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The Sky Room in Long Beach –  Eat LBC Menu Preview
The Sky Room is located in Long Beach, just off Ocean Blvd, next to the convention center.

The Sky Room in Long Beach – Eat LBC Menu Preview

The Sky Room, a beacon to EAT LBC

EAT LBCIf you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, how many times a year do you venture to Long Beach for dinner? For some people in Orange County and Los Angeles, Long Beach is a culinary black hole.  This is a shame because Long Beach has a thriving foodie scene that is well known by local residents. Unless you have friends or family who live nearby, you may have never heard of restaurants like The Attic, Pier 76, or The Sky Room.

An easy way to dip your feet into the Long Beach culinary scene is trying a restaurant during Eat LBC. Just like Orange County Restaurant Week or Dine LA, participating EAT LBC restaurants offer discounted prix fixe menus. EAT LBC takes place from March 30th-April 5th.  This week I tried out The Sky Room’s preview menu for Eat LBC and I was impressed.


The Sky Room Sign

The Sky Room is located in Long Beach, just off Ocean Blvd, next to the convention center.


The Sky Room is one of Long Beach’s culinary beacons. Located on  just off Ocean Blvd and right next to the convention center. The location was originally The Breakers Hotel, the first Hilton on the West Coast. During the 20’ and 30’s, Breakers was a favorite of celebrities. The Sky Room, which is located on the top floor of the building , recaptures the mood of the roaring 20’s with Art Deco theme and live jazz.  Perhaps the best part of the The Sky Room is its legendary food.


The Sky Room

The Sky Room gets it’s name from it’s incredible views. Ask for a window seat so you can gaze out the window while you eat

The Sky Room Eat LBC menu

The Eat LBC menu at The Sky Room is pretty impressive. For a prix fixe price of $38 you will get a three course meals from one of Long Beach’s best restaurants. You also have the option of upgrading individual dishes for an extra fee. Read  Restaurant Full Menu Read full EAT LBC MENU


The Sky Room in Long Beach - EAT LBC Menu

The Sky Room in Long Beach – EAT LBC Menu


Granted, you could double the cost of your meals by upgrading everything and ordering wine, but life is too short for bad food and cheap wine. This is especially true if you are at one of my favorite restaurants. I suggest ordering what you want.


The Sky Room Appetizers


Salad De Mamam

The Salad De Mamam is made with love, as the recipe was originally developed by the owner’s mother. Jonathan Rosenson, told me that he grew up on this salad so he named it after his “Mamam.”  

The Sky Room  Salad De Mamam

The Sky Room Salad De Mamam had a constant creamy note on the palate.


The salad is made with Boston lettuce, tomato, radish, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, garlic, parsley, creamy Dijon mustard. This is a delicious salad that has creamy elements from the egg and Dijon that carry through the dish.

The other appetizer available on the inclusive prix fixe menu is the creamy onion soup, which no one at my table ordered.

Blue Lump Crab Cake –

The Blue Bue Crab Cake is one of Sky Room’s better menu items, so in my opinion it is worth the upgrade. The crab cakes are made from fresh blue lump crab meat with minimal binding ingredients, so you are eating pretty much all crab.

The Sky Room -  Blue Lump Crab Cake

The Sky Room – Blue Lump Crab Cake is dense with real blue crab.


The crab cakes are served a deliciously rich buere blanc sauce, capers and lemon.  (supplemental fee $10;  normally $19)

Filet Carpaccio

The Sky Room Filet Carpacio is very decadent. At the center of the plate is the shaved raw filet carpacio; it is delicious and melt in your melt good alone. As a total bonus, it is served with a nice serving of black truffles in the center of the dish. The Carpaccio is also and accompanied by mini brioche toast points with baked brie on top! (supplemental fee $10;  normally $16)

The Sky Room -  Filet Carpacio

The Sky Room – Filet Carpacio with black truffles, and toasted points with baked brie


The Sky Room – Main Courses


Free Range Oranganic Chicken Breast

I never order two things at restaurants, chicken and salmon because I can make both of these things great at home. I ordered The Sky Room’s chicken partially as a test to see if their chicken was good as the rest of the dishes they offer.  What did I find? It was pretty good. The chicken breast was meaty and very juicy on each bite.

The Sky Room Free Range Organic Chicken Breast

The Sky Room Free Range Organic Chicken Breast has a wonderful cumin flavor.


