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OC Fair 2013 is for Foodies and FREE Ticket Giveaway !

OC Fair 2013 is for Foodies and FREE Ticket Giveaway !


Although the OC Fair is known for carnival rides, concerts, and hypnotists, most people come for the fair food!  The OC Fair returns July 12th  to the delight of Southern California foodies!   Judging by the response that I got from last year’s Gastronomic Misbehavin’ at the OC Fair article, I am not alone in my love for fair food. The OC Fair is something like a gastronomic migration, all the foodies return  to gorge themselves on foot long corn dogs, deep fried goodies before returning to their normal diets. It’s o.k. to admit that you ate the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich at Charlie Chicken last year, I won’t judge. 😉

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OC Fair 2013 Eating Turkey Leg

New Fair Food Items for 2013!

Charlie ChickenCharlie Chicken – The devious mind that invented the deep fried thin mint is back with a fresh batch of sultry creations including Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe, deep-fried bacon wrapped pickles, waffle dogs on a stick and deep fried cookie dough! 

Bacon-a-Fair – After a successful run with their pork-a-bello last year, their new creations include truffle Gouda bacon fries, bacon beer (root beer), and their Wild Boar on a stick. Hells Yeah!>
Bacon Bombs


Pink’s Hot Dogs –  The Los Angeles hot dog sensation is back at the OC fair with a new creation called the Ghirardelli hot dog, made with cream cheese, honey mustard, bacon and dark chocolate.       


Big Chix on a stick

Biggy’s Meat Market –  Not says food fun like carnal cuts of meat on a stick. The 17-inch big rib is back, along with the 2-foot-long smoked sausage and 24-ounces of chicken breast on a stick called the “Bix Chix on a Stick”. Sorry but my inner 13-year-old self is snickering right now . Although you won’t be laughing if you attempt to eat these on your own…bring a friend as backup.    


Other exciting flavors new to the fair: Deep fried strawberries, deep-fried lobster fried bacon ice cream..say what? See a the Food Guide on the OC Fair Website for complete listing of food and vendors. Yes there is food for Vegans as well :) http://ocfair.com/2013/entertainment/FindFairfood.asp


Tom’s Foodie Blog advice for eating fair food:

OC Fair 2013 giant Hamburger 1) Set a food budget $ Fair Food is obviously pay per item, so I recommend bringing at $20 per person to get full. If you are a pig like me and like to eat multiple items and enjoy a frosty beer, then bring $40. It is best to play it on the safe side 😉

OC Fair 2013 tom with food 2) Your Momma was right, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I strongly encourage family style sharing of fair food. Bring your friends, family or neighbors to share in the food. The best experiences are had when everyone orders something different. This group sharing creates awesome memories and helps avoid premature fried food burn out.


3) Don’t be greedy  Nothing is worse than blowing out your gut after the first order of deep fried Klondike. Quickly learn advice #2

4) Try something new! Yes it is tempting to get the turkey leg every year. Instead, I highly encourage you to try one of the new items, perhaps wild boar on a stick? Since you are sharing, you can still get your turkey leg.   IMG_20120803_191922

5) Order Wine and Craft Beer If you partake in alcohol, skip the Bud Light and look for the craft beer. there are several places that serve micro-brews or high-quality beer. Better yet, stop at the wine courtyard and get a glass of the award winning wines! Doctors’ orders…

6) Wear loose clothing – you know why and again I won’t judge if I see you in spandex Win free two free tickets to the fair, see the bottom for rules  


Celebrity Chef Demonstrations

  • Jaime_RamiroJuly 20th, 4 p.m.  – Chef Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu – owners and chefs of the award-winning La Casita Mexicana Restaurant.


  • Michael_ChiarelloAugust 1st, 4 p.m. – Michael – Award-winning chef and owner of Bottega in Napa Valley and Coqueto in San Francisco

                  See the OC Fair Website for more information about celebrity chef demonstrations: http://ocfair.com/2013/entertainment/other_events.asp


Culinary Presentations

Local Chefs from Orange County’s top restaurants will also be giving culinary demonstrations. You just might learn how they make your favorite dish. Keep posted to http://ocfair.com/2013/dailyschedules/schedules.asp for the participating chefs and dates.

