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Gastronomic Travel

Where to eat and drink when traveling. The best part of traveling is understanding the local culture through their food.

Gastronomic Ireland: Part 1 – Ireland’s Culinary Renaissance


Destinations like the French Rivera and Tuscany are well known foodie travel destinations; although, Ireland is quickly earning a reputation as a center for gastronomic travel.  Until recently, my perceptions of Irish cuisine were limited to images of brown beef stew served with a pint of Guinness.  I was wrong. Over the past 5-10 years, Ireland has been shedding its ... Read More »

Forget the Kentucky Derby, the Hot Brown sandwich is what made Louisville Famous

Hot Brown Sandwich made Louisville Famous

During the Roaring 20’s Louisville, Kentucky was happening! During this time period Louisville was a center for manufacturing, bringing in people with disposable income. The downtown thrived during this time period  as people liked to eat, drink and dance, think of The Great Gatsby. Famous hotels like The Brown Hotel would host these parties and set up late night restaurants for ... Read More »

Napa Valley Top 10 Winery Experiences part 2

Top 10 Napa Wineries

Top 10 Napa Valley Winery Experiences part 2 - Wineries with a view and tasting rooms Read More »

Napa Valley – Top 10 Winery Experiences Part 1

Napa Valley Tom Holmberg

I love cooking and eating food, so I tend to prefer wines that pair well with the food. My favorite Napa Valley wineries produce wine with balanced flavors that pair well with rich food. Below are my winery recommendations from my most recent trip. This is my Top 10 Napa Valley wineries, organized by the categories  “Rock Star Wineries”, “Great for Picnics.” ... Read More »

Napa Valley Gastronomic Tour – Understanding Napa Valley Regions

Napa Valley Vines

You have to  visit Napa Valley at least once before you die to enjoy the beautiful scenery, word-class wine and delicious food. In order to truly enjoy  your experience in Napa Valley, a little planning is helpful to maximize your experience. This post will provide you some guidance on selecting wineries to fit your schedule and your tastes. Lets face it, you ... Read More »