before they go bad and keep it under 500 calories.  My idea is a greek style burrito and a fancy sauce.

First, defrost the chicken in a pan by using the bud light, until it is 90% cooked. The goal is

Frozen Chicken Breast defrosting and boiling in Bud Light

 to cook the chicken and infuse some flavor into the chicken. The second goal is to create a beer reduction for a sauce. This is the same method used with champagne in fancy restaurants, I hope that this method will also work with a cheapy light beer.


Next I assembled my side ingredients, romaine, cilantro, red onions and feta and chopped these up to little bit sized pieces.

Ingredients all chopped up and chicken fully cooked in beer bath



The next thing to do was work on the sauce. Once I removed the chicken from the boiling beer bath, I cranked up the heat to high for 10 minutes so that the beer /rendered chicken broth mixture was starting to congeal and reduce to less than a quarter cup of liquid. 

Beer and Yogurt Reduction

I reduced the heat to low and added 3 tablespoons of yogurt butter and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. Once this mixture reduced to a thick sauce I turned the heat off and removed from the hot stove.


  Next, I juiced a blood orange into the mixture and mixed thoroughly into the beer reduction sauce.

Beer Reduction Sauce with Blood Orange

The result was a sweet and savory mixture, that was bright in flavor and full of body.




 Now that the Sauce, chicken and fixens were complete, it was time to assemble the  greek burrito

1) Apply avocado Humus to the tortilla



2) Add meat, veges and then slices of Feta Cheese



3) I took a bite and it was good and then dd the Beer and Blood Orange Reduction Sauce



5) Assemble then eat! YUM!!!!





Remember Tom’s Foodie Blog Readers: “Wine, how classy people get drunk”©


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