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Happy Hour Like a Kardashian at Lark Creek
Lark Creek Happy Hour

Happy Hour Like a Kardashian at Lark Creek

Lark Creek Happy Hour and Spring Cocktails

Eat & Drink like a Kardashian, but on a Kevin Federline budget

  Do you like a great happy hour? Of course you do, because you are a rockstar. When I was in college I lived on cattle trough style happy hours. Times have changed and my standards for food and cocktails has risen significantly.  The one thing that has not changed is that I still like my happy hours  to be a bargain.  The new happy hour menu at Lark Creek fit’s the bill.  If you feel like living it up a little more bougie,  they also have a new line of Spring Cocktails.  

Lark Creek is located in Fashion Island, just below the movie theater

Lark Creek is located in Fashion Island and their happy hour will make you feel like a rockstar


“Oysters and Beer in the bar for $1” promotion

The happy hour has a couple cool things that will make you feel like a Kardashian, but on a Kevin Federline budget. If you like Oysters, they are running their “Oysters and Beer” promotion which features $1 Oysters and 6oz beer pours for $1.  This is a really great deal!  Available Sunday-Thursday 3-7 PM and Friday& Saturday 3-6 PM  

Lark Creek Happy Hour Oysters

The “Oysters and Beer for $1” promo is a chance to enjoy oysters for cheap. They are small, but delicious

 I tried a platter of Fanny Bay oysters. They are fresh and delicious;  although, they were on the small. For a dollar I could not complain.  

Happy Hour Menu

The rest of the hour hour menu is pretty impressive with great deals on high-end food and drinks. Below is a sample of the food items they offer for just $6 each.  Lark Creek Happy Hour Menu More Info about the Oyster and Beer Promotion

Braised Short Rib Tacos

Two street sized crispy shell tacos are stuffed with a smokey and slightly spicy chipotle braised short ribs.  The tacos were complimented with house pickled cabbage and avocado tomatillo salsa. This is a perfect snack to enjoy while sipping a beer.  

Lark Creek Happy Hour short rib taco

Lark Creek Happy Hour Food – Chipotle Short Rib Tacos


Pork Belly Sliders

This appetizer comes with two pork belly sliders. The Chef uses a ring to cut out the meatiest sections of the belly, to create a meaty  patty. The belly patties are then marinated and grilled with a hoissen glaze. The sliders are served on a fluffy brioche bun and house made kimchi. I liked the fusion flavors of the pork belly sliders.  

Lark Creek Happy Hour Pork Belly Slider

Lark Creek Happy Hour Food – Pork Belly Slider with house made kimchi!


Deviled Eggs, Dungeness crab, chipotle aioli

The deviled eggs are one of the best items on both the happy hour menu and the main menu. Their deviled eggs are topped with Dungeness crab and served with a chipotle aioli. A well balanced deviled egg. I could order a couple plates of these.  

Lark Creek Happy Hour Deviled Eggs

Lark Creek Happy Hour Deviled Eggs with Dungeness Crab


Rockfish Ceviche

This is classic on their menu in a happy hour format. The yellow aji adds a beautiful zing and flavor layer to the cured fish. The sweetness of the plantains balances out the acidity and spiciness. This another must try item on their menu.

Lark Creek Rock Fish Ceviche

Lark Creek Happy Hour Food – Rock Fish Ceviche. A must try

BBQ Chicken Tamale Pancake

This dish is a cross between a deconstructed tamale and a corn based boxty. Barbacoa (BBQ) style chicken is served atop a tamale pancake, along with a avocado salsa and crispy tortilla strips. This was a remarkable dish that should be tried at least once.  

