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Tom’s Foodie Blog Review of ARC – Fire, Craft, and Cocktail

Arc Cocktail fighting chance

For the past couple months the social media space has been abuzz about a restaurant opening in Orange County, ARC.  Even TomsFoodieBlog.com posted a news story about their opening. Very little was known about this restaurant except that they would focus on locally sourced fresh ingredients,  scratch cooking, and craft cocktails. The front men of this operation are veterans of ... Read More »

Fall brings Sexy Prohibition Cocktails to Broadway by Amar Santana


Prohibition Cocktails at Broadway by Amar Santana I have always thought that the transition from summer to fall is the sexiest time of year. The summer is on its last hurrah of sultry weather, but the night brings a cool crisp breeze that makes the hair on your neck stand up like a new lover’s soft touch. When I consider ... Read More »