Food Truck Fare at the OC Fair

 Every Thursday from noon-10 p.m. the best food trucks from Orange County and Los Angeles descend on the O.C. Fair. During the O.C. Fair the trucks are located within the fair, so admission to the fair is required. Prices for dishes vary by truck. See the complete schedule of participating food trucks http://ocfair.com/2013/entertainment/other_events.asp OC Fair 2013 Food Trucks Almost there ;), two free ticket giveaway on bottom

Kitchen Challenge

The kitchen challenge is perhaps one of my favorite events at the O.C. Fair. You will get to watch local professional chefs square off against each other in a live cooking challenge (think of the television show Chopped)

  • July 18th – Meatheads
  • July 25th – Time to make donuts –  I will be the judge for this contest!
  • August 1st -Firehouse Chefs
  • August 8th – Vegan



Enter to wine (2) tickets to the OC Fair, by using the rafflecopter app below. I will be annoncing a winner Monday, July 15th. Please see the rules of the giveaway. The tickets were provided to me by the O.C. Fair to give away, but the thoughts expressed are strictly my own, based on years of over eating at the fair. Use this link if the Rafflecopter app does not load below   a Rafflecopter giveaway


Double your chances of winning tickets by entering my wife’s contest for (2) Free tickets http://danisdecadentdeals.com/2013/07/07/oc-fair-free-tickets-giveaway-2013/

About Tom Holmberg

Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


  1. We have a Greek Festival every year… that has the best food in town!

  2. Angie M Jordan

    My favorite food memory has got to be funnel cakes. When I think fair,that’s what comes to mind. And also snowballs. And because I’m a Louisiana girl, Jambalaya!! Yum!

  3. Alexandra McAllister

    WOW! What a fun article and the pics…WOW! I got fat just looking at them! LOL! I haven’t been to a fair lately but as a young child, I enjoyed the cotton candy, the rides and the food. I have such wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cannot wait to taste the food! Your picture makes me really hungry.

  5. Carla J Gardiner

    Just looking at those deep fried, rich fair foods makes my tummy hurt. But, when enjoyed in moderation once a year why not? Have fun Tom and enjoy a delectable treat for me, too.

  6. My Favorite food at the fair is EVERYTHING!! LOL! I love to try everything! But if it has Bacon in it…I know I am gonna Love it!!

  7. Christy Garrett

    Sharing is a great idea so that you can experience a larger variety of foods. I remember getting fresh squeezed lemonade when I was a young child at the state fair.

  8. My favorite food was always a corn dog and cotton candy at the fair! I was more about the rides then the food growing up. :)

  9. Hot dogs, bacon AND chocolate?!?!

  10. every year, i always looked dorward to the roast beef sandwiches. hope theyre still there! its been yeeeeeeears!

  11. Looking forward to the fair!

  12. Love your comments and discribtions of the great food offered at the fair. I love love love the corn on the cob! Hope to win the tickets, missed the fair the last couple of years! Can’t wait to go this year!

  13. I have the turkey leg and funnel cake every time we go. I’m dying to try something new deep fried this year. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Tom!

  14. Oh my bacon everything is great! I just shared previously but my favorite count fair food is ‘foggy dogs’…fried bread dough with butter and molasses! YUM!

  15. MMMmmm my fave would have to be the grilled corn & turkey leg! 😛

  16. Jeccica Simpson

    I love anything savory, like the tasty chips, the garlic pretzels, corn dogs, nachos!!

  17. Justine Burgess

    I was a fan of the deep fried butter, but Chicken Charlies frog legs beat it last year. =)

  18. Great tips!I can appreciate the one about wearing loose clothing :)

  19. Although I have tried different items. the one I always return to at the OC Fair is the fresh Chips!!

  20. What is vegan???

  21. My favorite are the funnel cakes!

  22. Great line up of all the yummy food fair! Excited for all the rides, shows, exhibits, and of course the yummy fair food (that are sooo bad yet sooo good… thank goodness the fair only comes once a year!)

  23. The truffle Gouda bacon fries have peaked my attention… Can’t wait to try them!

  24. My fave fair food is definitely the corn on the cob. But the chili cheese fries come at a close second. I am always up for trying new things.

  25. Jessica Bullard-Nolan

    My favorite fair food to date has been a tie between Krispy Kreme Chicken sandwich and the corn on the cob. I did copycat the bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapenos at home too though. YUm!

