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L.A. County Fair Free Ticket Giveaway

L.A. County Fair Free Ticket Giveaway

O.K. I will admit it, I am a County Fair junkie. Even though I was burnt out from Fair Food at the OC fair, the L.A. County Fair is drawings me back in like a siren to the rocks. The L.A. County Fair is perhaps the mother of all county fairs on the West Coast, with a larger footprint and more importantly more foodie choices. 


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Los Angeles Fair Intro

Left: Photo Credit Jamie Gall http://mngirlinla.com

For those who don’t know, some of the best vendors travel the county fair circuit. Throughout the county fair season, they  test recipe and experiment with new concoctions. In addition, every fair brings out unique vendors to that fair, often from local restaurant. I recently visited a preview of the L.A. County Fair and got to taste some of the vendors who will be there. It is full of our favorites like Chicken Charlie to some other vendors exclusive to the L.A. County Fair. 

L.A. County Fair 2013

This is from Last Year’s L.A. County Fair, I was ready to eat

Chicken Charlies – All of your favorites from the OC Fair will be at the L.A. County Fair, including the deep fried Twinkies and chicken skewers. Although the new item they are introducing at this year’s L.A.County fair is their Krispy Crème burger.  

Los Angeles County Fair Chicken Charlie Collage

hanging with Chicken Charlie at the Los Angeles County Fair. His creations live on and are constantly evolving.

Tasti Chips– For anyone who suffers from gluten allergies, Tasti Chips offers a nice treat for you. California potatoes are deep-fried in Allergen free peanut oil to a puffy crisp. Their newest item this year is their Chipotle BBQ Beef “Dirty” Chips. 

L.A. County Fair Tasti Chips Chipotle BBQ Beef Dirty Chips are awesome. I also love eating these natural chips alone

I love their new creation, just for the L.A. County Fair. Their standard house made chips still have a special place in my heart

Fresh Fries – Although this vendor excels with its fresh baked French fries, I really liked their BBQ sundae, made with BBQ beef brisket over mashed potatoes and topped with a cherry tomato.


BBQ Sundae

Win Free tickets to the L.A. County Fair. Scroll to bottom of post.


Skinny Girl Bar and Food – This vendor offered a light-calorie bar including their skinny girl wine, which has less calories than traditional wine.

L.A. county Fair Skinny Girl

Extra low calorie wine to wash down your funnel cake


10-Pound Buns – Giant sourdough flatbreads are in season and 10-pound buns are offering them in seven different flavors. My favorite was the European .

LA County Fair 10 pound buns collage

10 pound Bun! Sourdough flatbread pizzas

Harold & Belle’s to GeauxNew Orleans style cuisine including bread pudding and crawfish.

Los Angeles County Fair New Orleans

A taste of NOLA at the L.A. County Fair

Monster Dogs – A fair classic, giant hot dogs are deep fried and definitely bigger than a baby’s arm.


That’s what she said! he he

661658_m sharksAside from the food there are some other cool exhibits at this year’s Los Angeles County Fair. For example there is a full wine and craft beer tasting bar that you can taste some of California best brews. If you are properly stuffed, you might consider visiting the Live Shark Encounter, where you can come face to face with sharks. If you eat enough fried food, you might just become more appealing to our point tooth friends. 

 WIN TICKETS TO L.A. County Fair In accordance with new FFC guidelines for bloggers, I am required to make this statement. ” This is a sponsored post, although Tom’s Foodie Blog is unaffiliated with the L.A. County fair. All opinions expressed are my own and this brand has not been influenced in any way.  Please read my disclosure statement in my about section if you have questions. ” Enough with the legalesse! Enter for free tickets! You must follow the rules to be entered in the contest.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information about the L.A. County Fair, go to http://www.lacountyfair.com/2013/

For more information about the L.A. County Fair Wine Tasting Program http://www.lacountyfair.com/2013/entertainment/WineBeerMarketplace.asp

For L.A. County Fair Hours: http://www.lacountyfair.com/2013/generalinfo/hours.asp

Top photo ccompliments of Jamie Gall http://mngirlinla.com

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  1. When I hit the fair, I always have to have funnel cake. For reals.

  2. My favorite fair food is anything fried. I don’t really have a favorite.

  3. I would love to win tics to the la county fair for my 5 year old son. not sure where I enter :/ thanks!

  4. My favorite fair food is the French fries! So golden and crispy and salty mmmmm

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