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Craft Beer of the Week – Avery Brewing Co. Ellie’s Brown Ale
Avery Brewing Company Ellie's Brown Ale Poured in Glass

Craft Beer of the Week – Avery Brewing Co. Ellie’s Brown Ale

Craft Beer of the Week – Avery Brewing Company Ellie’s Brown Ale

An easy drinking American Brown Ale, with sweet and nutty flavors

I first tried this Avery Brewing Company Ellie’s Brown Ale after a trip to Total Wine and asked an associate for their favorite brown ale. He handed me this bottle, and said “You need to try this one out, it is delicious and I don’t even like brown ales. As it turned out, I really liked this beer as well.

Avery Brewing Company Ellie's Brown Ale Label

Avery Brewing Company Ellie’s Brown Ale Label

This brown ale is very approachable and does not leave you feeling like you ate a loaf of bread. The overall flavor is somewhat sweet and nutty.

Avery Brewing Company is well-respected micro brew based out of Boulder, Colorado. Ellie’s Brown Ale is one of their flagship labels. The label features Ellie, the chocolate lab for which the beer is named.

Avery Brewing Company Ellie's Brown Ale Pour

Anatomy of Avery Brewing Company Ellie’s Brown Ale

Bellow are the ingredients and critical details of the beer. I am not a beer afaficionado by any means, although I have made my own home brew. I did my research on the ingredients, so that you can understand what goes into the beer

Avery Brewing Company Ellie's Brown Ale Poured in Glass

Style: American Brown Ale


  • Two-row barley – This is a base malt that provides the overall structure. Two row barley has less carbs than it’s6 row cousin. The result is that 2 row barley gives a maltier flavor, perfect for a brown ale.
  • Chocolate Malts – made by roasting malted barley to a chocolate color. This roasting lends the brown color and roasted flavor to the beer.
  • Munich Malt – a Munich style 2-row malt. This malt gives a caramel flavor and more nuttiness.
  • Honey Malt – Adds a sweetness to the beer with hints of honey.
  • Caramel 120 – Provide a strong brown/ deep red (think Guinness color to beer). According to the article I read, this malt aids in foamy head retention.


  • Bullion – This is an legacy British bittering hop
  • Sterling – This is a hop used for aroma. Typical aromas are herbal, spicy, floral and citrus.

ABV: 5.5%

Format: 12 oz bottles

Avery Brewing Company Ellie's Brown Ale Color

Avery Brewing Company Ellie’s Brown Ale Color


Appearance (4/5) – The beer pours dark brown like coca cola with a 1 ½ inch foamy head. Up against the light, you can see the lighter brown/ red hue. The beer has a nice pour and solid color.

Aroma (4/5) – This is a very aromatic brown ale with aromas of roasted malts, chocolate, roasted Christmas nuts.

Taste (4/5) – This beer tastes what it smells like, so I could taste the malts, a little bit of chocolate and interplay of roasted nuts and caramelized brown sugar. It was a tad on the sweeter side, although this is what probably made it so easy to drink.

Mouth Feel (4/5) –  Medium bodied with a medium small bubble carbonation. The beer swallowed very smoothly and had a velvety texture.  It finished both sweet and slightly bitter at the end.

Overall Score (4/5) –  This is a very solid brown ale that I would order again  by the six pack. I would recommend this beer as a replacement to Newcastle.


This beer is very common at most beer and wine shops, although you might not be able to find it at the grocery store level.

Food and Mood Pairing

I would enjoy Avery Brewing Company’s Ellie’s Brown Ale when I just want to relax my palate and soak up some time relaxing. This is definitely a chill beer that would pair well with a hammock.

This beer would pair perfectly with many types of cheese include gouda, soft grassy cheese, blue.  This beer would go great with steak, sausage, and especially lamb. On the vegetable side, Ellie’s Brown Ale would go perfect with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts. Any type of food with smoky spiciness, like mole, would pair perfectly.

Tom from Tom's Foodie Blog  with Pepe the Chihuahau

Tom from Tom’s Foodie Blog with Pepe the Chihuahau. Sorry Beer Aficionados, but I don’t have facial hair.

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  1. Sounds good! I’ll have to mention this one to my husband, as he loves brown ale.

  2. I love trying out new beers and this one sounds great!

  3. I’m not usually a huge beer fan but found this very interesting. Thanks!

  4. It is always nice to find a new beer.
    You look so happy with your little dogie

  5. I don’t drink beer but I will tell my male friends about your post.

  6. Those sound amazing! We love our beers here – not too dark, not too light, and in just the right glass!

  7. I enjoy brown ale much more than any other beer. But sadly since beer has gluten, I can’t drink it anymore.

  8. I love this photo of you and Pepe at the bottom! I am not a dark beer person, but I am sure this one is a great one:) Cute label!

  9. I’m actually not a beer fan, but I have been surprised sometimes.

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