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Some Humor – Hans the Chicken goes to Oktoberfest
Hans gets lucky

Some Humor – Hans the Chicken goes to Oktoberfest

Normally my blog posts are fairly serious about restaurant reviews, gastromic travel and reporting on Gastromic trends. This time I am slipping into the sillier side, because sometimes we need a little gratuitous humor. This blog post is a picture story about Oktoberfest told through the eyes of my Oktoberfest chicken hat “Hans”. Yes you did read that, my chicken hat is going to be the subject of Anthropomorphism and beer debauchery. My next blog post will be back to standard fair, but for now enjoy.

Things started with some fun, Hans is posing in the cut out before going into October Fest

Hans does the chicken dance, he claims to have invented it

Hans Downs several Haufbraus

Hans Downs several Haufbraus

Hans loves the Fraulines, he wants to take this one back to the coop


Hans lost his appetite when he discovered chicken was on the menu

On an empty stomach and chocked full of beer, Hans starts pecking on other people’s food

Hans is the life of the party

A little liquid courage enables him to win attention of the ladies

Hans gets scolded for making the moves on his friend’s lady

Well Hans ain’t down with that!

Hans wants more beer and decides to drink from the tap

Hans gets frisky with the Franzikaner cut out

Man down! Hans gets sloppy

Things just got real! Hans prays to the porcelain God


Hans slips into an alcohol fueled rage

Because of Hans’s Shenanigans, we both got kicked out of Oktoberfest

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