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The Five Crowns: New Chef, New Gastropub, New Attitude

New Blood: Executive Chef Greg Harrison and General Manager Jim Colombo

Many of my readers have grown to regard the Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar as a “special occasions” restaurant that specialized in prime rib. Some people have even started to think of the Five Crowns as the kitchen for the local retirement homes. Lawry’s Management noticed this trend, and started making major changes to the Five Crowns over the ... Read More »

Review of Home Skillet Truck – Standard for Food Trucks!

Home Skillet Truck

Review of Home Skillet Truck - Setting the Standard for Food Trucks Read More »

Review of Slapfish Food Truck- Slapping the Food Truck Trout

Review of Slapfish Gourmet Food Truck Slapfish is Slapping the Food Truck Trout   Note: This review was back from 2011 during the height of the gourmet food truck craze. Slapfish is now a full fledged restaurant that is expanding internationally.  I really love fresh seafood. Although if I want really fresh seafood, I have to go to an expensive restaurant where they ... Read More »