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Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show is for Foodies Too!

Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show is for Foodies Too!

Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show is for Foodies Too!

Update: Pictures from the Los Angeles Travel and Aventure Show. Also if you want a complete show recap you might want to check out my friend’s travel blog “Sites with Stacey”

Hello Foodies! If you like Food and Travel then I have a fun event for you this weekend.

Just wanted to send a shout out for a pretty cool event I am attending this weekend called the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show at the Long Beach Convention Center. Typically these events are only travel centric, although this year’s show will have something for the foodies and those who enjoy gastromic tourism.  For example, Andrew Zimmerman, Host of Weird Food,  from the Travel Channel will be a guest speaker. In addition, foodies will rejoice to hear that there will be a culinary stage for cooking demonstrations from various countries and samples will be provided :) From my investigations there will be a lot of Food and Wine centric travel providers in attendance.  I will be there on Saturday , look for me and say Hi! I will be wearing the bright red T-Shirt that says “Tom’s Foodie Blog”.  Tickets are $12 at the door.  See details of the show on the bottom of the page. Although I have secured a special promo code for my readers! Buy the tickets online using discount code promo code  ” LAPR ” and you will be able to purchase the tickets for $7! I look out for my readers!

Here are a couple of the things I am looking forward to at the show

Key Note Speakers:

Andrew Zimmerman of the “Bizzare Foods” fame on the travel show will be presenting with interesting stories of his food travels to exotic locations

Samantha Brown of the Travel with her various successful shows aren’t food focused, but she has definitely experienced her share of local cuisine during her travels. Plus, I really want her job!

Aside from the featured speakers, there were be a large focus on cooking demonstrations and even a competitive cooking challenge with a prize of an all-inclusive stay in Cancun. I have pasted the Travel Show’s culinary Stage Schedule below

Culinary Stage



Wake up your senses at the Culinary Stage! Experiencing a destination’s cuisine is a big part of every travel experience you have, so we’ve developed a stage that showcases unique flavors from around the world.



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  1. This is going to be absolutely amazing! Which of the events are you going to? I want to hear a play-by-play when you return!

    • The event was really cool. I watched Andrew Zimmerman stretch out the valve of a giant clam (4 feet long) and then slice it into sashimi. Pretty cool stuff.

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