Lark Creek Happy Tamale Pancake

Lark Creek Happy Hour Food – Tamale Pancake


Happy Hour Cocktails for $7

  • Kentucky Mule, Woodford Reserve bourbon, lime, ginger beer
  • Blood and Sand, Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch, Leopold Bros
  • Michigan Tart Cherry liqueur, Vya sweet vermouth
  • Floridita, Bacardi Silver rum, Vya sweet vermouth, white creme de cacao , lime
  • Hanky Panky, Bombay Sapphire gin, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca

Happy Hour Draft Beer for $4

  • Eagle Rock Revolution, Extra Pale Ale
  • Speakeasy Ales Big Daddy, IPA
  • Hangar 24 Orange Wheat, Unfiltered Fruit Beer
  • North Coast Scrimshaw, Pilsner

Wines on Tap for $5

  • Girl in the Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
  • Hess Shirttail Chardonnay
  • Until Vineyards Rosso Italian Blend
  • Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon

New Spring Cocktails on the Regular Menu

Aside from the happy hour items, Lark Creek invited me to try out their new line of spring cocktails.

Spring Sipper

This spring sipper is a light and refreshing cocktail that evokes memories of spa water. Don’t be fooled, this cocktail packs a punch.   It is made with St Germain elderflower liqueur, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, prosecco, lime and cucumber $12  

Lark Creek Happy Hour Spring Sipper Cocktail

Lark Creek Happy Hour Spring Conktails – The Spring Sipper Cocktail


The Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket tastes like the spa water that they would serves at a Gentlemen’s day spa. The Harradura Resposado tequila had a solid punch, but it was cool and refreshing against the Cocchi Americano and Yellow Chartreuse. The cocktail is served with a large hand-cut ice cube, allowing the first and last sip taste the same.   

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails -  The Yellow Jacket Cocktail

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails – The Yellow Jacket Cocktail


Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop is a balanced bourbon cocktail that has nice flavor layers and aromas from the Hibiscus infused bourbon, lime, demerara simple syrup, burlesque bitters.The cocktail is shaken with egg whites to create a mirengue head.


Lark Creek Spring Cocktails -  The Whistle Stop

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails – The Whistle Stop

Martinez Fresco

The Martinez Fresco a  fresh fruit take on the classic Martinez cocktail. The Martinez is considered to be the predecessor to the martini. The Martinez Fresco is made with strawberry infused Hendricks gin, house made rhubarb simple syrup, carpano antica, and lime juice. Although I liked this cocktail in concept, it did not jive with my tastebuds. Like a Justin Beiber concert,there are plenty of people who would enjoy it, just not me.   

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails -  Martinez Fresco

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails – Martinez Fresco . Not for me


The Derby

The Derby is a classic bourbon cocktail that made me happier than Pharrell. It is made with Evan Williams bourbon, carpano antica, orange curacao lime. The derby had the classic bourbon punch, with the refinements of herbal, bitter and orange accents. This was my favorite cocktail.  

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails - The Derby

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails – The Derby


My Final Thoughts

Lark Creek has some great happy hour options and some higher end spring cocktails, so there is something for everyone. I personally recommend that you start with a plate of oysters and beer and then graduate to a bourbon based cocktail. If you, like something more delicate like Beiber and go for the deviled eggs and a spring sipper.


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  1. Tom they look amazing – and the prices are pretty sweet too. I just wish I was closer and could sample them myself.

  2. I’ve never thought of trying braised short-rib tacos – sounds amazing. Everything at Lark Creek looks great!

  3. I love how the price is lower from other restaurant.. Fanny bay oyster is such a a great deal for $1.00 only.. Thank you for the great Happy Hour.

  4. Those pork sliders look fabulous! The drinks look very yummy as well! Thanks for sharing the great review!

  5. I love the “feeling like a Kardashian on a Kevin Federline budget” haha. The pork sliders look so delicious. Wish I could try them myself.

  6. Lol. I wish I could live like a Kardashian! These dishes look so yummy. I love that you and Dani coordinated your posts today. lol

  7. What a great Happy Hour Special! Those rib tacos look amazing.

  8. I love your writing skills! You have such a way with words and this totally made me smile!! :)♥

  9. I can’t get over how delicious everything looks! From the short rib tacos to the deviled eggs!! Just amazing! And who can say no to 7$ cocktails?

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