The chicken had a delicious cumin style seasoning that was gentle enough to allow the natural chicken flavor to shine through. It was served with a wild rice and garnished with carrot ginger puree, Greek yogurt, cilantro pesto, (inclusive of EAT LBC Menu)


Fresh Diver scallops

The Diver Scallops are very artistic and taste as good as they look.  The scallops themselves are simply pan seared and then placed atop  dollops of Lobster infused mashed potatoes.

The Sky Room -  Fresh Diver Scallops

The Sky Room – Fresh Diver Scallops


The plate is garnsihed with a roasted beet beurre blanc.  My scallops were cooked perfectly, such that the scallop flesh was just congealed firm, resulting in very tender scallops. The lobster mashed potato has both chunks of lobster mixed in and perhaps lobster stock mixed into the mash.   ($14 extra; normally $36 alone)


Colorado Rack of Lamb

When the Colorado rack of lamb came out, everyone looked up with the “I should have ordered that “ face. The dish was served with (2) double cut lamb chops, cooked to order. I highly recommend you order yours medium-rare, so that you can really taste the quality of the meat. 

The Sky Room -  Colorado Rack of Lamb

The Sky Room – Colorado Rack of Lamb


This lamb comes from Colorado, so the meat is generally more mellow that other sources.  The dish is served with heirloom carrots, Brussels sprouts and a merguez croquette. The chops are garnished with a plan glaze sauce, mixed with beach mushrooms. (extra $20;  normally  $45 alone)


Aside: What is Merguez? Merguez is typically a lamb sausage that is very popular in North Africa. During the 20th century, this lamb sausage made it’s way to French culinary technique due to France’s close ties to Northern Africa.  In this situation it is integrated into a croquette, which is a breaded and fried mash potato ball.


The Sky Room  – Extras

You can always order extras with any restaurant week menu, although The Sky Room picked some extra sides that went well with their selections.

Farmer’s Market Veggetables 8

Brussels sprouts, carrots, and asparagus from the the local farmer’s market were simply pan cooked and artfully plated with  microgreens, Greek yogurt sauce and carrot ginger puree.

The Sky Room -  Farmer's Market Vegetables

The Sky Room – Farmer’s Market Vegetables

Cheese Plate

Two types of cheese were served with a fruit compote, candied walnuts, green apples and buttery toast points. I loved both the hard and creamy cheeses! ($10)

The Sky Room - Cheese Plate

The Sky Room – Cheese Plate


The Sky Room  – Dessert

Fresh Berry Napoleon

I really love Napoleons and order it whenever I see it on the menu. If you are not familiar with this dessert, it is fluffy puff pastry layered with cream and fresh fruit. The sky room uses Chantilly cream, fresh raspberries and blueberries. The plate is garnished with a cream and berry coullis.  I am a Napoleon snob and this version lived up to my picky standards.

The Sky Room  - Fresh Berry Napoleon

The Sky Room – Fresh Berry Napoleon


Bread Pudding

The Sky Room Bread Pudding will take away whatever room you thought you had in your stomach. This classic bread pudding preparation with mixed with pecans and fresh blueberries. It is topped with crème anglaise (a light cream custard) and a caramelized sugar sauce.  I loved the use of berries in this preparation as it kept the dish fresh and interesting.

The Sky Room -  Bread Pudding

The Sky Room – Bread Pudding


The Sky Room Cocktails

The cocktails at The Sky Room deserve their own post. Their bartenders are really good at prohibition era cocktails and The Sky Room stocks wine produced by their own winery.

The Sky Room - Cocktails and Wine

The Sky Room – Cocktails and Wine

My Final Thoughts about the Sky Room and Eat LBC


The Sky Room offers some of the best food in Long Beach and they are definitely worth the drive from Los Angeles or Orange County. I loved every dish on the EAT LBC menu and I was impressed with their standard choices and optional upgrades. The Sky Room is not alone in great places to dine in the Long Beach area. There are many great restaurants waiting to be discovered and EAT LBC is great opportunity to try a couple of them. In another post, I will be providing my top picks from EAT LBC, although The Sky Room is definitely a must try.  


The Sky Room Tom with the owner of The Sky Room, Jonathan Rosenson

The Sky Room Tom with the owner of The Sky Room, Jonathan Rosenson


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