  26. I like the homemade potato chips!

  27. The huge turkey legs and the corn on the cobb for sure. So good!!

  28. My favorite food fair is a little bit of EVERYTHING!!! But I do love the chocolate covered strawberries, and the funnel cakes.

  29. My favorite food at the OC Fair has got to be the GIANT baked potatoes that are the size of your head and the fried zucchini! Once, I am all food-ied out – it is time to enjoy some dessert – some of my favorites are funnel cakes and dippin’ dots!!! :)

  30. So ready for the fair!

  31. Favorite fair food? I don’t know, I haven’t been in years. Hoping to win some tickets as a bunch of us want to go this year. I need to try that bacon stand. That, and maybe share a turkey leg! =) Thanks!

  32. Marisol Marquez

    The OC fair was the first place my long term boyfriend and I went when he got back from 2 years away and 3000 miles across the country. It’s a place full of nostalgia for me, and of course, all the food is delicious!

  33. Bacon Covered Turkey Leg

  34. My favorite fair food is the roasted corn and the chocolate bacon! Can’t wait!

  35. Kymberli Quackenbush

    The foot long sausage sandwich OR the curly fries with cheese – DELISH!!

  36. I am counting down the hours until I can taste the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe!

  37. I’ve always liked funnel cakes, especially with lots of strawberries on top!

  38. I’ll eat anything with bacon….

  39. My favorite fair food this year is going to be MEAT! I have become a carnivore after a 10 year vegan diet, Fair get ready for me and my BELLY!

  40. This will be our first trip to the OC Fair and I’m most looking forward to the food. I think specifically the Gouda Bacon fries and the deep-fried strawberries.

  41. My favorite fair food is roasted corn on the cob with lots of butter and parmesan cheese.

  42. I love the roasted corn!

  43. My favorite food item to get at the OC Fair is the Austrailan Battered Potatoes! I look forward to it every year! I get it with the sweet chili and sour cream. Yum!

  44. Jennifer Maddron

    I feel as though you can never go wrong with a classic funnel cake! However, this year may be the year that I fall in love with a new fair food…those bacon gouda fries sound AMAZING.

  45. My favorite fair foods are corn on th e cob & funnel cakes!

  46. I love the cinnamon rolls!

  47. I love the OC Fair, but I always get the deep fried artichoke hearts, Terrys Berrues and the Deep Fried oreo. Loking forward to Friday.

  48. I want to win tickets! Love the fair and the great food!!!

  49. Corn Dogs ! Corn Dogs! Corn Dogs!

  50. Hi,
    I’m a reporter from the Register who’s covering this year’s fair. I loved reading all of your fair food memories. (I’m a diehard funnel cake girl myself.) If you’d like to share your memories for a story in the paper, please email me at xxxxxxxxxx

    Nicole Shine

  51. Funnel Cake w/strawberries & cream!

  52. Great blog!

  53. pinks french fries are the best!

  54. My favorite fair food would have to be a variety of sweets like the cupcakes, kettle corn, ice cream with deep fried oreos. I plan to try the red velvet funnel cake this year too!

  55. venessa delgado

    My favorite food at the Oc fair are the turkey legs and funnel cake with strawberries!


  57. All of the food looks so delicious!!

  58. Great food, great photos. Looking at them makes me hungry though I had just breakfast. So which of those great foods are mostly sold?

  59. Deep fried oreos are my favorite and so addicting!

  60. I would have to Gyros are my favorite fair food. They are the bomb.

  61. Well I was at the fair yesterday and I was looking for Bacon A Fair and went on the Oc fair website and couldn’t find the vendor if anyone knows where there located at the fair please let me know thank you!

  62. my favorite fair food is the corn dog! :)

  63. I remember the first time I went to something like a county fair in Belgium and I had true Belgian waffles for the first time. I’ve been spoiled ever since!

  64. Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Oh boy…the fair and my whole foods sensibilities and convictions are not a good match…lol…I find myself jaw dropped at the food offerings…wow…

  65. I cannot wait to pig out on turkey legs with you my love!!! <3

  66. Looks like you had a blast! The best part about a fair is trying out all the cool food, haha :) I’m not a big fan of roller coasters… especially ones that are mobile, that they put up and tear down by hiring some drunken men, haha :)

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