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Gastronomic Travel Trends: The Rise of Food Cruises

Image courtesy of Oceana Cruise Line

Cruise ships are well known bastions for gluttony, from the lobster dinners to midnight buffets;  although tastes are evolving and the traveling public has become more sophisticated.  The cruise industry has taken note of the public’s taste for Food Cruises , “Food and Wine are hot right now”, said Michelle Fee CEO of Cruise Planners. Michelle runs one of the ... Read More »

2013 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is for Foodies too! Free Tickets

Culinary Stage at the Travel Show

Hello Foodies! Travel and Food go together nicely! In fact, some of my favorite meals have been experienced while I traveled. There is no better way to experience the culture of a city than by experiencing their cuisine. Many of my blog posts have come from my gastromic adventures across the United States and abroad. For example with Mardi Gras around ... Read More »

Hawaii Gastronomic Journey – Part 1 – The Hawaiian Culinary Renaissance


Several months ago I read an article in Travel and Leisure Magazine about the Hawaiian culinary renaissance.. The article conjured my childhood memories of family vacations to Hawaii and eating what seemed like the same meal wherever we went. Every restaurant had the same over-priced tourist food that matched the cuisine on Magnum P.I. and Gilligan’s Island. Even as a ... Read More »